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Ryan to DR singing cococabana.. flames NT - saskwatch
9:39AM 23/04/2008

Ryan DR. All 4 feeds on Adam on pink bed Sheila in backyard tanning. NT - saskwatch
9:40AM 23/04/2008
Adam is in his bed in the pink room NT - emy
9:43AM 23/04/2008

All 4 feeds on Sheila in by.. many birds chirping.. NT - saskwatch
9:42AM 23/04/2008

Adam to DR. NT - saskwatch
9:46AM 23/04/2008

Sheila rolled over on tummy and undid blue bikini top. Sun is shining, birds singing and loud humming noise in background NT - saskwatch
9:55AM 23/04/2008

2nd time from BB in past 10 min: Ryan have you changed your batteries? NT - saskwatch
9:55AM 23/04/2008

Sheila called to DR. Adam in bed. Ryan getting his stuff.NT - saskwatch
9:57AM 23/04/2008
adam is in bed NT - JayNation
9:57AM 23/04/2008

Ryan to Adam: Did they try to tell you that you owe her? Flames NT - saskwatch
9:59AM 23/04/2008

Ryan back in bed. Adam still in bed. ry's keeping his robe for "pimp status" NT - saskwatch
10:00AM 23/04/2008

Lockdown at 1030 Ryan says NT - saskwatch
10:00AM 23/04/2008

Sheila out of DR. Adam and Sheila exchange gm's. Ry gm sheil.. NT - saskwatch
10:10AM 23/04/2008

Ry tells Sheila he did not sleep well. Asks how she slept. She says better.. still has headache. Goes outside. Adam out there. - saskwatch
10:12AM 23/04/2008

More towels on ground. She asks where from? Adam and Ryan say Adam's secret stash. - saskwatch
10:14AM 23/04/2008

Sheila says BB is going to lock them out. She's at washer. Says have you seen that.. I can't even talk to Adam. Why don't you call the azzhole in - saskwatch
10:16AM 23/04/2008

Sheila saying I need to talk to Adam. Ryan needs to go to DR cuz he's stuck so far up Adams azz, I can't get near him. Lockdown. NT - saskwatch
10:17AM 23/04/2008

Ry on double lounger and Adam offers him a towel. Sheila filling washer. Ry needs some manscapage. Adam laying by Ryan. NT - saskwatch
10:18AM 23/04/2008

Ryan says he's still tired as f. Sheila says.. ahhh nice as she walks in the sun. NT - saskwatch
10:19AM 23/04/2008

Adam thinks they're remodeling the hoh already. Ry says they're ready for our exit. NT - saskwatch
10:19AM 23/04/2008

Discussing when BB10 airs (A&R) NT - saskwatch
10:20AM 23/04/2008

Sheila laying on tummy on small lounger . Boys laying side by side on double lounger which is about 4 feet in front of Sheila's NT - saskwatch
10:21AM 23/04/2008

Silence in by is deafening.. NT - saskwatch
10:23AM 23/04/2008

Ry complaining about Adam's smell. Adam says he's lost his sense of smell. - saskwatch
10:31AM 23/04/2008

Adam says if Team Pink would have been in the house.. Sheila would be the pawn they used. NT - saskwatch
10:31AM 23/04/2008

Adam says Sharon was telling Ryan that Adam would f him over in the end too. Ryan says Sharon was just trying ot turn them all against ea other. NT - saskwatch
10:32AM 23/04/2008

the convo - saskwatch
10:41AM 23/04/2008

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