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saskwatch Sheila in shower. Ryan and Sharon talking. 0 10:58AM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Baller stressed because he didn't tell Nat he voted for her. It is what it is. 0 11:00AM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Boys now talking about what comps might be. and location of girls. Boys going to play chess and ry 0 11:01AM 17/04/2008
saskwatch BB Adam put on your microphone. Adam: I FORGOT. Sharon and Ryan whispering. NT 0 11:03AM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon laughing about Sheila asking what do you think will happen. ryan says I know. Baller back. Sharon goes on about naming slug. NT 0 11:05AM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Ry asks what kind of action we got out there. Sharon heard banging. Plane overhead. 0 11:08AM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Talking about food comp. rya asks how bad do you want to eat dude. Baller says bad. 0 11:10AM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon's glad they don't have to go for stuff like grills.. other 3 think winning grill was awesome 0 11:12AM 17/04/2008
BBFanChelle HGs talking about the margarita party. NT 0 11:12AM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan likes Chipotle. Sharon says it''s too spicy. Says it chipotal. NT 0 11:13AM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon says she feels sick from chipotle spice. Gets sick for a day and half from spicy food. (TMI when you're not the cook) NT 0 11:14AM 17/04/2008
BBFanChelle Sheila in WC in black silk robe putting on make-up. Shar, Adam, and Ry at KT counter. NT 0 11:14AM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Boys teasing Sharon now... dated Jacob's soccer team mates. 0 11:16AM 17/04/2008
BBFanChelle Sheila tells Sharon she doesn't have to defend herself. NT 0 11:17AM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila tells Sharon you opened it up Sharon. Don't tell boys anything. 0 11:19AM 17/04/2008
BBFanChelle Ryan comes out of HOH room saying "Let's interogate Sharon some more." NT 0 11:19AM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Now teasing Sharon that when jacob was in Okinawa she was out with one of his teammates. NT 0 11:20AM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon says, as Jacob would say.. ho's with different area codes 0 11:21AM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Baller says your boy was serving his country, doing his duty and you were hooking up with one of his teammates.. Sharon tells more of relationship 0 11:23AM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon says she had no crushes on any of the boys she played hockey with... including Jacob. 0 11:27AM 17/04/2008
saskwatch I Sharon obermueller miss one Jacob Heald altho hoops will rip him a new azz at the wrap party. 0 11:30AM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Boys eating. Sheila in fridge. Sharon with gps.. More cammo talk. NT 0 11:31AM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan gives Cammo props for infiltrating a CBS studio. Says he's like a navy seal. 0 11:34AM 17/04/2008
saskwatch More OJ talk. Sheila signed autographs with him. Ry asks if he hit on her. Sheila says no.. Ryan says he did. 0 11:39AM 17/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila says they did work together but did not ever hookup. NT 0 11:40AM 17/04/2008
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