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Topic #8858636
saskwatch - Sheila telling Adam she will not get her hopes up for the win and have it not happen. Adam agrees. 0 Replies #8858636 4:28PM 19/04/2008
She says Sharon is already planning spending the money. Sheila says the money would change her life, but she doesn't want to go there yet, b/c she doesn't know if she will even be there next week.
Says she will be devastated b/c she had told her son when she left him 3 mo ago that she was doing this in an attempt to make their lives better. She says they've missed ea other's birthdays... and while they can still do them, she can't get them back. Says Adam, if I get to F3 and I'm voted out, you know I'd vote for you. But before that, she would be upset. She says that the only thing that she'd feel good about is that she helped get him to the end, cuz she knows he would do something good. She says that what's most NB to her is that lives be changed while they are young.. like what's Adam is going to do. He says, well your kid qualifies, apply to the foundation and we'll help you. She says that's not what she's after. She says that she would help him with the foundation like that. That if she doesn't win, she will go back to work at the golf course, maybe find 2 jobs, cause life is expensive in LA. He says you'll find something. Sheila says she really wants to see them in F2, but if it doesn't happen, than she would accept that it wasn't God's will. Adam says it's only a game, and she agrees, and says we've all sacrificed a lot of things to be here.
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Topic #8858658
HookedOnBB - Sharon going on and on to Ryan and he keeps telling her not to worry that he's had conversations with him and Adam's his boy that he trusts Adam 0 Replies #8858658 4:30PM 19/04/2008
that he has to do what's best for him this week.
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Topic #8858666
dustytissue - Sharon: Why would he send her to the jury house knowing she's campaign queen? Ryan: Just trust me. 0 Replies #8858666 4:30PM 19/04/2008
He says he's looked at all angles.

Sharon says she just thinks it's weird how Julie brought up the couples thing at final 4. Sharon thinks it will turn out real bad, him versus both of them (Ryan vs Adam and Sheila)

Sharon: Adam's in real estate, he knows how to tell people what they want to hear.

Seems a bit like Ryan wants her to stop talking, keeps saying "I know", he knows what he's doing.

Ryan: I know him very well, he's been my boy. If I get any feeling at all that he's full of sh*t, believe me.

