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Topic #8951665
saskwatch - Ryan's going to squash Josh's head in his biceps for the gp. comment. Says Josh is all flab, and he f'n hates all of em. NT 0 Replies #8951665 3:54PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8951684
saskwatch - Ry says they both left Sheila a nice gb message and she's a greedy, f'n biotch. NT 0 Replies #8951684 3:56PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8951699
saskwatch - Ry says Adam will win it becus of his foundation and the f'n retarded children angle. Sheila will vote for Adam cuz her son has a learning disab.. 0 Replies #8951699 3:57PM 25/04/2008
Adam says she won't care. She'll be mad at me.
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Topic #8951702
Thinkin - Ryan: Josh called me a fat ass last night. Asked me if I ate the Gp yet. I'll squish your head in my armpits. That is the only thing JOsh said to me. 0 Replies #8951702 3:57PM 25/04/2008
Adam: I can't stand the dude.

Ryan: we both left SHeila nice good-bye message and now she is a b*tch.

Adam: we knew it. I think it is a toss up bro

Ryan: You'll get the vote because you have the autism foundation. If I had one I'd win

Adam: Sheila comes first.

Ryan: I think her son has a disability. I don't know dude.
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Topic #8951727
Thinkin - A weird voice comes from out of nowhere. Couldnot make out what it said. NT 1 Replies #8951727 3:59PM 25/04/2008
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mediadungeon - It said Hank NT #8951828 4:07PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8951791
Thinkin - Adam: It sounded like a party there last night, right? Ryan it was probably f'ing party time for them. 1 Replies #8951791 4:05PM 25/04/2008
They are wondering how long Sheila has been in SH and if she flew to NY.
Ryan: Sheila making up lies about Natty (Adam not going into business with her) Did you tell her that
Adam: no
Ryan: that's f'ed up
Adam: that's hard core
Adam: we will find out Sunday at 5 and be out of here by 6. I'll sleep all day SUnday til 3 get some sun then get ready.

Adam: they really pissed me off
Ryan: James was cool. Ryan wasn't real cool
Adam: Matty wasn't cool. SO you're going into business with Natalie.
Ryan: that is why you are getting her vote
Adam: I'll put her to f'ing work.

