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Topic #1894590
ccquilter - K - If Ivette or Beau get it (HOH) we're royally f****d NT 0 Replies #1894590 1:50AM 11/07/2005
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Topic #1894591
ccquilter - Ashela - Beau doesn't count as a guy NT 0 Replies #1894591 1:50AM 11/07/2005
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Topic #1894595
ccquilter - J - if she thinksw everyone is going to throw it for her she's not going to work so hard (Ivette) NT 0 Replies #1894595 1:52AM 11/07/2005
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Topic #1894599
ccquilter - J - Holy f*** I'm not dumb NT 0 Replies #1894599 1:56AM 11/07/2005
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Topic #1894605
ccquilter - A & J telling K about Michael's inconsistent stories NT 0 Replies #1894605 2:04AM 11/07/2005
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Topic #1894606
ccquilter - H - if you stay true to this I'll sleep with you 0 Replies #1894606 2:05AM 11/07/2005
A - you have to clarify what sleep with you means?

They quickly clarify
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Topic #1894611
ccquilter - H to J - Those are some of the most beautiful boobies I've ever seen 0 Replies #1894611 2:09AM 11/07/2005
J to H - Howie you are such a nerd
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Topic #1894613
CougarSpy - K – Puts hand on Howie’s shoulder. Says if he doesn’t tell anyone, he will give Howie all the massages he wants. 0 Replies #1894613 2:10AM 11/07/2005
J – Pipes in that she will sleep with Howie if he doesn't tell anyone.
H – “Really, naked….” Goes on about her boobies in typical Howie fashion.
More chit chat about what sleeping means.

Party outside breaks up. All head into WC.

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Topic #1894616
ccquilter - H - Damn its hard to be a man in this world and look at that (J) NT 0 Replies #1894616 2:12AM 11/07/2005
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Topic #1894628
Robnoxious - FISH UPDATE: The one right in the center is swimming kinda lopsided. Poor fish :( NT 0 Replies #1894628 2:55AM 11/07/2005
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Topic #1894631
mw1125 - Janelle, Kaysar, Howie in bathroom discussing possible pairs 1 Replies #1894631 2:56AM 11/07/2005
Kaysar, Janelle, and Howie are in the bathroom discussing where people are from and how that might mean other people know eachother. Janelle finds it odd that 7 people either live in Florida or have ties somehow to Florida.

K - Do you think anybody else knows each other?
J - I don't know. the only other people who would know each other would be like James and me because we're both from Florida.

J and K then go on to discuss where other people are from. K suggests that there could be other people who know each other but come from different parts of the country.
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mw1125 - Janelle - That's why they put me in this game, because I would be the one to catch on to Beau and Ivette. NT #1894634 3:02AM 11/07/2005
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Topic #1894632
CougarSpy - Ashlea goes to bed. Gives Howie a kiss on the check. More bathroom chatter with Howie, Janelle and Kaysar. In between strategizing about what to do 0 Replies #1894632 2:56AM 11/07/2005
Ashlea goes to bed. Gives Howie a kiss on the check. More bathroom chatter with Howie, Janelle and Kaysar. In between strategizing about what to do with the information at hand:
1. Beau and Ivette connection – were busted by H/J in kitchen when Ivette said Beaus should have brought our drums. Florida connection that beau eats at some Cafeteria were Ivette works.
2. Rumor that most are throwing next HOH so Ivette wins.

Howie keeps up the humor telling Janelle she has beautiful boobies, nice butt, etc. He tells Janelle that he loves her. Kaysar tells Howie to tame it down and that he loves Janelle too. He confesses that he has a crush on Janelle.

H – I think we should get some sleep then. I got to piss.
K – Again.
H – Goes on and on about loving Janelle. Says to think he thought she was just a cute little blonde. He loves everything about her.

Plan is rehashed. Kaysar will talk to James tomorrow about Ivette and Beau.
Earlier Janelle commented that she would go along. Kaysar said that J needs to apologize to James for comment that the guy would be girls against the guys.

They now talk about how they can’t seem to friendly. That they need to sleep in their own beds. Janelle had earlier offered the extra bed in gold room.

K – don’t give the impression that we know anything.
Howie thinks Ivette will crack under the pressure. That she has no control over her emotions. Howie tells Kaysar he is better than sex. [Kaysar has been giving Howie a back massage.]

Kaysar and Janelle keep saying this is going to be so good.

Janelle is rehashing that Ivette said she had no problem about Rachel putting up a girl; it looks so bad, etc. Also that Ivette knew about the team thing (Surfboard 7).

[They think if the break up Ivette and Beau, that Eric won’t be so dominate since he is chummy with both.]

Kaysar said he is going to make Ivette’s life a living hell if he is still here Wednesday [Howie keeps saying that live eviction is on Tuesday.]

