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Ryan uncovering pool table and whistling as he shoots the balls. Adam practicing his speech - saskwatch
10:17PM 24/04/2008

Baller going over speech to jurors again - saskwatch
10:26PM 24/04/2008

Practicing speech.... powerpoint presentation... says adam - saskwatch
10:34PM 24/04/2008

Baller did say in his practice speech that he would implement the plan immediately. NT - saskwatch
10:37PM 24/04/2008

Boys wish they would of saved a bottle of champagne for tonight and walk in and say.. Whats up. NT - saskwatch
10:57PM 24/04/2008
They basically said it might be easier to cope with the stress if they had a few drinks. :) NT - cannotsleep
11:06PM 24/04/2008

Ryan cutting up a green pepper to give to the "beebees" He is attempting to say it the way Sharon did, but his voice isn't quite as high as hers NT - cannotsleep
11:00PM 24/04/2008

Ryan to Adam: I'm stressed, dude. Adam says this is our last chance to address the jury members before the finale. He says Allison (Grodner) - cannotsleep
11:04PM 24/04/2008

Adam going over his speech again, Ryan comes in from outside. Adam says they have 55 minutes. Again saying Allison said it sounded like no big deal NT - cannotsleep
11:09PM 24/04/2008

Ryan says he thinks the jury members are all probably f*cked up already, and they'll get some mean drunken questions. NT - cannotsleep
11:11PM 24/04/2008

Ryan tells Adam they won't see the jury they'll just hear the questions from them NT - WVpdles
11:14PM 24/04/2008

Adam asking Ryan: So we don't see them, we just hear them? Ryan says he thinks they just hear them. Adam says so we're answering questions to - cannotsleep
11:14PM 24/04/2008

Ryan says we're going to get f*cking massacred. Adam says big time. Ryan says I'm already sweating. NT - cannotsleep
11:17PM 24/04/2008

The bros are in the bathroom spiking up their hair in front of the mirror NT - cannotsleep
11:25PM 24/04/2008

Boys outside playing a game of 9 ball NT - saskwatch
11:36PM 24/04/2008

Adam: I'm nervous, I have to pee. Ryan: When you're nervous you have to pee more? Me too! What is up with that? NT - saskwatch
11:54PM 24/04/2008

ryan's sweating profusely! Baller: I wonder why they don't have any anti-perspirant face lotion? lol NT - saskwatch
11:59PM 24/04/2008

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