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Topic #8862360
Laura - BBAD shelia is saying sunday is going to be huge... 0 Replies #8862360 9:45PM 19/04/2008
shelia doesnt want to thinks about it and want sleep the day away, Its going to be scary ryan and adam have the control
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Topic #8862390
saskwatch - Sharon in hottub and Sheila sitting on edge... saying Ryan doesn't owe her of them anything. 0 Replies #8862390 9:48PM 19/04/2008
She says Adam doesn't owe her anything either. Sheila says Adam never was unkind to anyone. She says he gave James a fair shake. Sharon says that could have been bad.. Sheila says not for you Sharon, for me. You had James and james would have made sure you stayed. Sheila says that's why I get so mad at Adam when he get's so pizzy with me cuz I put him on the block for 7 hrs. Sharon says she doesn't think the boys really care.. they don't care which of the girls go and in which order. Sheila says she feels the same. Says Ryan won't talk to me at all, and so I see no use in campaigning. Sharon doesn't see ryan putting Adam up, nor does Sheila.
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Topic #8862403
Laura - shelia and sharon sitting by the hot tub saying the boys don't care who leaves first as long as both of them are gone and ryan and adam f2 NT 0 Replies #8862403 9:49PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8862407
saskwatch - Convo stops as Adam outside. Ryan still changing in HOH. NT 0 Replies #8862407 9:49PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8862443
Laura - shelia saying her son doesn't sit around watching tv, eating ....he is always very active NT 0 Replies #8862443 9:53PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8862444
saskwatch - Talking about naps. Sheila asks Sharon if she'll be able to sleep tonight. 0 Replies #8862444 9:53PM 19/04/2008
Sharon says she doesn't usually nap so she doesn't know if she will be able to sleep later. Sharon changes subject to whether Sheila's son naps or not.. talk goes to mac computer Sheila shares with her son. Talks about her son doing things on, photos, he likes photography. Says when son is on computer, and talking to friends, it can take hours, which makes the sharing difficult. Sheila says other wise her son is active.. has a bus pass and goes everywhere.. not the type to sit around and eat or nap. Both girls are busy in their everyday lives, too.
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Topic #8862460
Laura - ryan and adam outside ...then ryan went to KT NT 0 Replies #8862460 9:54PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8862463
saskwatch - Ryan outside now. tells Adam he has a special workout lined up for them. 0 Replies #8862463 9:54PM 19/04/2008
Sheila going to sit by fire. Sharon follows.
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Topic #8862472
saskwatch - Ryan back in house preparing his coffee. NT 0 Replies #8862472 9:55PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8862489
saskwatch - Sheila likes Sharon's Ambercrombie jacket. NT 0 Replies #8862489 9:56PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8862515
Laura - sharon saying james always was sticking his hands thrue the flames on pit fire in BY NT 0 Replies #8862515 9:58PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8862528
saskwatch - Adam in house with Ryan telling him that sharon's so whacky with scenarios. 0 Replies #8862528 9:59PM 19/04/2008
Adam says she's telling me I've got this vote and that. She tried to tell me that she campaigned harder and stayed that's why the others won't vote for her. ryan calls bullship, and says she didn't campaign at all because we wanted the others out.
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Topic #8862538
saskwatch - Adam and Ryan discussing coffee and that they are such "Beasts" from all their workouts. NT 0 Replies #8862538 10:00PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8862563
saskwatch - ryan says that Sharon hung around with that whole group too long and sharon carries their tradition of being wrong. 0 Replies #8862563 10:02PM 19/04/2008
Ryan doesn't believe in scenarios..
Adam says or as Sheila says scenarials.
Adam sarcastically says to Ryan, Sharon's already got 3 guaranteed votes.. and she's the best to go to the end with??
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Topic #8862568
Laura - ryan and adam saying sharon has 3 votes already for SH NT 0 Replies #8862568 10:02PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8862587
Laura - ryan and adam talking about pov meeting tommorow NT 0 Replies #8862587 10:03PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8862603
saskwatch - Ryan says Nat puts 3 pks of Splenda in her cup of coffee. Adam says she's a crackhead. Tells Ryan you're using Sharon's cup, dude. 0 Replies #8862603 10:05PM 19/04/2008
Ryan says, hopefully she doesn't see it. Talking about ryan's neck injury and baller brought him breakfast in bed.
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Topic #8862616
Laura - shelia saying to sharon you get to go on a shopping spree, go to the spa going to a premere NT 0 Replies #8862616 10:06PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8862636
saskwatch - Now talking about earrings.. ry had hoops. and diamond earrings. Adam says something about perks.. and Ry says perkies, and lists a bunch of others 0 Replies #8862636 10:07PM 19/04/2008
that are addicted. Ry says his dude's mom takes bars. adam doesn't thnk he'll go back on perks.. something about 3 months.
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Topic #8862649
saskwatch - Adam says he's only got 2 smokes left.. their hoping lapd will just drop a pack in the back yard. NT 0 Replies #8862649 10:08PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8862671
Laura - shelia saying i deserve not a gold digger 0 Replies #8862671 10:10PM 19/04/2008
she said ten years i had it good...but staying in this house chances your out look...sharon going hm hm at shelia comments
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Topic #8862688
saskwatch - Ryan doubts that they would supply James with smokes in sequester because they wouldn't deduct from your stipend. Ry says he ran out fast, because 0 Replies #8862688 10:11PM 19/04/2008
he bummed James at least 2 packs. But he didn't have that many. Adam says it's Bros against Hos.. now.. ryan says it's not even a thot in his mind to align with Sharon... he said.. they can't let Sharon win.. because, that would be the biggest upset in BB history.
Adam says Sharon was telling him all about the finale.. gives details..
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Topic #8862703
saskwatch - Boys are joed up. Wondering if they know they won at that point, Adam says I think when we walk out. 0 Replies #8862703 10:13PM 19/04/2008
Adam says all we got to do is beat this girl. Ryan says it's not like she's going to pull one off now. Ryan says we should make her think that we have her.. so that we can tell her to drop out cuz we have her. (Sharon)
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Topic #8862704
sakya23 - Sheila tells sharon she is going to fix her problems with her ex. NT 0 Replies #8862704 10:13PM 19/04/2008
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Topic #8862707
Laura - shelia know what she wants now after talking to the others girls in the house 0 Replies #8862707 10:14PM 19/04/2008
becareful what you ask for...saying people didn't want to do the 3 month deal...cant say i have kids to take care....sharon agreeing with what shelia is saying
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