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Topic #1891158
imnotpunk - BB: Rachel please go to the DR NT 0 Replies #1891158 11:30AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1891171
Disneyisme - James and April are outside, James asking if she is smoking because she is nervous. 0 Replies #1891171 11:32AM 10/07/2005
She said "oh no, I'm not nervous yet, I really don't smoke, I haven't since college. I just, I know people talk behind your back, but it's hard to get used to that."
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Topic #1891176
Suzan - April is now on the Patio with James and lights up, they discuss 0 Replies #1891176 11:33AM 10/07/2005
her smoking. James telling her she's really a pretty woman and she doesn't have to worry about these things (plastic surgery). April said she did it to improve her profile because she was going into Broadcast Journalism.

They are discussing why she's smoking again. James reminds her that it adds to the aging process.

April doesn't like people talking about her, which unfortunately you know people are doing in the house.

Jennifers at the table now and they are critiquing what Eric is wearing. Eric asks them if he is really that unfashionable. They think Eric's bluejeans are too short. She calls them ankle biters.

April telling him not to wear stonewash but to update them. Lucky Brand is what she is recommending. Eric said he doesn't concern himself with this stuff, he doesn't have to be chic. They are wondering what Beau will say when he sees them.

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Topic #1891186
imnotpunk - BB: HGs this is a lockdown, please go outside NT 0 Replies #1891186 11:36AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1891187
Disneyisme - "HG this is a lockdown, please go outside and close the sliding glass door!" NT 1 Replies #1891187 11:36AM 10/07/2005
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Disneyisme - They are speculating that they will get more food. NT #1891192 11:37AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1891201
Suzan - Not everyone is outside yet, some are in the BR getting things. Most 0 Replies #1891201 11:38AM 10/07/2005
have gathered on the patio at the table.
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Topic #1891215
Disneyisme - BB saying again, "this is a lockdown, go outside and close the sliding glass door!" FISH NT 0 Replies #1891215 11:41AM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1891238
valentine - Kaysar Was One of the Last In the House to Get Ready 0 Replies #1891238 11:46AM 10/07/2005
and is pimping out with a white hat on. I heard him say earlier that he was having a bad hair day.
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Topic #1891285
HectorOfTroy - Earlier convo about Northern California 0 Replies #1891285 12:02PM 10/07/2005
Maggie has said that she lives in a town in the Bay Area, and Michael was talking to her about it because he went to Berkeley, and Maggie seemed like she knew nothing about the area where she is supposed to live.
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Topic #1891358
valentine - Kaysar is Still Big Pimpin' 0 Replies #1891358 12:18PM 10/07/2005
in his white hat and is chugging something down in the kitchen. Ashlea is there, too, and is wearing a Bebe peach camisole with sequins at the top. (I just saw it on their website for $9.99.)

Howie and Janelle are there, too.

Outside, Michael is telling a group that he got beat up at school every day.

Inside, Howie is running through the list of reasons why Janelle is perfect while she acts embarrassed.

Michael's story about the bully is winding up, but it's a happy ending where he landed a bunch of punches.
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Topic #1891379
Zazny - K: "I've been dreaming about asparagus...and I don't even like asparagus." (referring to pb&j diet) NT 0 Replies #1891379 12:22PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1891400
valentine - Ashlea is Craving Mac and Cheese "Real Bad" 0 Replies #1891400 12:25PM 10/07/2005
Janelle hopes the food comp is fun with puzzles. She likes that.

Kaysar says that if they just eat a little bit and wait, the hunger will take care of itself. Ashlea doesn't care, she just wants to eat.

Kaysar dreamed about asparagus, even though its not his favorite. Asparagus with salmon.

Ashlea and Janelle are sitting next to each other at the counter, while Kaysar and Howie stand in the kitchen, opposite them.

Ed Note: Ashlea must get tired of always hearing about how beautiful Janelle is. It's always Janelle,Janelle,Janelle.

Kaysar is nibbling on his PB&J sandwich. Howie just called someone "a pollack".

Michael is talking about his father outside and some of his adventures at LAX at the Lufthansa counter. Everyone hangs on every word.
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Topic #1891426
Alby - Maggie and Rachel chat by the pool. Eric comes to say hi. 0 Replies #1891426 12:31PM 10/07/2005
Maggie says that if Howie goes she wants to mimic him. That he would like that.
Rachel agrees.
Maggie says "Long live the howie-isms."
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Topic #1891449
valentine - Micheal Thinks BB3 Lisa Was Kind of Beautiful 0 Replies #1891449 12:37PM 10/07/2005
Mike: She was home-type beautiful.

Howie: I'd still bang her.

Mike: Yeah, but you'd bang a toadstool. Do you know what that is? Who else was on that show?

