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Guys go inside, Adam making a frozen pizza, Ryan doing dishes, BB:Ryan plz exchange microphone w/ one in SR NT - DanaRose
9:02PM 25/04/2008

Guinie Pigs - ARangel
9:18PM 25/04/2008

Adam in KT banging pots yelling Whats the Riddle? Yo Rye? (the BB Ryan) - DanaRose
9:24PM 25/04/2008

Adam yelling, Yo Rich? Ryan says, Ryan dude, Adam yells Ryan and laughs. Ry says Hanks burnt dude! Guys laughing NT - DanaRose
9:37PM 25/04/2008

Boys eating pizza, Ryan says its perfect, you perfectly cooked this Kraft! NT - DanaRose
9:39PM 25/04/2008
*Kraft frozen pizza NT - DanaRose
9:42PM 25/04/2008

Ryan says this isnt the last Kraft is it? Adam says yea, Ry says this could be our last Kraft together dude, lets remember this moment dude! LOL NT - DanaRose
9:42PM 25/04/2008

Talk about the jury again, Ry says they're gonna vote strategy dude. adam: Probably. (Im off to bed, someone plz post!) NT - DanaRose
9:44PM 25/04/2008

Adam lays down on the couch that used to be James' bed to read the bibleNT - Roadkill23
9:50PM 25/04/2008

absolutely nothing going on in the BB House right now NT - Roadkill23
9:57PM 25/04/2008

Ryan laying down on the other couch in the Red BR NT - Roadkill23
10:04PM 25/04/2008

Ryan and Adam agree they talked the least amount of "game"in the house.also say TP over-analyzed and mapped out scenereos too early in the game NT - Roadkill23
10:05PM 25/04/2008

Ryan: The Mole (Sharon) put herself up on the block to save Josh. Are you f'n kidding me? - Roadkill23
10:06PM 25/04/2008

Adam: You think Jen is all packed, Dude? (adult) - Roadkill23
10:07PM 25/04/2008

Adam says he and Ryan were stiffed with their partners - Roadkill23
10:09PM 25/04/2008

Ryan says Jen probably invented the "Sexy Six" and left him out NT - Roadkill23
10:10PM 25/04/2008

Ryan: Do you think we'll get to do the Today Show together? - Roadkill23
10:12PM 25/04/2008

Ryan: Sheila deserved to be F2 because she won 1 food comp and got handed and HOH. - Roadkill23
10:14PM 25/04/2008

Ryan says Sheila will vote for Adam because of the Autistic Children - Roadkill23
10:16PM 25/04/2008

Ryan standing at GP cage, calls Adam over. - Roadkill23
10:18PM 25/04/2008

Adam and Ryan getting more food. - Roadkill23
10:20PM 25/04/2008

Ryan wants to know what makes Hot Tammales Candy so hot NT - Roadkill23
10:24PM 25/04/2008

Ryan now reading the ingredients on the candy box. Says he can't find what makes it hot. - Roadkill23
10:26PM 25/04/2008

Ryan now looking at the box of Nerds Candy...says "look at these fools, they got no f'n arms or legs" - Roadkill23
10:28PM 25/04/2008

Ryan: Where's everybody at, dude? Oh, that's right, we got rid of them all. - Roadkill23
10:29PM 25/04/2008

Ryan says the biggest cigarette bum was James - Roadkill23
10:31PM 25/04/2008

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