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Topic #8887427
CruiseCritic - Ryan says all right and Adam says as soon as she drops, I will drop. They shake on it. 0 Replies #8887427 5:22PM 21/04/2008
Adam seems all excited and Ryan seems to agree with him (more whispering again).

BB- Adam your microphone is sliding down its cable.

Adam tells Ryan there is no way she can beat you and no way she can beat me (Sheila)
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Topic #8887462
CruiseCritic - Adam says he is saying what he feels, it is in his gut and he wanted to bring it to the 0 Replies #8887462 5:23PM 21/04/2008
table. Adam says he would have Sharons blood and that would give Ryan her vote for sure.

Adam says Sheila wont win the mental.
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Topic #8887499
CruiseCritic - Adam again says it is best and that their original plan was to have the three of them at F3 0 Replies #8887499 5:24PM 21/04/2008
and he is going to keep his word. Adam says then it guarantees that one of them win the game.
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Topic #8887550
Laura - ryan says will trust your gut adam.. NT 0 Replies #8887550 5:26PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8887577
CruiseCritic - Ryan says alright man if thats what you are doing. Adam says God forbid if she does beat me 0 Replies #8887577 5:27PM 21/04/2008
and then you would be playing against her. Adam says it should give them both piece of mind and Adam says he will drop and let Ryan take it once Sheila drops.

Adam says that b!tch is freaken due. (Sharon)
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Topic #8887665
CruiseCritic - Adam saying boys til the end - they are both laughing, smiling. Adam mentions a 23 year-old girl 0 Replies #8887665 5:29PM 21/04/2008
and Ryan seems to be thinking now. Both are quiet and can hear girls chatting in red BR.

Adam - same thing we did to Natalie last week and it worked. Ryan just nuked a dog and had some yogurt.

Looks like Adam pulls out hotdogs and ketchup and Ryan going to SR to get some Advil - Adam asks for one too.

Adam rolls hotdog in papertowel and puts it in microwave. All 4 feeds on Adam in KT
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Topic #8887702
CruiseCritic - Adam tells Ryan to get all pi$$ed off at him when he votes Sharon out and throw his hands up 0 Replies #8887702 5:30PM 21/04/2008
at him. Ryan says all right again. they laugh. Ryan heads towards WC and says right. Microwave went off and Adam eating hotdog.
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Topic #8887799
CruiseCritic - Adam finishes up hotdog as he puts ketchup away - he wipes counter off with the papertowel he 0 Replies #8887799 5:34PM 21/04/2008
had the hotdog in. Adam showing Ryan how to break in his shoes (earlier I thought Adam was praying and this is what he was doing)

On his knees - flexing back.

Ryan says he trusted him and Adam says that is why he came to him with this and he isnt pulling no fast ones and they need to be on the same page from now on. Ryan agrees.

Adam says he cant stand Sheila but .... Adam says he feels bad because Sharon thinks she is staying. Ryan brushes teeth and Adam tells him he will talk to him later.
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Topic #8887865
CruiseCritic - Adam says "getting soaked tonight" as he gets out a yogurt and Adam comes in WC 0 Replies #8887865 5:36PM 21/04/2008
and tells Ryan that if Sheila wins comp tonight then he will throw the next one to him (Ryan) so he can play against her in the final competition. Adam is pacing eating his yogurt. Gone in around 60 seconds (LOL)
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Topic #8887994
CruiseCritic - Ryan asks ADam if he is wearing jeans out there and Adam says he is wearing jeans with Julie and then bathing suit 0 Replies #8887994 5:39PM 21/04/2008
for competition. Adam says he will stay out there 2-3 hours if he has to. Says they have been locked in the house for almost 2 days.

thru the river and over a rock - Adam says and then says no worries bro.

Adam linting off his shirt. Ryan says he is just going to wear the shorts he has on right now. Adam asks if he took his Advil - Ryan tells him he handed him one - Ryan said he took two Advil.

Adam heads back to pink BR and takes off his pants and changes into a pair of shorts. 2 feeds on Adam and 2 feeds on the door to his room - can barely hear the girls
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Topic #8888047
milkmoney - Adam & Ryan in the bathroom...Ryan tells Adam that hes glad adam came to him with this (idea)...Ryan goes into bathroom stall 0 Replies #8888047 5:41PM 21/04/2008
and Adam does a fist pump (lol) while he lint brushes his shirt
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Topic #8888094
CruiseCritic - Adam put on jeans over hsis swim trunks and carries his bag out of the pink BR - he rings door to SR 0 Replies #8888094 5:42PM 21/04/2008
and brings his bag in - struggles a little to get it shut. He goes to open another bag and takes smaller bag out of SR and leaves it by table near GP cage.

Sharon and Sheila now in WC with Ryan and now everyone is in there.
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Topic #8888153
CruiseCritic - Sheila remembers the first two weeks when she and Adam were on the floor in sleeping bags 0 Replies #8888153 5:44PM 21/04/2008
and then all 4 feeds follow Sharon as she stops to say hi to her bebeees. She goes in pink BR and puts on grey sweatjacket/hoodie. The two guys are working on their hair in WC

(I am out for now - if someone can take over.... sorry
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Topic #8888310
milkmoney - ryan & adam stretching in the kitchen (LOL) adam telling ryan Shelia will throw the comp hoping one of them takes her to the end NT 0 Replies #8888310 5:48PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8888333
Laura - adam was showing ryan how to strecth the new shoes they have....adam saying 13 minutes thats it NT 0 Replies #8888333 5:49PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8888337
Shannon72 - Adam just told Ryan -- "13 minutes" -- (ed.6pmBBT = GAME ON!) NT 0 Replies #8888337 5:49PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8888372
Shannon72 - Trivia!!!! NT 0 Replies #8888372 5:50PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8890133
BBSheri - Trivia still NT 0 Replies #8890133 6:53PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8894445
BopthoR - 3hrs 45min and counting trivia Trivia TRIVIA NT 0 Replies #8894445 9:33PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8895081
saskwatch - Sheila's back, ryan's back. NT 0 Replies #8895081 10:07PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8895082
tammy420 - feeds back.. sharon voted out NT 0 Replies #8895082 10:07PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8895093
BBFanChelle - Feeds back and I see She fix 3 chairs at mini table NT 0 Replies #8895093 10:07PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8895094
Laura - shelia just said to ryan i got my key back NT 0 Replies #8895094 10:07PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8895128
saskwatch - Sheila said, "So you guys... Adam kept her! NT 0 Replies #8895128 10:09PM 21/04/2008
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Topic #8895143
WVpdles - Sharon's gone NT 0 Replies #8895143 10:09PM 21/04/2008
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