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Flames-waking up the house guests NT - BBSheri
10:45AM 18/04/2008

Flames off. NT - hovermop
10:47AM 18/04/2008

HG'S up getting ready NT - Laura
10:47AM 18/04/2008

Sharon awake but in bed....ryan, shelia and adam in SR...changing mics - Laura
10:49AM 18/04/2008

"Change your batteries" - hovermop
10:51AM 18/04/2008

shelia in WC adam outside the door.. NT - Laura
10:51AM 18/04/2008

SH: Brush your teeth. Look at me. 2 hours of frikkin sleep. - hovermop
10:52AM 18/04/2008

shelia and adam brushing teeth....washing face....sharon walks thru saying hi to GP'S....and now in WC....RYAN in kitchen NT - Laura
10:53AM 18/04/2008

Ryan eating some M&M's. NT - hovermop
10:53AM 18/04/2008

ryan eatting...shelia trying to cook but adam sitting at counter making it hard for her to cook....sharon brushing teeth NT - Laura
10:55AM 18/04/2008

shelia complaining about adam farting NT - Laura
10:55AM 18/04/2008

SH: When I don't get sleep it's not very pleasent. You were farting. AD: I wasn't farting. SH; Right? Am I right? - hovermop
10:56AM 18/04/2008

shelia saying she got 4 hours of sleep adam i think had 5 hours NT - Laura
10:58AM 18/04/2008

adam do not block your microphone adam yell beef it i think NOW FLAMES NT - Laura
10:59AM 18/04/2008

Shelia say how are we going to play pov chained up...ryan said they might let you out of them NT - Laura
11:00AM 18/04/2008

shelia, adam and sharon in kitchen...ryan called in Dr - Laura
11:01AM 18/04/2008

Adam, Please do not obstruct your microphone NT - hovermop
11:03AM 18/04/2008

shelia move so i can sit down adam...finally shelia says - Laura
11:03AM 18/04/2008

Adam attempting sleep on the kitchen counter. SH: Do whatever you want, I'm not your frikking mother. - hovermop
11:04AM 18/04/2008

shelia and adam eatting bagels...sharon getting food ready for GP'S ...they say come here bebbeees come to momma NT - Laura
11:06AM 18/04/2008

Sharon's actually making an attempt to make food! i.e., she's chopping and apple for the G.Pigs. Talking about how the guinea pigs are fat now, how - hovermop
11:07AM 18/04/2008

HG's (except Ryan) still discussing about "previous relationship" in the house. NT - hovermop
11:09AM 18/04/2008

SHEL drinking coffee. Adam trying to sleep in the kitchen. Ryan enters. All are paranoid - hovermop
11:13AM 18/04/2008

Ry gets his coffee and goes back to his HOH NT - hovermop
11:14AM 18/04/2008

SHR eats her bagel. She seems nervous or jumpy, alone in the kitchen. NT - hovermop
11:15AM 18/04/2008

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