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Topic #1881213
amIsane - BB: "HG please feed the fish" NT 1 Replies #1881213 9:37AM 08/07/2005
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amIsane - Eric went and got fish food from SR. April up on ladder feeding them. Eric, Rach and Sarah watching. They have named a fish peanut NT #1881231 9:39AM 08/07/2005
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Topic #1881244
amIsane - Yvette is up and at kitchen counter. She and April chatting NT 2 Replies #1881244 9:41AM 08/07/2005
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amIsane - Ashlea joined them , opps. ok Jenn.NT #1881258 9:44AM 08/07/2005
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BettyRubble - That's Jennifer. NT #1881259 9:44AM 08/07/2005
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Topic #1881321
amIsane - Yvette 1 Replies #1881321 9:53AM 08/07/2005
She went to storage room, got battery pack. Went and dug around and got some clothes. She got under covers in bed and changing.
The camera switched away to the place she got her clothes, switched back to her while she was in her bra and she put a shirt on.
James walks through the house. Seemingly heard the camera following him and looked up at it.
The camera now follows Yvette outside.

(Sorry I am still learning their names, have gotten a couple wrong so far)
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Anonymous - that was howie NT #1881337 9:56AM 08/07/2005
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Topic #1881363
valentine - Micheal is in the Shower With His Shirt On 0 Replies #1881363 9:59AM 08/07/2005
and it looks like he just changed into his swim trunks.

Janelle was right there in the BR, talking to him.
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Topic #1881397
Hypnotoad - The Michael and Jennifer gold room bed issue 0 Replies #1881397 10:06AM 08/07/2005

Jennifer won the gold room, and the houseguests decided to rotate between the gold room beds every few nights. It wasnt michaels night but he got into bed with jennifer and she has a boyfriend so she got out and slept on another bed (cot?)

The morning after she went around the house and told people that michael slept in the gold room bed and she got out. When michael woke up Jennifer told him she told people about him in the bed, he was like "whatever" walked away from the backyard and came back a few minutes later and said to everyone outside "i'm not going to do the spin thing [commentary: spin bed rotation??], i fell off from the middle bench and slept on the side." He said he didnt want to look like an ass sleeping in the gold beds too many times, so he wont do it anymore. Everyone else agreed thats not what they think, eric was like forgetabout it.

Michael is brushing his teeth and jen is also in the bathroom. He says everyone thinks im the devil now. Jens like nah.

and Thats the end of that
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Topic #1881413
amIsane - Convo's and goings on outside 1 Replies #1881413 10:10AM 08/07/2005
Yvette seems to have bowel problems(constipation). They are discussing this outside.They say she needs meds and BB hasnt given her any yet.
April says in high school she was about 125lbs. Her cheeks were fat and some guy used to tell her she could fit a thousand nuts in her mouth.
A couple of ladies(one being Janelle) are walking around the yard.
Ashlea is eating looks like toast with jelly

Sarah asks Eric to work out with her in a bit
Eric talks about when they can eat(regularly) they can make steak and cheese omlettes

Sarah says when she was little, she had to go to speech k-6th grade, because she could not speak right in every letter of the alphabet.
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Anonymous - Ivette meds #1881560 10:34AM 08/07/2005
Ivette is diabetic... i think that is the meds she is talking about.
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Topic #1881432
amIsane - April has breast implants. Eric asks if she was flat before. April says she was about a B NT 2 Replies #1881432 10:13AM 08/07/2005
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amIsane - She also had her nose done at the same time..about 5 yrs ago. They are talking of cosmetic surgery now NT #1881443 10:15AM 08/07/2005
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amIsane - Forgot to mention that April said she wanted them to do her lips at the same time as the other 2, but the doctor would not NT #1881570 10:37AM 08/07/2005
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Topic #1881451
JessicaRabbit - Convo outside 1 Replies #1881451 10:16AM 08/07/2005
Eric, April, Sarah and Ashlea talking about surgeries. (Wisdom teeth and boob surgeries.)

Ashlea said something to April about how small she was before surgery. Eric looked at Ashlea and said, "Are those real?"
Ashlea said, "Real Expensive!"
Eric cracked up laughing!!

So we have confirmation that both Ashlea's and April's are fake.
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amIsane - They are talking of blood transfusions now and giving blood. Ashlea says she will not NT #1881461 10:19AM 08/07/2005
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Topic #1881513
JillinTx - hand towels in the bathroom 0 Replies #1881513 10:27AM 08/07/2005
In the bathroom, there is a hand towel hanging from each of the two
sinks. So far this morning I've seen one person wipe their mouth on
the yellow towel after brushing their teeth, another wipe their hands
on it after using the toilet and washing their hands, and a third wipe their eyes with it after putting in their contacts. And that's just what I saw. Who knows how else it was used. Ack!!!
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Topic #1881538
amIsane - Outside table 0 Replies #1881538 10:30AM 08/07/2005
Kaysar just came outside and sat at the table with the others. Now at the table : Kaysar, Eric, Sarah and Yvette(eating toast)
April talking but not in the picture
James and Maggie have been exercising together for about 10 minutes or more in the yard.
Sarah and Eric have left the table. It is completely quiet with Yvette and Kaysar at table until Yvette burped and said "Excuse me BB"
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Topic #1881558
amIsane - Someone has asthma(I think it was jenn) she squirted the asthma thing in her mouth before exercising NT 1 Replies #1881558 10:33AM 08/07/2005
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JessicaRabbit - It was an inhailer and I think it was Ashlea. NT #1881585 10:40AM 08/07/2005
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Topic #1881563
valentine - Kaysar and Ivette Sit Quietly at the Patio Table 1 Replies #1881563 10:34AM 08/07/2005
Ivette is sipping her coffee.

