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both laying out on lounges now NT - Starr2005
1:35PM 24/04/2008

ryan is saying he wish matty was nicer to natlie,,,,she would have done anything for him NT - Laura
1:36PM 24/04/2008

ryan pulled a bug out of pool and his on his hand...who can hear those birds outside clearly NT - Laura
2:07PM 24/04/2008

adam went into DR and ryan still has the bug on his hand watching it NT - Laura
2:08PM 24/04/2008
looks like a ladybug NT - emy
2:11PM 24/04/2008

all feeds on ryan with a ladybug on his hand NT - Laura
2:11PM 24/04/2008

adam went into SR then back in to DR flames on all feeds NT - Laura
2:13PM 24/04/2008

ryan put ladybug down NT - Laura
2:14PM 24/04/2008

adam said thank you big brother for helping me quit (smoking) NT - Laura
2:16PM 24/04/2008

ryan said hey baller you got them to fix the pool NT - Laura
2:18PM 24/04/2008

ryan talking to guinea pigs saying booboo and said i think they like that better then bebbbies NT - Laura
2:22PM 24/04/2008

ryan doing dishes, BY open now they were working on pool NT - Laura
2:28PM 24/04/2008

adam reading the bible...ryan cleaning pool NT - Laura
2:34PM 24/04/2008

ryan and adam getting lunch together and plan on grilling NT - Laura
3:04PM 24/04/2008

Ryan and Adam walking around the back yard, noticing that all of the cameras are now gone... - WhatdoIKnow
3:19PM 24/04/2008

Adam reading the bible on one couch, Ryan on the other couch. Pretty quiet. NT - JLPrinzess
5:07PM 24/04/2008

Guinea Pigs on feed 2. boys on the others NT - JLPrinzess
5:09PM 24/04/2008

Boys in KT waiting for coffee to finish. NT - BBFanChelle
5:35PM 24/04/2008

Feed 3 on GPs. Other 3 on the bros getting coffee. Saying She's coffee was the best. NT - BBFanChelle
5:36PM 24/04/2008

Ryan tells Adam he's sick of bein' his Joe biotch. NT - BBFanChelle
5:37PM 24/04/2008

Adam trying to say Beebies like Sharon. Ryan: You suck at that. NT - BBFanChelle
5:38PM 24/04/2008

Adam chopped up banana for the fur iends. NT - BBFanChelle
5:39PM 24/04/2008

Ryan: Thinks Mommy Sharon annoyed the GPs too. NT - BBFanChelle
5:40PM 24/04/2008

Ryan's eating candy. Asking where Ferera Pan candy co is. Then asking about Tootsie Roll is. Chicago. NT - BBFanChelle
5:44PM 24/04/2008

F4 has an ad for the Live Chat with ED and Janelle. NT - BBFanChelle
5:46PM 24/04/2008

The bros are in BY lifting weights again. NT - BBFanChelle
5:46PM 24/04/2008

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