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iknowbigbro sorry ryan want shel out this week for sharons safety sharon wants to get ride of adam if she wins pov NT 0 5:39PM 17/04/2008
DanaRose Adam saying its cool its like s & m stuff!! lol NT 0 5:40PM 17/04/2008
iknowbigbro adam and shel are now tied up lol hg laughing NT 0 5:40PM 17/04/2008
BBFanChelle Testing to see how their gonna use the restroom. NT 0 5:43PM 17/04/2008
BBFanChelle Adam putting chain around She's neck. NT 0 5:44PM 17/04/2008
DanaRose Sheila says she'd like to just sleep for the 24 hrs to pass the time, Adam says ok thats cool, im so ready! Sheila says no, not that.... 0 5:45PM 17/04/2008
BBFanChelle Adam: It's not bad. She: Not yet! NT 0 5:45PM 17/04/2008
DanaRose LOL Sheila says that Adam knows about S&M stuff, he showed her how to put on the 'chains', he knew just how they went on!!! NT 0 5:46PM 17/04/2008
iknowbigbro shel saying to adam ull get up when i get up adam saying no i want NT 0 5:47PM 17/04/2008
BBFanChelle Adam: We'll get up around 9:30 have our Joe take some poops. NT 0 5:48PM 17/04/2008
DanaRose S/A half kidding half serious arguing about what time to go to bed and what time to wake up. Sheila says she needs her coffee, Adam says 0 5:49PM 17/04/2008
iknowbigbro shel saying she liked the unitard better thanbeing tied up with adam NT 0 5:50PM 17/04/2008
iknowbigbro shel complaning that she cant do any house work now cause it will be to hard NT 0 5:53PM 17/04/2008
iknowbigbro adam saying he is eating everything shel is now. Shel saying ill do my best to be nice to u NT 0 5:55PM 17/04/2008
iknowbigbro shel saying this is our punishment for voting nat out NT 0 5:57PM 17/04/2008
iknowbigbro shel braging how mean she can get NT 0 5:59PM 17/04/2008
iknowbigbro ryan says i can see evil in your eyes shel saying u have no idea NT 0 6:00PM 17/04/2008
iknowbigbro ryan asking if shel has ever been in a fist fight befor shel says oh yeah i have kicked some as* befor NT 0 6:03PM 17/04/2008
iknowbigbro adam and shel testing how shel is going to clean the kitchen adam sitting in a chair in middle of the room NT 0 6:07PM 17/04/2008
iknowbigbro shel saying she wishes adam was alex right now (lol) NT 0 6:09PM 17/04/2008
iknowbigbro adam saying he is going to run a mile so shel has to do it with him and then hes going to go swimming NT 0 6:15PM 17/04/2008
iknowbigbro flames NT 0 6:25PM 17/04/2008
BBFanChelle Flames. NT 0 6:25PM 17/04/2008
iknowbigbro feeds back nothing going on NT 0 6:26PM 17/04/2008
BBFanChelle Back. Ryan in HOH listening to music. She/Adam in KT. NT 0 6:26PM 17/04/2008
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