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Adam: You gonna manscape? - Roadkill23
10:33PM 25/04/2008

Ryan says he always has parties at his house, and guys pretend to get all drunk and hop into bed with Jen NT - Roadkill23
10:35PM 25/04/2008

Adam: Jen's probably having a party right now - Roadkill23
10:36PM 25/04/2008

Ryan is building a sculpture on the counter with the arts and crafts supplies NT - Roadkill23
10:38PM 25/04/2008

Ryan and Adam now back in the Red BR sitting on the couches. - Roadkill23
10:40PM 25/04/2008

Ryan says they should go work out in BY right now - Roadkill23
10:43PM 25/04/2008

No beer for the guys. Ryan goes back to laying on the couch. Adam sits in the green chair - Roadkill23
10:46PM 25/04/2008

The guys say there is no answer to the riddle - Roadkill23
10:48PM 25/04/2008

Ryan: America probably thinks I'm the biggest meathead. NT - Roadkill23
10:50PM 25/04/2008

Adam and Ryan say they don't want to watch the show when they get out. - Roadkill23
10:53PM 25/04/2008

Adam: What would you and Big She be doing in the house right now (if Adam was evicted), effing? - Roadkill23
10:57PM 25/04/2008

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