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Topic #8886881
BBjunkie247 - looks like they are not allowed to talk to each other NT 0 Replies #8886881 5:00PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8886884
BBFanChelle - 2 feeds now on Sharon talking to Ryan. NT 0 Replies #8886884 5:00PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8886885
CruiseCritic - Sheila now in bed with Sharon and Adam back in his bed with the bible 0 Replies #8886885 5:00PM 21/04/2008
can barely hear Sharon/Sheila talking
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Topic #8886891
BBFanChelle - Sheila is laying in bed with Sharon talking about the movie Shar/Ryan saw. NT 0 Replies #8886891 5:01PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8886897
saskwatch - Sharon and Sheila are laying down together.. talking about "what happens in vegas" NT 0 Replies #8886897 5:01PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8886912
Laura - shelia and sharon saying what happens in vegas stays in vegas, ryan listening in, adam laying down reading bible NT 0 Replies #8886912 5:02PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8886919
CruiseCritic - Sheila asks if they had chemistry in the movie (Vegas movie with Cameron and Ashton) 0 Replies #8886919 5:02PM 21/04/2008
they are talking about chemistry in other movies and Sharon now talking about Jacob. Ryan not saying a word and no feeds on Adam right now
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Topic #8886977
CruiseCritic - Sheila says that Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson have great chemistry for guys and they talk 0 Replies #8886977 5:05PM 21/04/2008
about a couple movies they did together. Ryan lets out a big sigh as the girls talk and gets off the sleeper/couch and puts his sneakers on and leaves the room.

Girls talking about movies and how you can read a movie once you see the trailer
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Topic #8887098
CruiseCritic - Sheila says Clive Owens? is her favorite actor - 0 Replies #8887098 5:11PM 21/04/2008
(I leave for a second and come back to more movie talk) and Sheila talks about her ex and how she is so social and he is anti-social and he gets mad at her if she wants to go hang out with people.

He tells her he isnt into that or he doesnt want to hang with his friends and that Sheila likes to be with different ppl and she doesnt like someone telling her what to do. Sharon says she is a social butterfly too.

Sheila says she feels guilty if she does stuff like that - if HE doesnt want to be there and then says he is anti-social and Sharon talks about him always being in the lime-light. Sheila says he always wants to stay home - but he is anti-social.

Sheila says she likes to go out to dinner at least once a week - she likes to stay home and cook and stay home and watch movies and then Sharon brings up Jacob
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Topic #8887120
saskwatch - Adam talking to ryan about booting Sharon instead of Sheila NT 0 Replies #8887120 5:12PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8887145
Laura - adam trying to convince ryan to keep shelia NT 0 Replies #8887145 5:13PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8887149
saskwatch - They know something about the comp and Adam says he thinks its best Sharon goes and Ryan says f dude... NT 0 Replies #8887149 5:13PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8887159
saskwatch - Adam says Sharon's due to win... she can do this. NT 0 Replies #8887159 5:13PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8887172
CruiseCritic - Adam and Ryan in the KT and Adam tells Ryan that he will do whatever HE (Ryan) wants him 0 Replies #8887172 5:14PM 21/04/2008
to do. Adam saying it is the best for them and that Sharon is due to f'n win. Adam says that it is the best thing - talk about Sheila dropping out of competition and then Adam will drop out and let Ryan take it.

Adam says it is the best thing. Ryan leaning on counter thinking - Adam says he thinks it is best - but whatever you want me to do.

Ryan says he has been thinking about that too. Fck dude, i dont know

Adam whispering more and tells Ryan he will drop out - Adam telling Ryan he has his word and that is is a guaranteed f'ng thing dude. Talk about Sharon and if it is mental.

Ryan says if Sheila drops - I will drop dude - I promise

(ed WOW)
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Topic #8887176
saskwatch - Adam promises to throw hoh as soon as sheila drops he will, ryan laughing. NT 0 Replies #8887176 5:14PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8887198
saskwatch - Adam says he swears he'll take Ryan over Sheila, ryan says you think it s best? alright. NT 0 Replies #8887198 5:15PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8887214
CruiseCritic - Adam tells Ryan he swears to him that he will take her and he knows that Sheila will drop and 0 Replies #8887214 5:15PM 21/04/2008
then he will give it to him. I swear dude -

Ryan says all right. Adam says he guarantees him (more whispering)
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Topic #8887227
saskwatch - Adam says Sheila will be freezing cold and is so scared already that she'll drop right away. Adam says he'll give Ryan the end. NT 0 Replies #8887227 5:15PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8887242
saskwatch - Adam says he will have sharon's blood on his hands in the jury. NT 0 Replies #8887242 5:16PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8887269
CruiseCritic - Ryan eating some yogurt and Adam says he will throw the last HOH to Ryan and he promises and then says 0 Replies #8887269 5:17PM 21/04/2008
he (Ryan) wont have Sharons blood on his hands - I will. Adam says he thinks it will be easier and that she will drop right out of the competition. Adam says he thinks he is thinking what is best for me and you.
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Topic #8887274
saskwatch - Adam tells Ryan he's thinking of what's best for him and Ryan... calling Sheila "that biotch" NT 0 Replies #8887274 5:17PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8887306
saskwatch - Adam telling ryan that this will lose him Team Pinks jury votes. NT 0 Replies #8887306 5:18PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8887341
CruiseCritic - Adam gives his word and says he thinks it is best and Ryan lets out a big burp as he spoons out 0 Replies #8887341 5:20PM 21/04/2008
the rest of the yogurt. Adam says if I vote Sharon the f out of here then if guarantees us those votes (mentions James/Chelsia - but not sure what he means - he is excited and talking fast)

Adam says that he will drop and let Ryan have it. Adam says that there is no way Sheila can beat him - she has no upper body.

Adam says we can get Sheila out of here next competition. Ryan still scraping bottom of yogurt container.

Adam saying wouldnt you rather go against her at the end ?
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Topic #8887349
saskwatch - Adam says Sheila drops, I'll drop and you go to the end. Adam says Sheila won't beat them. If Sharon pulls it off they are both f'd. Says Sheila 0 Replies #8887349 5:20PM 21/04/2008
is too prissy for this comp. Says he's not pushing just to keep Sheila here.. sure Sheila can't win the mental.
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Topic #8887356
CruiseCritic - Ryan - I guess you are right. Adam- I think its what is best. NT 0 Replies #8887356 5:20PM 21/04/2008
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