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Topic #1891560
Alby - April and James talking about autopsies 0 Replies #1891560 12:59PM 10/07/2005
James says he took "his class" to see an autopsy last year.
April says that is gross and he dog had an autopsy.
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Topic #1891569
joannie - Janelle and Ashlea decide to change into their swimsuits to lay out. NT 0 Replies #1891569 1:01PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1891580
joannie - James and Beau are playing chess in the crow's nest. NT 0 Replies #1891580 1:04PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1891610
joannie - Kaysar watches James and Beau play chess. Michael has gone into the HOH room 0 Replies #1891610 1:11PM 10/07/2005
to use the bathroom. Most everyone else is lying around the pool.
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Topic #1891625
Anonymous - Ivette gets mad at Eric 0 Replies #1891625 1:15PM 10/07/2005
He squirted her with pool water and she got out and said she didn't want to get her hair wet because she has a terrible blow drier and flat iron.
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Topic #1891632
Anonymous - Eric is trying to apologize 0 Replies #1891632 1:16PM 10/07/2005
But Ivette won't shut up about her hair. She goes on and on about how her flat iron sucks. It took her an hour and a half to do her hair this morning. She is still talking as I post.
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Topic #1891641
Suzan - Eric to April - Do you really think they are going to watch on the internet 24 hours a day? NT 0 Replies #1891641 1:18PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1891644
Disneyisme - Lot's of sex talk around the pool, Eric says the best he has ever had was with 0 Replies #1891644 1:19PM 10/07/2005
his wife. Howie says there are two kind of men "those that j-off and those that say they don't, but are lying."

Ivette has gone off on a mini tantrum about the possibility she wouldn't be able to bring her blow dryer in the house.
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Topic #1891646
Disneyisme - BB: "Sarah the lights MUST remain on in the bedroom" NT 1 Replies #1891646 1:19PM 10/07/2005
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Bilbo - and one of the girls asked "uh oh, where's james?" NT #1891649 1:20PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1891647
Anonymous - BB: "Sarah, the bedroom lights must remain on." 0 Replies #1891647 1:19PM 10/07/2005
Houseguests speculate on what she is doing. Someone says, "Where's James?"
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Topic #1891648
joannie - Sarah is in the gold room under the covers. Mike comes and and asks her if she wants him to turn off the light 0 Replies #1891648 1:20PM 10/07/2005
Michael turns off the light and leaves the room.

BB Voice: "Sarah, the bedroom lights must remain on!"
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Topic #1891669
joannie - Michael is in the bathroom cutting his own hair. 0 Replies #1891669 1:23PM 10/07/2005
He has it parted perfectly down the middle and is cutting off pieces. Mike, to himself, "This is not going to be as easy as I thought it would be."
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Topic #1891674
Disneyisme - They were all about hair and braids, Ivette finished the thrilling story 0 Replies #1891674 1:24PM 10/07/2005
of how she used to braid all of her dolls hair. Now they have moved onto construction and tools (Eric doing most the talking now). Eric saying something about his spa being built to spill into his pool. Then he says something about the bonding in his pool, and surprisingly, people to start to wonder off and others start talking.
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Topic #1891675
amIsane - Michael trying to cut his hair 1 Replies #1891675 1:24PM 10/07/2005
He has been in the bathroom, brushed his hair alfalfa style. He goes to try and cut it, obviously not knowing what they heck he is doing, and repeats 2 times "This is not going to be as easy as I thought it would be" Then gives up and calls for Beau's help.
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amIsane - I guess he did not get help #1891686 1:26PM 10/07/2005
He is now cutting his hair around his ears. (ed. should be interesting to see how it turns out. lol)
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Topic #1891684
Disneyisme - Eric is talking more about his fabulous swimming pool and solar system, 1 Replies #1891684 1:26PM 10/07/2005
and he says they can see the Strip (The Wynn Hotel) from their back yard. Ivette was very excited about this.
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Disneyisme - One of the girls has come out and said that BB wouldn't let her clean up the #1891693 1:28PM 10/07/2005
glass she broke. She said they wouldn't give her a reason why.
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Topic #1891703
Zazny - April and Michael make a deal 0 Replies #1891703 1:31PM 10/07/2005
April: If I go before you, I'll leave you my cigs, and if you go before me, you'll leave me yours, Deal?

