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cannotsleep Sheila: We've gone this far, I just can't let those two people decide what's going to happen at the end of this game. Don't let him or her think 0 9:08PM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Feed on guinea pigs. can only see one. NT 0 9:08PM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Both gps there. NT 0 9:08PM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Close up of one of gps hineys. NT 0 9:09PM 17/04/2008
cannotsleep Adam says Sharon got her win today, that she was due for a win, so she probably won't win tomorrow too. He says if it's golf Ryan has it in the bag NT 0 9:10PM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says he's going to the best he can, and have Ryan play his azz off for him. Sheila says you can't expect Ryan to do this for you. 0 9:11PM 17/04/2008
cannotsleep Adam listening at the door again, Sheila telling him stop doing that, you're going to get in trouble and then BB says "Adam, stop that." NT 0 9:11PM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila tells Adam that he can't promise Sharon he'll keep her because that would be bad in the jury. 0 9:13PM 17/04/2008
iknowbigbro shel going to see if they have any meds NT 0 9:13PM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Adam out of wc and washes hands. NT 0 9:14PM 17/04/2008
iknowbigbro shel grabbing food out of sr NT 0 9:14PM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says his nerves are bad. Sheila says her's are gone completely. No Tylenol PM, Adam asks. Sheila says she doesn't think they're going to get 0 9:16PM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila gone to freezer, I think/ Adam staring at memory wall. NT 0 9:16PM 17/04/2008
iknowbigbro shel making fun of nats speech be for she got evicted NT 0 9:20PM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says we'll go to bed early tonight. Sheila says yeah. She's loading fridge with food. Got some oranges for the guys. Sheila says it's going 0 9:21PM 17/04/2008
cannotsleep Adam says he's going to tell Ryan whatever he wants, that he'll do whatever he wants, and keep Sheila regardless 0 9:21PM 17/04/2008
Laura shelia please go to DR NT 0 9:22PM 17/04/2008
iknowbigbro bb:shel go to the dr NT 0 9:23PM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila asks how Adam would act if it was him on the block with Sharon. He said I'd have to win the POV. 0 9:23PM 17/04/2008
Laura ADAM ...has his head down...a breather from shelias chatting NT 0 9:23PM 17/04/2008
Laura camera zooms in on guinea pig NT 0 9:24PM 17/04/2008
saskwatch GP again.. one in cage and one in tube. NT 0 9:24PM 17/04/2008
iknowbigbro adam walking around NT 0 9:25PM 17/04/2008
iknowbigbro adam goes to bathroom NT 0 9:26PM 17/04/2008
Laura adam in WC...shelia in DR...ryan and sharron watching movie...Camera On GP NT 0 9:26PM 17/04/2008
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