Janelle: Chiara.

Mike: That's my sister's name. Well, it's really Clare, but we pronounce it Chiara. His other sister's name is _________, which is the italian word for Elizabeth.

All cameras shift to the backyard, where nothing much is happening.
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Topic #1891461
valentine - Ivette and April Chatter and Whisper 1 Replies #1891461 12:39PM 10/07/2005
as they lay out. Ivette is wearing her Burberry bikini. There are five girls laying out, and April is badmouthing one of the men in the house.

Ivette: Are you serious? He told you that?

No sign of Beau, anywhere.
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valentine - BB: April, Please Put On Your Microphone! #1891468 12:40PM 10/07/2005
So I guess they couldn't hear her, either.
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Topic #1891485
Alby - Ivette says: "I think Sarah and James would be such a cute couple" NT 0 Replies #1891485 12:43PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1891486
Suzan - Ivette to April: I think Sarah Beth and James would be such a cute couple! NT 0 Replies #1891486 12:43PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1891489
valentine - Sarah is Pouting at the Kitchen Sink 0 Replies #1891489 12:44PM 10/07/2005
and is wearing her hair down for a change, with a black camisole.

Michael told her a little while ago that her smile was so pretty, she should do it more.

It appears the James situation is starting to get to her. Last night, she gave him a hard time about talking about sex with Janelle, Ashlea and Jennifer. She seems very jealous of Jennifer.

Sarah comes out and plops down in a patio chair, directly opposite James.

Sarah: ***pout, pout, pout***

Can't hear the conversation.
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Topic #1891515
Alby - April talking about her tatoo. 0 Replies #1891515 12:50PM 10/07/2005
Sarah asks her if her husband ever looks at it.
She says yes.
April then says that she originally got it because she was mad at an old boyfriend.
The tatoo is a pair of lips on her bum.
She then says that she likes it.
(Last night she said she hated the tatoo and that it was "trampy"
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Topic #1891516
joannie - April tells James and Sarah that she already *gone* three times today. 0 Replies #1891516 12:50PM 10/07/2005
Sarah: "Sh*t?" April nods. She's sitting at the smoking table with James and Sarah.
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Topic #1891525
Alby - April talking about having kids 0 Replies #1891525 12:52PM 10/07/2005
She wants to have girls not boys.
She will name a girl "Montana Presley"
She will name a boy "Montana Stone"
She wants to be "the fun mom"
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Topic #1891533
joannie - What April wants to name her future children 0 Replies #1891533 12:53PM 10/07/2005
"Presley Montana" if it's a girl.

"Maverick Stone" if it's a boy.

James: "You're so Texas."
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Topic #1891536
Suzan - James and Sarah are teasing April about always being on both sides of 0 Replies #1891536 12:54PM 10/07/2005
a subject. Sarah mocks her and says "I'm not a smoker" yet April smokes. April laughs that yes she always follow a comment with a comment and it's the opposite of what she says. James comments that she can never be on the wrong side that way.

Now they are talking what names April would like for kids. James asking April about Texas. She was born in Waco, lived in West until she was 21, then Huntsville, then to Houston for 5-6 years. Talking about Houston weather. Dallas is her favorite city. She interned in NY for 5 months and then went back to Houston. NYC was the largest city aside from Dallas or Houston and she was scared. She lost a lot of wait from walking, sweating. She didn't have the food choices she was used to (like McDonalds) she ate lots of fruit and looked anorexic when she left.

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Topic #1891540
Alby - April said that she met her husband when he was at Baylor. (That is where Jennifer went) NT 0 Replies #1891540 12:55PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1891553
joannie - Janelle and Ashlea are holding court in the kitchen with Howie, Michael, and Kaysar. NT 1 Replies #1891553 12:58PM 10/07/2005
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amIsane - Tidbits of this convo w/Jan,Ash, Howie #1891634 1:17PM 10/07/2005
Ash and Jan both were talking of their breast implants and breasts before implants. Howie was asking how old they were the first time a guy touched their breasts. Howie making comments about Jan I believe, he was getting a hard on(I know..gross) I believe Jan went to change and Howie said no ones behind looked better than Jan right now with the pants she has on. He asks Kaysar "Does any woman in America or Iraq look better than that right now, who can fill out a pair of jeans like that?"
Kaysar says " I don't know"

Earlier in the breasts convo, Howie asked Jan how old she was the first time a guy touched her breasts without padding/stuffing(she had said earlier she used to stuff her bra)she said 17 and Howie commented he bet she looked really good when she was younger and then aksed her to please send him when they get out pictures of her when she was younger.One of these girls were an A before implants...not sure which it was.

(ed. note Howie was acting and talking like a boy going through puberty who could not control himself. Very obnoxious)
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