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Topic #8930348
saskwatch - Ry: I came on here without a pink mohawk and I'm a stand up guy. I played. 0 Replies #8930348 8:42PM 23/04/2008
Adam says he played himself.. Robin told him to be himself.
Counting up their monies. Ryans 10 G's will get him out of his debt.. and the trip and winnings are all bonus.
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Topic #8930366
saskwatch - Adam says big money. Adam doesn't want to see Parker at wrap party. 0 Replies #8930366 8:44PM 23/04/2008
Ry says he won't be pizzed off at you as me.
think about first week.. if you would have kept parker and jen.
Ry says he couldn't figure out Adam whole game.
Adam kept Ry for smoking buddy.
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Topic #8930379
saskwatch - Adam says keeping ry was due to sheila bro. 0 Replies #8930379 8:45PM 23/04/2008
they wouldn't have changed. now talking about different scenarios.
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Topic #8930395
saskwatch - Adam says you called Sharon.. you called her good. Ryan says she was easy dude. 0 Replies #8930395 8:46PM 23/04/2008
Now laffing cuz they guessed wrong on last 3. Ry got 3 right adam got 2
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Topic #8930405
saskwatch - Adam says he tried his best, dude. NT 0 Replies #8930405 8:46PM 23/04/2008
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Topic #8930410
saskwatch - Adam says it's like Sharon says... if it's meant to be it's meant to be. In regards to who wins. NT 0 Replies #8930410 8:47PM 23/04/2008
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Topic #8930426
saskwatch - Ry remembers Jen calling him and it almost destroyed their relationship when she got on.. 0 Replies #8930426 8:48PM 23/04/2008
Cuz he wasn't coming out here and having these fluckers ridicule him... they'll talk more after the show.
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Topic #8930461
saskwatch - Jen got there for 1st week. They loved her. Jen was perfect for the show. She got power-tripped dude. I f'n looked at her and thot I can't stand 0 Replies #8930461 8:51PM 23/04/2008
this girl either, dude.
Adam says he liked her.
Ryans says he knows Adam was the only one who didn't bad talk him for banging jen.
Now James bashing... saying they caught him in one too many bullshlit lies.
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Topic #8930508
saskwatch - Now talking about their great gameplay. Ry says it was meant for them to be at the end. Adam says it was scripted man. 0 Replies #8930508 8:53PM 23/04/2008
Adam says she tried to play the whole couples thing with me.. I wasnt buying it.
Sumpin smelled fishy with her dude. When she started counting the jury members, Adam knew she had him beat.
Ry says she knew she wasn't going to win..he didn't think Sheila deserved to be here.
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Topic #8930526
saskwatch - Adam: I'm a gambling man quick. ry: Me too 0 Replies #8930526 8:55PM 23/04/2008
Chelsia didn't appreciate that *****. What a clunt-rag dude! I think Mattalie is hooked up agian. His hair was shaggy as hell. He looked alright. Ryan says he's looking forward to seeing Matty again. Matty was his boy.. F'n MattyMick.
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Topic #8930534
saskwatch - Planning tomorrows activities.. working out, cooking, sunning.. not smoking. NT 0 Replies #8930534 8:56PM 23/04/2008
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Topic #8930565
BBFanChelle - BB: Adam please go to the DR. NT 0 Replies #8930565 8:57PM 23/04/2008
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Topic #8930570
saskwatch - Saturday night they will be so excited seeing their family and friends. they are both winners says ryan. If they vote against him.. fluck him... 0 Replies #8930570 8:58PM 23/04/2008
they are haters... ry wondering what he does between 27th and the thing with Sharon.. kick it wih Jen. Adam says kick it with Sharon. Ry says f that dude.
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Topic #8930574
BBFanChelle - You can hear the DR session. NT 0 Replies #8930574 8:58PM 23/04/2008
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Topic #8930592
saskwatch - Adam DR Leak 1 Replies #8930592 8:59PM 23/04/2008
Adam says he can close his eyes and see her.. says they are similar in a lot of ways..
Ryan back in house.
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WVpdles - Adam said it was Shawn(was female voice) NT #8930655 9:02PM 23/04/2008
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Topic #8930651
saskwatch - Adam: Oil you gotta go in there quick. It's Shawn! Ry, please go to DR. BB adam stop that. NT 0 Replies #8930651 9:02PM 23/04/2008
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Topic #8930661
BBFanChelle - Adam out of DR. BB: Ryan please go to the DR. Adam: It's Sean. BB: Adam stop that. NT 0 Replies #8930661 9:02PM 23/04/2008
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Topic #8930671
saskwatch - Adam: BOOM! and back to bible reading on pullout. Big grin on his face. NT 0 Replies #8930671 9:02PM 23/04/2008
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Topic #8930703
saskwatch - Adam not reading Bible, just holding it and staring at ceiling deep in thot. NT 0 Replies #8930703 9:05PM 23/04/2008
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Topic #8930727
saskwatch - Adam says thank you so much ... Quick.. Diddy coming! Ryan say he's missing people. 0 Replies #8930727 9:07PM 23/04/2008
Adam's roommate's coming.. his brother.. Adam says thanks so much bro.
BB stop that. Adam: sorry
Adam can't believe this. It's only me and started, he says to ryan.
Adam says that was the best right now! Ry says they won the championship!
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Topic #8930745
saskwatch - Adam singing and BB says stop that. Adam says sorry. I'm excited! Adam says he's thanking the lord, man. 0 Replies #8930745 9:08PM 23/04/2008
Ryan says thank you kristy kristoff? for giving birth to this beautiful child.. oil brunson.
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Topic #8930761
BBFanChelle - 4 Feeds on Ryan in shower. NT 0 Replies #8930761 9:09PM 23/04/2008
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Topic #8930764
saskwatch - ryan in shower now. Adam in wc NT 0 Replies #8930764 9:09PM 23/04/2008
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Topic #8930779
BBFanChelle - Ryan drinking champagne in shower. Adam: That's big time right there. NT 0 Replies #8930779 9:10PM 23/04/2008
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Topic #8930791
smalltownboy - Ryan is taking a shower and looking for his penis while Adam watches NT 0 Replies #8930791 9:11PM 23/04/2008
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