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Adam and Ryan laying in their beds in pink BR. Adam went to WC and when came out, totally bypassed washing hands. Adam then went to SR and put on - mkeep
1:19AM 24/04/2008

Both Adam and Ryan quiet now, but both fidgeting a bit. NT - mkeep
1:22AM 24/04/2008

Ryan is snoring away. NT - mkeep
1:23AM 24/04/2008

Not sure when he moved from the pink bedroom, but Adam is now sleeping on Sharon's couch(not pulled out) NT - WVpdles
1:53AM 24/04/2008

Adam's now back in his bed in the pink room NT - WVpdles
2:29AM 24/04/2008

Adam extremely restless, moving around, in a lot of different positions, under and on top of the covers NT - WVpdles
4:34AM 24/04/2008

ryan yawing and moving around NT - smithclan129
7:07AM 24/04/2008

Boys still sleeping NT - ihearthockey
10:18AM 24/04/2008

Still sleeping NT - ihearthockey
11:07AM 24/04/2008

on all feeds ryan and adam sleeping with some movement from adam NT - Laura
11:45AM 24/04/2008

Boys up now ...adam in WC and ryan in SR NT - Laura
11:54AM 24/04/2008

Ryan making coffee or tea NT - Laura
11:56AM 24/04/2008

adam went back to lay down NT - Laura
11:57AM 24/04/2008

ryan spraying something on the ants it looks like NT - Laura
11:58AM 24/04/2008

ryan ask adam sleeping adam said no just laying here...ryan said - Laura
12:06PM 24/04/2008

adam still laying down...ryan sunning himself NT - Laura
12:33PM 24/04/2008

flames NT - Laura
12:35PM 24/04/2008

Adam walks to BY with a plate of food. Said he was twitching while trying to sleep. Going through withdrawals from cigs. NT - BBFanChelle
12:52PM 24/04/2008

Adam said he had dreams about everyone on his list. Some girl was trying to (adult) - BBFanChelle
12:58PM 24/04/2008

Bros back inside. Adam pinched his hand says it's turning purple. - BBFanChelle
1:01PM 24/04/2008

Ryan goes back to BY with a cuppa Joe. Adam laying out on double chaise lounge. NT - BBFanChelle
1:04PM 24/04/2008

Ryan laying on single chaise lounge. They're talking about their F2 dinner. - BBFanChelle
1:06PM 24/04/2008

The boys are getting ready to workout. Ryan says he's ready to 'hardbang' it. NT - BBFanChelle
1:08PM 24/04/2008

Ryan thinks he has a hernia. Adam said he had one before. Got it boxing with punching bag. Spotter pulled it back - BBFanChelle
1:10PM 24/04/2008

all feeds on adam and ryan weight lifting...taking turns NT - Laura
1:28PM 24/04/2008

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