RYan is working out now.
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Thinkin - Whoops. Workout lasted 3 seconds and he is done. NT #8951799 4:05PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8951819
saskwatch - Adam says, "Zinkand was the coolest one, bro" Ryan: Fluck em they're not ruining my vacation, dude! Adam: We ruined there's tho. NT 0 Replies #8951819 4:06PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8951823
Thinkin - Adam: Zincan(?) was the coolest. Everyone else sucked big time 1 Replies #8951823 4:06PM 25/04/2008
Ryan: they aren't ruining my vacation
Adam: we are all they are talking about for 2 days, hard.
Ryan: um hm
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BBaz - Talking about James Zincand ("Crazy James") NT #8951963 4:17PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8952326
DanaRose - Adam and Ryan working out in BY. NT 0 Replies #8952326 4:51PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8952398
DanaRose - Adam says Im good right now bro, just got loose for the big workout later. They talk about 0 Replies #8952398 4:57PM 25/04/2008
making something to eat. R and A go inside. Ryan gets a shirt on from his room and goes back to KT. Heard something about chicken sandwiches?? Adam says well beast them up w/ bacon, lettuce, tomato. Ry goes to SR, looking for bread, finds it...back to KT. Ry: did u fire grill up? A: no, should i pan fry the bacon? Ry: yea pan fry it. RY washes hands and must hear GPs "calling" him, he says hey Mommys not here anymore so you're not getting fed every f*%king half hour alright guineas.
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Topic #8952421
DanaRose - Adam says he doesnt wanna talk to any1 in sequester, they're all so mean, Ryan says 0 Replies #8952421 4:59PM 25/04/2008
theyre just jealous, theyre haters, Josh is the worst that guy. James is the only one who was decent, theyre all so f'ing bitter, Adam says hes walking outta there w/ his head held high
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Topic #8952443
DanaRose - Ryan lights grill, Adam talking to the bacon! Adam says how do we keep re-inventing ourselves in this place? Ryan says I dont know dude...with our 0 Replies #8952443 5:03PM 25/04/2008
cooking style do u mean? Adam says yea. Decide on mozzarella cheese for their sandwiches. Still cooking
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Topic #8952455
DanaRose - F1 GPs waiting for their treats, both boys ignoring them NT 0 Replies #8952455 5:05PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8952592
DanaRose - Boys cooking chicken on grill, Ry putting cheese on them, Adam says clubbed! (Ckn clubs) NT 0 Replies #8952592 5:23PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8952688
DanaRose - Ryan says BB prizes should be 400K and 150K, Ryan saying he woulda roasted them (seq hse) if he didnt need their votes 0 Replies #8952688 5:33PM 25/04/2008
they both agree what the jury said is still bothering them. Food done, Adam says extra mozz. Takes big bite and says its the bomb! Ryan says chickens cooked perfect. Theyre munching now on BY couches, Adam says it banging, great BLT plus chicken, Ry says great idea Baller u made it happen, theyre good. Adam talking w/ mouthful, now I REALLY cant understand him!! (LOL) Ryan answered we shoulda just stuck together and said dont hate the plkayer...hate the game. Adam says this is big time right now. Ryan says do u think Donald Trump would be proud? Adam: i dont know dude Ryan says Hes gonna give u a call. Cannot understand Adam at all, sounds like blublubluda bla blu!(SORRY)
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Topic #8952751
DanaRose - Adam saying they're making up so much sh!t at SH, its unbelievable. Again they are saying how great their 0 Replies #8952751 5:40PM 25/04/2008
sandwiches are,,,dam dog and mmmmm's... Adam says f it dude, we each got 50K at this point. Wondering if their families are on their way already. Ryan says yea, Jen too. Says dam man that he has to go to the premiere w/ Sharon. Ryan says maybe Sharon will vote for him knowing she has to go w/ him to the premiere. Adam laughs, so does Ryan. Ry says best bite yet...last bite is the best, they say Chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese mayo and bread! Thats the real deal right there bro...Ry: WOW!! Adam: banging dude
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Topic #8952757
DanaRose - Ryan says he just wants a victory smoke NT 0 Replies #8952757 5:40PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8952797
DanaRose - The guys are talking about Sheila, and FLAMES NT 0 Replies #8952797 5:46PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8952814
Laura - Flames On All Feeds NT 0 Replies #8952814 5:48PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8952869
DanaRose - Feeds back, Adam doing dishes Ry wiping down counter. Theyre laughing that OHH we wouldntve gotten here ... 0 Replies #8952869 5:55PM 25/04/2008
without Sheila, she got us here. (Mocking her)
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Topic #8952878
DanaRose - Adam says You know theyre all f'ing w/ sheila at the JH laughing at her and stuff NT 0 Replies #8952878 5:56PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8952891
DanaRose - Adam cleaning fridge, Ry says Sheila was psycho about that dude,(wiping fridge down). Adam: yea, she was NT 0 Replies #8952891 5:58PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8952966
Laura - ryan comes in from his workot and says im dun baller...adam said your dun...adam reading bible and ryan now in wc NT 0 Replies #8952966 6:07PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8952998
rockabye - Ry tells Adam he can't stand to even look at the faces on the memory wall anymore. 0 Replies #8952998 6:11PM 25/04/2008
Ragging on Sheila now.
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Topic #8953312
NYMase - Ryan tells Adam that Roast #2 is tonight 0 Replies #8953312 6:43PM 25/04/2008
Adam asks if he is kidding and Ryan says that Jury House Roast #2 is really tonight (pretty sure Ryan is just messing with Adam)
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