She continues to talk, Ryan reassuring her.
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Topic #8858691
saskwatch - Sheila says it will do her no good to campaign to Ryan. Adam says he 0 Replies #8858691 4:32PM 19/04/2008
just doesn't want to make a promise he can't keep to her or Ryan. Sheila says if you were on that block, I would still be for you. Sheila says I have protected you this whole game when others (says names) wanted to put you on the block.
Adam says he got some color today (tan). Sheila asks what if Ryan removed her from the block and put him up. Would Adam be scared? He says yes. She says it shouldn't. Asks him at what point he would have her back. He says he's had her back in this game too. Now Sheila's rehashing what she hears. Adam says he agrees with her about what happened in the past, but now it's about what happens now. Sheila says, I'd hope you'd have my back. Adam sighs. Sheila says, you've been such a jerk to me. Adam denies.
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Topic #8858739
saskwatch - Sheila really upset now. 0 Replies #8858739 4:35PM 19/04/2008
Says when Adam sees the show, he will see who had his back and said good things about her. She says she cried a million times over him. And says that here she is and she wants to know he has her back, like she had his. He says he knows. Sheila says this is where he wasn't so bright.. she protected everyone in the game besides her. Said 3 x Sharon was on the block, she campaigned for her. Adam again ssays it's a game man. Sheila saying now that she's just stupid for doing that. Becasue it may not pay off for her (loyalty she's shown to others may not be returned). Adam keeps saying it's a game. Sheila admits it is and says that I've played with my heart and gut.
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Topic #8858745
saskwatch - ryan back outside. tells adam he shaved his nuts and showered. NT 0 Replies #8858745 4:35PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8858751
dustytissue - Ryan leaves Sharon alone in HOH, goes to the backyard to join Sheila and Adam. NT 0 Replies #8858751 4:36PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8858757
saskwatch - Adam asks him if he wants to play a quick game of (pig?) they're playing. NT 0 Replies #8858757 4:36PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8858787
HookedOnBB - Sharon listening to CD in HOH room looking at the spy screen and biting her lip, she seems extremely nervous NT 0 Replies #8858787 4:38PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8858790
saskwatch - Sheila cleaning up by washer. Leaves bags at Adams request. NT 0 Replies #8858790 4:38PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8858857
saskwatch - Boys sharing girls convos with each other. Tells him Sharon told Sheila 0 Replies #8858857 4:44PM 19/04/2008
will donate 50K and put someone thru school.. more of Sheila's convo. Tells Ryan that he told Sheila that he saved Sheila more on block than she did him. Says he told Sheila he trusts the dude. Ryan says he needs to go dude. Asks Ryan if Sharon is walking around as pizzy as Sharon. Adam says he has no prob voting Sheila out... says it's better to do it now... Ryan says it's better to let her cool off for the week in sh. Adam says they have to work together and focus on encouraging each other for next week.
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Topic #8858877
saskwatch - Adam says that Sheila pulled the whole "I cried over you' 0 Replies #8858877 4:46PM 19/04/2008
Ryan says then why did she be so mean to you?
Boys claim loyalty to one another again. Adam says what.. you crying becuz you said so many bad things about me.... Ryan says sheila is such a two faced... both boys bashing sheila.
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Topic #8858893
HookedOnBB - Ryan lying to Adam saying Sharon wasn't throwing him under the bus at all NT 0 Replies #8858893 4:47PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8858928
BBFanChelle - Sheila on F1,2 in boat room getting dress. NT 0 Replies #8858928 4:48PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8858960
saskwatch - Sheila bashing by the boys continues. NT 0 Replies #8858960 4:51PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8858993
HookedOnBB - Adam says Sheila deserves to get kicked out of the house just for the first day alone how she acted NT 0 Replies #8858993 4:52PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8859072
BBFanChelle - Flames. NT 0 Replies #8859072 4:58PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8859136
HookedOnBB - Ryan says it's not like he feels good about Sheila leaving but it's a game and he has a single mom that he's going to help out if he wins 0 Replies #8859136 5:02PM 19/04/2008
Now they are talking about how they felt bad for kicking Nat out too but Sheila didn't and that it's a game when it's your time to go it's your time to go.
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Topic #8859338
BBFanChelle - Ryan in red BR reading Sharon's Bible. Sheila in sauna room doing fingernails. NT 0 Replies #8859338 5:14PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8859701
saskwatch - Sharon and Sheila talking now. 0 Replies #8859701 5:41PM 19/04/2008
Sharon mentioning something about James and Nat.. couldn't catch in time.
Sharon thinks Ryan put her up because of Jacob.
Both say they cannot campaign. Sheila saying how upset she is that her fate lays in Adam's hands and she scares.
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Topic #8859734
saskwatch - Sheila says that she and Sharon got this far by protecting everyone because Sharon has mom instinct and she is one. 0 Replies #8859734 5:43PM 19/04/2008
Which is why Sharon protected Josh and Sheila protected Adam. Sharon says Allison told her she'd drag Sheila to the end, when Sheila confesses that she feels so bad for being angry at Allison over a rumor that Allison didn't even start. (the yeast)
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Topic #8859762
saskwatch - Sheila adamantly expresses the point that you cannot trust when people are talking to you because 0 Replies #8859762 5:45PM 19/04/2008
they never tell you the truth in this game, ever.
Sheila says that the reason Jen and Amanda jumped on Ally was because they thot that Ally had told about the Jen/Ryan alliance to Sheila, when she hadn't. Jen had told Amanda. Sheila says that is why she sided with Ally is because they all ganged up on her. Flames.
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Topic #8859798
saskwatch - Sheila says she didn't understand why Josh turned on Ally,. 0 Replies #8859798 5:49PM 19/04/2008
Sharon says it was the whole gay story thing. Sheila says it was never done to offend josh's sexuality. It was a game. It was something they came up with so that Ally got excited about staying in the game again. It was never to offend josh and neal. Sharon says neal was gone by then. Everyone in kitchen. boys don't want to sit at the mini table. Sharon says we can sit down here if we want and the boys can sit...
They decide to sit together.
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Topic #8859806
saskwatch - hg eating supper now. NT 0 Replies #8859806 5:49PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8860114
saskwatch - Sharon fishing to see if Adam will admit to final 3. Tells Adam she can't see Ryan putting him off. Adam don't know. NT 0 Replies #8860114 6:20PM 19/04/2008
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