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Ryan leaves his HOH room, goes downstairs. Walks to the pantry. AD and SHEL still appear to be stuck together. (ed. wah wahhh...) NT - hovermop
11:48AM 18/04/2008

SHEL trying to sleep slash mingling with her wrist wrap. NT - hovermop
11:51AM 18/04/2008

SHAR thinks they're "passed out". Ryan avoids further discussion with SHAR., for the time being. NT - hovermop
11:52AM 18/04/2008

F3 & 4 on Sharon in shower in WC. F1 & 2 on Adam and Sheila in bed in pink BR. NT - BBFanChelle
11:55AM 18/04/2008

SHEL awake, listening to SHAR talking to G.Pigs. It appears she is trying to eavesdrop slash sleep at the same time. NT - hovermop
12:11PM 18/04/2008

Sharon now in her pullout bed in the red BR reading Bible with towel on head. - BBFanChelle
12:13PM 18/04/2008

Ryan asleep in HOH. Adam asleep with his shackled mate awake and thinking hard. Sharon reading Bible. NT - saskwatch
12:18PM 18/04/2008

LOL... Sheila whispers in mike, please call him in DR so I can get up. (LOL) Adam say's "What" She tells him and he says, "Just 10 more min?" NT - saskwatch
12:19PM 18/04/2008

SHEL: Wanting to go to, or wanting someone to go to, DR. - hovermop
12:21PM 18/04/2008

Shedam chit chatting now.. Adam knows olympics are going to be in China; Sheila doesn't follow. Sheila says you know there's Olympics in China - saskwatch
12:23PM 18/04/2008

the mom talk was Sheila saying she'd like to meet adams mom... the woman who gave him birth. NT - saskwatch
12:24PM 18/04/2008

AD: Is there Olympics this year? - hovermop
12:25PM 18/04/2008

Sheila wants her coffee and Adam still wants to sleep. NT - saskwatch
12:25PM 18/04/2008

Sheila whispering in mike to please call Adam in DR... again.. Adam says let's get up. Adam says he's got half a woody... Sheila laughs. NT - saskwatch
12:27PM 18/04/2008

SHEL wanting BB to call AD to DR. AD says he's got half a woody. NT - hovermop
12:27PM 18/04/2008

Ad and Sheila to storage room so he can put on nic patch. Adam has 6 smokes left.. and Sheila says you gonna be okay.. he says yeah, only had 1/2 a - saskwatch
12:30PM 18/04/2008

SHEL AD up. Walking around, while chained. They go into the pantry. - hovermop
12:31PM 18/04/2008

adam and shelia in bathroom sharon in bed reading NT - iknowbigbro
12:33PM 18/04/2008

Sheila putting on make-up and Adam lying on couch in WC. Sharon in bed reading Bible. NT - BBFanChelle
12:35PM 18/04/2008

Ad and she in bath talking - Katherine1
12:36PM 18/04/2008

shelia talking about her son NT - iknowbigbro
12:36PM 18/04/2008

Sheila talking about being sleep deprived because she's a mom. NT - BBFanChelle
12:37PM 18/04/2008

Xtreme close up of Sheila putting mascara on. NT - BBFanChelle
12:38PM 18/04/2008

adam and shelia talking about kids NT - Katherine1
12:38PM 18/04/2008

shelia talk about her son have a big heart and she happy to have him NT - Katherine1
12:39PM 18/04/2008

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