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saskwatch Ry: I came on here without a pink mohawk and I'm a stand up guy. I played. 0 8:42PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says big money. Adam doesn't want to see Parker at wrap party. 0 8:44PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says keeping ry was due to sheila bro. 0 8:45PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says you called Sharon.. you called her good. Ryan says she was easy dude. 0 8:46PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says he tried his best, dude. NT 0 8:46PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says it's like Sharon says... if it's meant to be it's meant to be. In regards to who wins. NT 0 8:47PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Ry remembers Jen calling him and it almost destroyed their relationship when she got on.. 0 8:48PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Jen got there for 1st week. They loved her. Jen was perfect for the show. She got power-tripped dude. I f'n looked at her and thot I can't stand 0 8:51PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Now talking about their great gameplay. Ry says it was meant for them to be at the end. Adam says it was scripted man. 0 8:53PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Adam: I'm a gambling man quick. ry: Me too 0 8:55PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Planning tomorrows activities.. working out, cooking, sunning.. not smoking. NT 0 8:56PM 23/04/2008
BBFanChelle BB: Adam please go to the DR. NT 0 8:57PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Saturday night they will be so excited seeing their family and friends. they are both winners says ryan. If they vote against him.. fluck him... 0 8:58PM 23/04/2008
BBFanChelle You can hear the DR session. NT 0 8:58PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Adam DR Leak 1 8:59PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Adam: Oil you gotta go in there quick. It's Shawn! Ry, please go to DR. BB adam stop that. NT 0 9:02PM 23/04/2008
BBFanChelle Adam out of DR. BB: Ryan please go to the DR. Adam: It's Sean. BB: Adam stop that. NT 0 9:02PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Adam: BOOM! and back to bible reading on pullout. Big grin on his face. NT 0 9:02PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Adam not reading Bible, just holding it and staring at ceiling deep in thot. NT 0 9:05PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says thank you so much ... Quick.. Diddy coming! Ryan say he's missing people. 0 9:07PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Adam singing and BB says stop that. Adam says sorry. I'm excited! Adam says he's thanking the lord, man. 0 9:08PM 23/04/2008
BBFanChelle 4 Feeds on Ryan in shower. NT 0 9:09PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch ryan in shower now. Adam in wc NT 0 9:09PM 23/04/2008
BBFanChelle Ryan drinking champagne in shower. Adam: That's big time right there. NT 0 9:10PM 23/04/2008
smalltownboy Ryan is taking a shower and looking for his penis while Adam watches NT 0 9:11PM 23/04/2008
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