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Topic #8954279
DanaRose - Guys go inside, Adam making a frozen pizza, Ryan doing dishes, BB:Ryan plz exchange microphone w/ one in SR NT 0 Replies #8954279 9:02PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8954373
ARangel - Guinie Pigs 0 Replies #8954373 9:18PM 25/04/2008
They will die cause these boys are not feeding them.
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Topic #8954416
DanaRose - Adam in KT banging pots yelling Whats the Riddle? Yo Rye? (the BB Ryan) 0 Replies #8954416 9:24PM 25/04/2008
Ryan (Quick) says hes not gonna tell us dude hes gonna make us think about it. Ryan and Adam 'taunting' BB to answer them and tell them the answer to the riddle.
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Topic #8954480
DanaRose - Adam yelling, Yo Rich? Ryan says, Ryan dude, Adam yells Ryan and laughs. Ry says Hanks burnt dude! Guys laughing NT 0 Replies #8954480 9:37PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8954493
DanaRose - Boys eating pizza, Ryan says its perfect, you perfectly cooked this Kraft! NT 1 Replies #8954493 9:39PM 25/04/2008
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DanaRose - *Kraft frozen pizza NT #8954507 9:42PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8954505
DanaRose - Ryan says this isnt the last Kraft is it? Adam says yea, Ry says this could be our last Kraft together dude, lets remember this moment dude! LOL NT 0 Replies #8954505 9:42PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8954515
DanaRose - Talk about the jury again, Ry says they're gonna vote strategy dude. adam: Probably. (Im off to bed, someone plz post!) NT 0 Replies #8954515 9:44PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8954547
Roadkill23 - Adam lays down on the couch that used to be James' bed to read the bibleNT 0 Replies #8954547 9:50PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8954596
Roadkill23 - absolutely nothing going on in the BB House right now NT 0 Replies #8954596 9:57PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8954632
Roadkill23 - Ryan laying down on the other couch in the Red BR NT 0 Replies #8954632 10:04PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8954640
Roadkill23 - Ryan and Adam agree they talked the least amount of "game"in the house.also say TP over-analyzed and mapped out scenereos too early in the game NT 0 Replies #8954640 10:05PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8954646
Roadkill23 - Ryan: The Mole (Sharon) put herself up on the block to save Josh. Are you f'n kidding me? 0 Replies #8954646 10:06PM 25/04/2008
Adam: She's an idiot
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Topic #8954657
Roadkill23 - Adam: You think Jen is all packed, Dude? (adult) 0 Replies #8954657 10:07PM 25/04/2008
Ryan: She's ready
Adam: She's all trimmed up?
Ryan: Shaved to the skin.
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Topic #8954662
Roadkill23 - Adam says he and Ryan were stiffed with their partners 0 Replies #8954662 10:09PM 25/04/2008
The boys are trashing Parker. Ryans says Parker is a "cocky Mother F'er"
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Topic #8954664
Roadkill23 - Ryan says Jen probably invented the "Sexy Six" and left him out NT 0 Replies #8954664 10:10PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8954669
Roadkill23 - Ryan: Do you think we'll get to do the Today Show together? 0 Replies #8954669 10:12PM 25/04/2008
Adam: I hope so. I think we get to do David Letterman too. I would break his balls too, I'd have some words for that Pr1ck.
Ryan: For David Letterman?
Adam: I went to see his show in person one time and he was rude as he11 to Mary J. Blige.
Ryan: Nah, David Letterman is a cool cat
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Topic #8954672
Roadkill23 - Ryan: Sheila deserved to be F2 because she won 1 food comp and got handed and HOH. 0 Replies #8954672 10:14PM 25/04/2008
Adam: She had her chance.
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Topic #8954679
Roadkill23 - Ryan says Sheila will vote for Adam because of the Autistic Children 0 Replies #8954679 10:16PM 25/04/2008
Adam says Sheila might vote for Ryan because his mom is a Single Mom. But he did win a lot of luxery prizes.
Ryan says all anyone will remember is that he took 10Gs from a Single Mom.
Ryan: I think I'm losing and that's it. But I didn't get evicted from this b1tch,
Adam: That's the truth. You wanna play chess?
Ryan: Nah, I think my days of chess is this house may be over.
Adam: I understand, I am Baller Fisher, like Bobby Fisher.
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Topic #8954687
Roadkill23 - Ryan standing at GP cage, calls Adam over. 0 Replies #8954687 10:18PM 25/04/2008
Ryan: Dude, look at that.
Adam: That's the pussy, yo
Ryan: Shut up Dude, don't say things like that
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Topic #8954693
Roadkill23 - Adam and Ryan getting more food. 0 Replies #8954693 10:20PM 25/04/2008
Both now eating Ritz crackers and Cheese Whiz. Ryan is also eating candy.
Adam says they should go hang out in the DR.
BB: The Diary Room is temporarily unavailable
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Topic #8954717
Roadkill23 - Ryan wants to know what makes Hot Tammales Candy so hot NT 0 Replies #8954717 10:24PM 25/04/2008
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Topic #8954726
Roadkill23 - Ryan now reading the ingredients on the candy box. Says he can't find what makes it hot. 0 Replies #8954726 10:26PM 25/04/2008
Adam says it's probably different acids
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Topic #8954742
Roadkill23 - Ryan now looking at the box of Nerds Candy...says "look at these fools, they got no f'n arms or legs" 0 Replies #8954742 10:28PM 25/04/2008
Adam: They're parapalegics
Ryan: You want some parapalegic candy, kid? And this other one looks like he has downs syndrome
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Topic #8954763
Roadkill23 - Ryan: Where's everybody at, dude? Oh, that's right, we got rid of them all. 0 Replies #8954763 10:29PM 25/04/2008
Adam: Ain't no more party around here dude.
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Topic #8954784
Roadkill23 - Ryan says the biggest cigarette bum was James 0 Replies #8954784 10:31PM 25/04/2008
Adam: That kid should vote for me just because I gave him smokes. I brought 81 packs in here, we've been here 74 days, so that's more than a pack a day
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