Eric is washing dishes in the kitchen with his cap turned backwards. April sits at the kitchen counter, eating something and looking occasionally at the huge gumball machine.

Ashlea is jumproping outside. Now Sarah peels a banana and eats it.
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amIsane - If that was Ashlea jump ropping and now running, than it is Ashlea that has asthma(Iget those two mixed up) NT #1881586 10:40AM 08/07/2005
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Topic #1881571
valentine - Maggie and James are Doing Ab Exercises 1 Replies #1881571 10:37AM 08/07/2005
together and counting out loud. They are working their obliques right now.

Ashlea plans to jumprope for 9 minutes straight. James can't believe this. Apparently the key is to double bounce--you can go longer that way.

Well, Ashlea stopped and that was no where close to even 1 minute. No one says I told you so, though.
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valentine - Now James and Maggie Work Their Backs #1881581 10:39AM 08/07/2005
by doing the Superman pose. Maggie knows what it is called, but has never tried it before. She is nervous.

They are laying on towels in the shade.

Maggie: I totally feel this. I like it.

James counts out loud.
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Topic #1881614
mariakitty - Michael and Kayser getting spiritual 0 Replies #1881614 10:45AM 08/07/2005
They are swapping stories of meditation. Kayser said once he could see something thermal, with lots of colors, and he thought it was an angel.

Michael was meditating in his dorm and could feel himself without gravity.
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Topic #1881615
Jewels - Michael and Kaysar talking about meditating and Michael says, "I controlled gravity with my mind." NT 2 Replies #1881615 10:45AM 08/07/2005
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Jewels - That's how I heard it. NT #1881648 10:50AM 08/07/2005
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Copious - Actually he said he FELT like he did, not that he believed he actually could. Called lucid dreaming. NT #1881629 10:47AM 08/07/2005
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Topic #1881625
Alby - Michael telling Kaysar about a time he meditated in college. 1 Replies #1881625 10:46AM 08/07/2005
He apparently had an experience in college in which he meditated and felt like he could control gravity.
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valentine - He Also Said #1881643 10:48AM 08/07/2005
he felt like he was 'The Center of the Universe'. Kaysar is just listening, as usual.

I had to switch the feed when I heard that.
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Topic #1881627
Jewels - Michael says it's like astroplaning or astrogliding... LOL NT 0 Replies #1881627 10:46AM 08/07/2005
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Topic #1881634
valentine - A Big Group Discusses Maggie 0 Replies #1881634 10:47AM 08/07/2005
and they decide that she is a tough cookie.

Eric: I wouldn't want to mess with her.

Someone says she is good with her mind, too. Apparently their pictures aren't showing on the wall right now and one of the girls says she wants to see them soon.

A loud noise comes from the walls and they all laugh.

Girl: That was a new noise! Maybe that was Ivette going to the bathroom!

They all laugh. Now they discuss soy milk and how humans aren't supposed to be able to digest cow/mammal milk after infancy.
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Topic #1881639
mariakitty - The thermal angel touched Kayser NT 1 Replies #1881639 10:48AM 08/07/2005
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valentine - He Was Discussing Seeing an Aura. NT #1881647 10:50AM 08/07/2005
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Topic #1881654
mariakitty - Ivette was finally able to go to the bathroom - LOL!!! NT 0 Replies #1881654 10:52AM 08/07/2005
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Topic #1881656
Alby - Kaysar tells Michael that he shouldn't get too close to anyone-girls or guys 0 Replies #1881656 10:52AM 08/07/2005
He says: just be nice, make them like you.
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Topic #1881661
valentine - Ivette's Personal Moments 0 Replies #1881661 10:53AM 08/07/2005
that she must share with the group. She came from the WC and everyone cheered.

Ivette: I'm so excited! Something came out, but not enough.

Eric: The floodgates are open now.

and later

Eric: The first rule about Fight Club is....

Sarah: Don't talk about Fight Club.

Now they are talking about the movie Seven and trying to list all of the 7 deadly sins. Eric thinks it is one of the best suspense movies ever.
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Topic #1881669
JessicaRabbit - We have a dead FISH!!! 0 Replies #1881669 10:55AM 08/07/2005
Sarah is freaking out!
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Topic #1881684
Alby - Michael tells Eric and Kaysar that James is "spineless" NT 0 Replies #1881684 10:57AM 08/07/2005
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Topic #1881691
valentine - One of the Yellow Tangs is Dying 0 Replies #1881691 10:57AM 08/07/2005
and all the girls are freaking out. They call him "Bentley". He is laying on his side in the corner of the tank.

Someone went in the DR to get help. (??) The girls are trying to talk to the fish through the glass.

One of the girls is saying that you have to wash your hands before you feed the fish--you can get suntan lotion or other oils in the tank.

Maggie is now directing James to do Pilates type core building exercises. Now they are doing yoga stretches.
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