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adam - josh was saying look at his(adam) face, did you see it drop - WVpdles
1:44AM 25/04/2008

Adam they must show them a lot of sh1t in the tapes, if he does all stars he knows what not to do in the comps now, no bragging dude we got it we won - WVpdles
1:46AM 25/04/2008

Adam asking ryan if nothing too bad came out of it, ryan nah nothing too bad NT - WVpdles
1:47AM 25/04/2008

Ryan in the bathroom, adam walking thru the house laughing NT - WVpdles
1:48AM 25/04/2008

Adam has on a wife beater, tells ryan Hanks out brother NT - WVpdles
1:49AM 25/04/2008

Adam saying sheila was pissed ryan didn't pick her! ryan thought she wasn't going to have sour grapes, listen to her now NT - WVpdles
1:49AM 25/04/2008

sheila said both guys suck, ryan she was on a roll said it about 4 times, they had to sit their and bite their tongues while she went off NT - WVpdles
1:50AM 25/04/2008

Ryans in bed said he's ready to sleep, asked adam to turn lights off. Adam said he's ready for kraft, turns off light and goes to WC NT - WVpdles
1:51AM 25/04/2008

Adam in storage room going thru cabinets, grabbed a bottle taking it to WC NT - WVpdles
1:56AM 25/04/2008
Adam washing his hair in the sink NT - WVpdles
1:56AM 25/04/2008

Adam's staring at the memory wall NT - WVpdles
1:59AM 25/04/2008

Adam got something out of the fridge, eats a little the wraps it back up and puts back in fridge NT - WVpdles
2:01AM 25/04/2008

Adam in bed said tonight sucked, at least they're spit up or I'd be done. josh and sheila would be bad mouthing me no end. NT - WVpdles
2:03AM 25/04/2008

Adam said 6 people that hate our guts but Mattie Mc, james don't care either. NT - WVpdles
2:05AM 25/04/2008

Ryan asks do you think they show Julie's question to us, Adam they might show them the whole show - WVpdles
2:14AM 25/04/2008

Adam but everyone going into sequester tells them stuff. Sheila told nat adam was never going to work with - WVpdles
2:17AM 25/04/2008

Adam - i hate josh, did you hear him ripping me in the background. Ryan gets up to go to WC NT - WVpdles
2:19AM 25/04/2008

Adam said he said at the end of his speech he said 'and smoke cigarettes' only one who smokes is James (referring to what he'd do with the $$) NT - WVpdles
2:22AM 25/04/2008

Adam - poor jorge, i'd go back to alcohol if i had to sleep with that woman too NT - WVpdles
2:23AM 25/04/2008

Ryan - F them all but James, Matt and Nattie, if i have to go to this premiere with sharon and don't get her vote - WVpdles
2:28AM 25/04/2008

Adam - sharon didn't care about the GPs, she said yeah whatever cuz hoops came out NT - WVpdles
2:29AM 25/04/2008

Adam - could have ripped them people hard bro. i'm nucing a dog. Ryan - i didn't see this roast coming, didn't know til 9 o'clock. Adam - it ain't - WVpdles
2:31AM 25/04/2008

Adam back in bed after his hotdogs NT - WVpdles
2:40AM 25/04/2008

Ryan gets up asks Adam how many dogs did he nuc. Adam - 2 i almost did 4 i'm so depressed dude NT - WVpdles
2:44AM 25/04/2008

Ryan back from WC, says they are bitter dude, we both suck. Adam - at least we get 50gs for this bullsh!t NT - WVpdles
2:45AM 25/04/2008

Ryan's up again, says it's impossible to sleep, keeps thinking about everything. Adam still in bed laughing NT - WVpdles
3:16AM 25/04/2008
Ryan goes to WC NT - WVpdles
3:17AM 25/04/2008

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