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Sheila in sr. NT - saskwatch
4:40PM 23/04/2008

shelia in storage room you can all the suitcases in there NT - Laura
4:40PM 23/04/2008

Sheila out of sr and back laying on sauna room bed. NT - saskwatch
4:41PM 23/04/2008

shelia walking through the living room you can see the bb screen with bb logo...shelia laying down in the sauna room....very quiet in the house - Laura
4:43PM 23/04/2008

Adam in wc. Sheila on bed and softly crying. NT - saskwatch
4:44PM 23/04/2008

Production announces for them to make sure all their luggage is in sr. - saskwatch
4:45PM 23/04/2008

Heard Adam say "it sucks" Ryan says "Big Baller looking fine dude" NT - saskwatch
4:46PM 23/04/2008

Sheila out of wc.. says I so want the flat iron. Ryan says take it. Sheila says no, it doesn't belong to me. NT - saskwatch
4:47PM 23/04/2008

Sheila looking at key for last time. Says wonder if they'll give us as souvenirs. Adam thinks they give you the wooden key. Sheila says I never got - saskwatch
4:48PM 23/04/2008

they're on lockdown. Sheila goes ewwwww and laffs. Adam says this is it. Sheila says is there any more stressful. Each have to go to DR 1 by 1 NT - saskwatch
4:50PM 23/04/2008

Convos - saskwatch
4:52PM 23/04/2008

Sheila crying and bros back at table. Sheila to DR NT - saskwatch
4:54PM 23/04/2008

hg's were told to to living room getting ready for live show NT - Laura
4:58PM 23/04/2008

Sitting on couch in LR waiting for Live show. NT - BBFanChelle
4:58PM 23/04/2008

while Sheila's in DR boys are sitting at the table - ostra
5:01PM 23/04/2008

TRIVIA. NT - Dr0n3
5:14PM 23/04/2008

Ryan Won Final HoH! NT - admiral
5:43PM 23/04/2008

Sheila Was Evicted! NT - admiral
5:47PM 23/04/2008

Live Feeds Back! Adam in Kitchen. NT - admiral
6:12PM 23/04/2008

After feeds came back, Ryan asked Adam if he really was going to take him to F2 if Adam won. - ktan
6:17PM 23/04/2008

all feeds on adam reading bible laying on the sofa bed NT - Laura
6:19PM 23/04/2008

ryan comes in the room ryan says champagne...adam party dude...we did it bro we deserve this NT - Laura
6:21PM 23/04/2008

ryan trying to get into storage room...i need stuff out of my bag NT - Laura
6:22PM 23/04/2008

ryan saying unbelieveable..trying storage door again but nothing NT - Laura
6:24PM 23/04/2008

ryan goes to pink room takes shirt off the goes back to SR and they let him in to get his bags...ryan says ty NT - Laura
6:26PM 23/04/2008

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