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Ryan says Adam is a shady character. Sharon says you can't trust adam. He says he'll do - saskwatch
12:00AM 18/04/2008

Ryan says you think that if Adam won, you'd go over Sheila.. Sharon says yes. - saskwatch
12:03AM 18/04/2008

Everyone in bed.. Adam and Sheila are talking, no game talk NT - ihearthockey
12:24AM 18/04/2008

Sheila asked Adam if he'd really go into business with Nat, he said he'd put her to work. He'd put her in the backroom, feed her and - ihearthockey
12:25AM 18/04/2008

Adam asks Sheila how she thinks his segments are portrayed, she told him not good, theres no way to redeem yourself. He said with his big head - ihearthockey
12:29AM 18/04/2008

Sheila talking about Nat and how shes the one that started the James hating. Sheila says shes pissed at Adam because he was always so nice to her - ihearthockey
12:37AM 18/04/2008

Adam says Nat was raunchy, Sheila says "raunchy how?", Adam says hes not going there, not gonna talk about Nat behind her back NT - ihearthockey
12:38AM 18/04/2008

Adam says hes really thirsty, Sheila says no Adam! Please no! He says but I'm parched! She doesnt wanna get outta bed, hes saying he has dry mouth - ihearthockey
12:41AM 18/04/2008

Ryan still awake in HOH, just laying there in the dark, opposite end of the bed on his belly. Flames NT - ihearthockey
12:42AM 18/04/2008

Adam and Sheila say goodnight and being shackled wasn't that bad NT - ihearthockey
12:43AM 18/04/2008

Ryan mumbling stuff to himself, no idea what hes saying NT - ihearthockey
12:44AM 18/04/2008
To hard to get verbatim, but he's mulling over the other "relationship" Saying "Sheila and somebody" possible scenarious with other HG's. NT - jettheadpb
12:46AM 18/04/2008
He's repeating the HoH question, about relationship still in house. Saying it's Sheila and somebody, maybe Mattie. NT - WVpdles
12:46AM 18/04/2008
Thanks, I had to turn my volume way up! NT - ihearthockey
12:47AM 18/04/2008

Ryan talking to himself about the existing relationship in the house NT - ihearthockey
12:46AM 18/04/2008

Ryan keeps repeating the HOH quesiton about the relationship over and over again NT - ihearthockey
12:52AM 18/04/2008

Ryan is VERY restless and still repeating, everyone else quiet (I'm out, g'night all) NT - ihearthockey
12:55AM 18/04/2008

Adam and Sheila chatting about James NT - Scarlettflame
1:23AM 18/04/2008

They feel horrible about what they did the James ... - Scarlettflame
1:28AM 18/04/2008

Now Sheila keeps talking about the BB experience... - Scarlettflame
1:38AM 18/04/2008

Sheila won't stop talking about Brittany/Madonna... - Scarlettflame
1:53AM 18/04/2008

Although restless, seems like all may finally be quiet on the A & She front NT - Scarlettflame
2:05AM 18/04/2008

Adam and Sheila in bed. Talking about dating different races and people from other countries, and (long) - cannotsleep
2:12AM 18/04/2008

Shelia says "I can't sleep...I knew this was going to happen." Both Adam and Sheila tossing and turning under the comforter and sighing heavily. NT - cannotsleep
2:34AM 18/04/2008

Sharon in her fold out bed, and Ryan in the HOH, appear to both be sleeping very soundly NT - cannotsleep
2:35AM 18/04/2008

Sheila moving around, mumbling, keeps saying sh*t, I'm freakin miserable, mentions needing aspirin. Adam is tossing around. Backs to each other now NT - cannotsleep
2:40AM 18/04/2008

Sheila: "This is bullsh*t." She and Adam continue their quest to get comfortable enough to go to sleep NT - cannotsleep
3:21AM 18/04/2008

For the past thirty minutes, Ryan has been snoring and it sounds extremely similar to a bird chirping. (ed. thanks scandalous) NT - cannotsleep
3:26AM 18/04/2008

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