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saskwatch - Ryan uncovering pool table and whistling as he shoots the balls. Adam practicing his speech 0 Replies #8943343 10:17PM 24/04/2008
in br mirror... will be using autism card and telling juror that they can make it possible. Saying what he will create.. afterschool program. I played a very well balanced game
I turned my adversity into a postive..
I couldn't be hear without all of you. There's a reason I'm here and it's going to help the 100's of children and the 1000s of family members that are rooting for me. Everything I've had in my life I earned it and took no handouts. Ultimately it is your decision and I feel.. and you can all be a part of that.
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Topic #8943423
saskwatch - Baller going over speech to jurors again 0 Replies #8943423 10:26PM 24/04/2008
Says he played a well balanced game psychologically, physically and mentally... both Ryan and him. I took time from my career to do this for the children.
As cheerful as I may be, I take my self seriously. I'm here to help 1000's of children both in South Florida and across the country.
Without all of you guys I wouldn't be here and I thank each and every one of you. Ultimately the decision is yours, thankyou.
Ultimately if I win, it will not just change my life but 1000's of kids. Game wasn't pretty as we all know.. but it took each and every one of you to get me here. thank you guys for your consideration and I can't wait to see you in a few days.
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Topic #8943519
saskwatch - Practicing speech.... powerpoint presentation... says adam 0 Replies #8943519 10:34PM 24/04/2008
I wish we all could be standing here. Without you guys here, it wouldn't be BB this year. I'm playing not for my self, for something bigger. ryan played a wonderful game himself, and I wish we could split the money but we can't... Like Sharon says everything happens for a reason.. I feel I'm at the end for a reason.
I did what i had to win, took risks, made alliances, even gave people breaks when I had to.. it's not about winning the most comps..
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Topic #8943562
saskwatch - Baller did say in his practice speech that he would implement the plan immediately. NT 0 Replies #8943562 10:37PM 24/04/2008
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Topic #8943770
saskwatch - Boys wish they would of saved a bottle of champagne for tonight and walk in and say.. Whats up. NT 1 Replies #8943770 10:57PM 24/04/2008
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cannotsleep - They basically said it might be easier to cope with the stress if they had a few drinks. :) NT #8943871 11:06PM 24/04/2008
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Topic #8943801
cannotsleep - Ryan cutting up a green pepper to give to the "beebees" He is attempting to say it the way Sharon did, but his voice isn't quite as high as hers NT 0 Replies #8943801 11:00PM 24/04/2008
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Topic #8943845
cannotsleep - Ryan to Adam: I'm stressed, dude. Adam says this is our last chance to address the jury members before the finale. He says Allison (Grodner) 0 Replies #8943845 11:04PM 24/04/2008
(who apparently talked to them about it) made it seem like it was no big deal. Adam laughs because it obviously is important for the two of them.

They ask each other if they're ready, and each of them says yes, they are ready.

Adam is washing dishes and Ryan is wandering around the house. Now Ryan has gone outside and is swinging the golf club around.
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Topic #8943903
cannotsleep - Adam going over his speech again, Ryan comes in from outside. Adam says they have 55 minutes. Again saying Allison said it sounded like no big deal NT 0 Replies #8943903 11:09PM 24/04/2008
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Topic #8943926
cannotsleep - Ryan says he thinks the jury members are all probably f*cked up already, and they'll get some mean drunken questions. NT 0 Replies #8943926 11:11PM 24/04/2008
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Topic #8943955
WVpdles - Ryan tells Adam they won't see the jury they'll just hear the questions from them NT 0 Replies #8943955 11:14PM 24/04/2008
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Topic #8943957
cannotsleep - Adam asking Ryan: So we don't see them, we just hear them? Ryan says he thinks they just hear them. Adam says so we're answering questions to 0 Replies #8943957 11:14PM 24/04/2008
the air. We're answering questions to the fireplace. Ryan says yeah.

Ryan says I hate answering questions in this room (the living room). Saying they liked hanging out in different parts of the house more. The the sitting area outside of the HOH was hardly used at all this year, except when Sharon was spying from up there. Being a moley mole, Adam says.
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Topic #8943975
cannotsleep - Ryan says we're going to get f*cking massacred. Adam says big time. Ryan says I'm already sweating. NT 0 Replies #8943975 11:17PM 24/04/2008
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Topic #8944028
cannotsleep - The bros are in the bathroom spiking up their hair in front of the mirror NT 0 Replies #8944028 11:25PM 24/04/2008
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Topic #8944076
saskwatch - Boys outside playing a game of 9 ball NT 0 Replies #8944076 11:36PM 24/04/2008
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Topic #8944210
saskwatch - Adam: I'm nervous, I have to pee. Ryan: When you're nervous you have to pee more? Me too! What is up with that? NT 0 Replies #8944210 11:54PM 24/04/2008
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Topic #8944252
saskwatch - ryan's sweating profusely! Baller: I wonder why they don't have any anti-perspirant face lotion? lol NT 0 Replies #8944252 11:59PM 24/04/2008
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