They shake on it.

She then tries to talk him out of cutting his hair.

M: I gonna do it just like my stylist does!
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Topic #1891711
Tambo - Eric says he can't compete any more if he has to stay on this diet and 0 Replies #1891711 1:32PM 10/07/2005
Ivette says, "Alright, Marvin from last season, Gimme some real food, I gotta have real food!"

Eric: Your boobies were shaking when you said that.

Ivette: I'm sure they were.

Someone (Ashlea?): Boobies are an exclamation point. When you really have something to say, shake them.

Eric: You don't have to shake them, I can see them.
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Topic #1891714
Suzan - Michael is giving April lessons on how his stylist cuts his hair, he talks 1 Replies #1891714 1:33PM 10/07/2005
her into cutting it (and she looks very scared while doing it) April: promise you won't hate me.

He's showing her again and Beau is now watching.
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Suzan - Beau now has the scissors and is going to trim Michaels hair NT #1891715 1:33PM 10/07/2005
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Topic #1891716
joannie - Now April is helping Michael cut his hair. 0 Replies #1891716 1:33PM 10/07/2005
April freaking out because she's never cut hair before. "Oh my god! What if I screw up?'

Mike: "Just cut it. Have confidence in yourself."

Now Beau has joined the act.
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Topic #1891721
Disneyisme - PBJ'ers are complaining, saying they can't eat any more. 0 Replies #1891721 1:34PM 10/07/2005
Ivette says she can't take one more day, her stomach gets upset now when she thinks about eating it. Eric says he can't hardly compete he is so depleted of energy from the PB&J.

Ivette for some reason is talking about "Marvin, the mortician" and she liked him. Then Ivette says "remember Holly? and her --- named madame?" Ivette says I couldn't stand listening to her voice - she is mimicking her (LOL)...now they are on to Jase and "the pig, Scott". Eric says that he wanted to throw the TV out the window when he saw (Jase?) claiming he was a volunteer firefighter acting that way in the house."
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Topic #1891723
amIsane - April can not cut hair 0 Replies #1891723 1:34PM 10/07/2005
Mike asks her if she can cut hair, she says no. But they go to the bathroom and she is giving him tips how to cut it. During this it kind of works out that she is going to cut it.
Beau comes in and Mike is explaining how his stylist cuts it.
Beau is now cutting his hair. Beau has many friends who cut hair.
Jenn comes in and watching. April putting her bobby pins away that she had gotten out for Mike when she was giving him advice on how to cut his hair.
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Topic #1891731
joannie - April: "I've got a mustache. I've got to 'Nair' this." NT 1 Replies #1891731 1:35PM 10/07/2005
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Zazny - M: You look like Hitler #1891742 1:39PM 10/07/2005
April, Michael, Beau, Jennifer

A> I have a mustache, I need to Nair this. Matt would kill me.
M> You look like Hitler
B> You use Nair? I think Nair like burns your hair.
J> You can rinse it off.
B> You can't rinse it off, it just sits there.

Beau starts to hum Inspector Gadget.

B> Why do I have Inspector Gadget in my head?
I> What are you doing?
B> Cutting his hair
I> Do you even know how to cut hair?

M> Next week I'll shave the sides and do a mohawk
B> We'll do a fauxhawk
M> It doesn't work with me because my hair's so wavy.
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Topic #1891732
amIsane - Jenn says she is a wet back 0 Replies #1891732 1:36PM 10/07/2005
I am not sure why this came up, but she says "Iam not longer Spanish anymore, I am Mexican. I am a wet back"

(ed. I missed why she said this, maybe someone else might post the rest)
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Topic #1891737
Caribou - Beau pretending to cut Mike's hair 0 Replies #1891737 1:37PM 10/07/2005
Beau says he's like a backup hairdresser. He fills in for some of his hairdresser friends at fashion shows. Mike believes Beau knows how to cut hair. But Beau has just spent almost 10 minutes just combing Mike's hair repeatedly. Very little scissor action.
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Topic #1891739
Caribou - Mike is a Scorpio. Birthday is November 5th. Mike says he's the "ultimate scorpio" NT 0 Replies #1891739 1:38PM 10/07/2005
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