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Adam's in the DR while Ryan changes clothes. NT - ktan
6:28PM 23/04/2008

all feeds on ryan in pink room changing clothes, ryan changing from white boxers to black ones and now put rest of his clothes on NT - Laura
6:28PM 23/04/2008

Trivia NT - JLPrinzess
6:51PM 23/04/2008

feeds back on the boys in the BY chatting NT - JLPrinzess
6:53PM 23/04/2008

Boys joking about a BB "bromance".. talking about getting some steak NT - JLPrinzess
7:07PM 23/04/2008

Adam and Ryan toasting w/ champagne NT - DanaRose
7:31PM 23/04/2008
*trivia was on before this, prob. to give them champagne NT - DanaRose
7:33PM 23/04/2008

Toast was winners of BB9, then trivia again NT - DanaRose
7:32PM 23/04/2008

Feeds show Adam putting something in microwave, then right back to trivia NT - DanaRose
7:34PM 23/04/2008

Flash of Adam eating at table then trivia again NT - DanaRose
7:41PM 23/04/2008

Flash of R/A toasting again while eating at table...trivia AGAIN! NT - DanaRose
7:44PM 23/04/2008

Adam: Never trust a stripper, let alone a flucking Penthouse Pet of the Year!" Flames NT - saskwatch
8:17PM 23/04/2008

Boys want a smoke. NT - saskwatch
8:17PM 23/04/2008

Ryan: The tables don't clean themselves. The Shebots not here... the Cleanbot.! NT - saskwatch
8:18PM 23/04/2008

Adam: She sucked at comps. I beat her by 15 minutes, dude. Ry: You beat her by 15-20 min kid! NT - saskwatch
8:19PM 23/04/2008

Ryan mimicking Sheila: "Ryan... it'll ... mean .. sniff.. so .. sniff.. much me... Adam: I was so pizzed off at her dude. - saskwatch
8:21PM 23/04/2008

Adam: I think Allison is hardcore against cigarettes dude. Ryan: Why? Adam: just tell one of the PA's to toss us a smoke. - saskwatch
8:23PM 23/04/2008

Ryan changing to go swimming. Adam doing dishes. NT - BBFanChelle
8:24PM 23/04/2008

Adam still doing dishes. ryan in pink, frilly bedroom changing clothes. NT - saskwatch
8:24PM 23/04/2008

Adam smiling "Only 2 chairs dawg" as he wipes table. Ryan: did I give a good speech tonight Baller? Yes, Adam says. Sure had me nervous. - saskwatch
8:28PM 23/04/2008

HAHA! Adam says Thank you Big Brother, and the Camera knods at him! LOL NT - mcoop
8:28PM 23/04/2008

Adam went to red BR. Laid on couch said Thank you to BB and the camera nodded. NT - BBFanChelle
8:28PM 23/04/2008

Adam whispering in mike: You guys are the best! Thank you. BB: Thankyou NT - saskwatch
8:29PM 23/04/2008

Ryan in to get more champagne. They drank one bottle already. ry says: lets pop the other one.. we're final two.. One of us is winning half a - saskwatch
8:38PM 23/04/2008

Ryan came in. Adam: Did you have a good swim? Ryan: I'm still in my suit - BBFanChelle
8:38PM 23/04/2008

Boys pouring champagne in champagne glasses. - saskwatch
8:40PM 23/04/2008

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