K - Ivette graduated with high grades from some university.
J – Seven are from Florida

[2:54 am BB time - ] Kaysar, Janelle sitting in chairs, Howie on floor still taking in bathroom about the Florida connection between 7 HG’s.
J - People might target me and James because we know the same people. She then starts talking about some production and we get FISH!
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Topic #1894633
Robnoxious - Kay to Howie: Are you close to Rachel? ... Howie shrugs NT 1 Replies #1894633 3:01AM 11/07/2005
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Robnoxious - Turns it into a joke... says she talks to her in the kitchen... NT #1894635 3:02AM 11/07/2005
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Topic #1894636
Robnoxious - Kay twisting the twist to steer toward Beau & Ivette being "just like the twins" NT 0 Replies #1894636 3:09AM 11/07/2005
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Topic #1894638
Anonymous - K to H--Be careful what you say about my wife.(about J) NT 0 Replies #1894638 3:11AM 11/07/2005
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Topic #1894639
Robnoxious - Howie to Kay: We need you. You are strong in this game. If $hit goes down we need your back NT 1 Replies #1894639 3:16AM 11/07/2005
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Robnoxious - Howie: I don't know Rachel NT #1894640 3:17AM 11/07/2005
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Topic #1894641
Robnoxious - Howie to Kay (in kitchen): Last year it was twins ... this year is a threesome NT 1 Replies #1894641 3:19AM 11/07/2005
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Robnoxious - Howie: Rachel I don't know ... April I don't know... NT #1894642 3:20AM 11/07/2005
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Topic #1894643
Robnoxious - Kay to How: Lemmie figure out what to do with Rachel. She's a strong player ... Eric won't go down swinging NT 0 Replies #1894643 3:22AM 11/07/2005
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Topic #1894644
mw1125 - Kaysar & Howie alone in kitchen 0 Replies #1894644 3:22AM 11/07/2005
Kaysar, Janelle, and Howie decide to finally leave the bathroom and head to bed. Kaysar followed Janelle to the kitchen where she gets a glass of water. Howie soon comes in, Janelle goes to her bed, and Kaysar and Howie stay behind to talk.

K - You're a strong player, you are a force in this game...we might need you in case s*** gets ugly. We have one chance at this. If they don't beleive us, we need you. Not anyone else is going to stop them.

They then talk about who they can trust and who else may be allied with somebody else. Howie beleives there may be other pairs in the house, and that "they don't neccessary have to be from Florida." They both beleive that James can be trusted.

Howie says that "there's got to be like a threesome." Like BB5, he beleives that there may be people who are related to each other.

K - Do you think April is hiding something? That's the kind I person I was suspecting was hiding something.
H - I don't know anything about her. I don't know anything about Maggie, I don't know her mindset. I don't know anything about Rachel, I don't know her mindset. Rachel, Maggie, and April don't talk strategy with me.

Kaysar says Howie should figure out what to do with Rachel, that she is a strong player, and "we can use her." He also says that Eric won't go down without a fight.
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Topic #1894645
Anonymous - Howie knows about all couples. Looking at Memory Wall NT 0 Replies #1894645 3:35AM 11/07/2005
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Topic #1894646
mw1125 - Howie (to Kaysar) - We've covered all the angles...let's get some sleep and go to bed 0 Replies #1894646 3:38AM 11/07/2005
They then gave each other a brief hug. Howie went over to the memory wall and stared at the pictures for a moment. Kaysar went to use the bathroom, and, upon exciting, whispered to himself, "I figured it out."
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Topic #1894647
CougarSpy - [2:57 am BB time -3:38 am BB time ] Kaysar telling Janelle the reason they want her out is because she is to close [Florida connection and might 1 Replies #1894647 3:39AM 11/07/2005
catch the others in lies.]

{Sorry but this is a very loose idea of what was going on. I missed bits and pieces, but I hope this helps.}

K - Eric said if it didn’t go 10-1 to evict Ashlea, he was going after people.

Howie farted. They all start laughing. He apologized. Howie says they don’t smell.

J – I would be the one to catch on to Ivette and Beau. It’s so ***** obvious.

K – Talking about Rachel and saying when she comes off HOH she doesn’t know how she falls into the group. Saying Rachel is a very strong player and that we should approach her and pull her into the group.
J, H – Agree. Janelle says that she is very smart too.

They want to pull in James and Rachel. Janelle says that James and Rachel like each other [Ed. Note. James wants to put up Rachel if he wins HOH. She is his greatest competition.]

H - Cuddle and rub is that like cheating on your boyfriend.
J – Shutup
H – Sorry, plus more boobie talk

Janelle is afraid if they bring in Rachel that she would turn on her. Kaysar feels that she wouldn’t if we pulled her into the group, since Rachel really doesn’t have one.

Janelle comments about wishing they would have known this information before the veto competition. Kaysar said if we did you we probably wouldn’t have had this conversation tonight and Janelle would have been gone next week.

Janelle hugs Kaysar goodnight. Hugs Howie and he makes more comments about her boobies and how he loves her.

They want to be careful so Kaysar and Janelle leave the WC. Howie follows a minute or less later. Can hear Janelle saying, “I hope this works out.” Now the three of them are in the kitchen getting glasses of water.

Janelle cusses out Howie saying he promised he wouldn’t fart in the kitchen. He comments no one is eating.

K asks H if they are on the same page. He says yes and that those two will be gone the next two weeks. K saying he knows H is trying to fly under the radar, but that they need him. They can’t let I/E/B win or run the game. Howie said that he would put both of them up (I/B). Howie saying individually and together they are a threat. Saying if everyone finds out they are friends, who would not want to get rid of them. If they want to keep them, it shows alliances. More talk on they figured it out through the Florida connection.

About Beau, I love him, but I don’t know him well enough. Doesn’t feel Beau is a threat to Kaysar or himself. Says he doesn’t know Ivette at all.

H going through who he knows – K, J, Michael.

Howie going on about last year it was the twins, maybe this year a threesome or brother-sister. Or maybe even a foursome.
Kaysar thinks April is hiding something [H Fraps]. Howie says he doesn’t know her. All they talk about is boobs and sex…
Kaysar tells H to keep doing what he is doing. Saying after they get out Ivette, they will go from there. K saying will have to figure out where Rachel stands.

H is surprised Eric?? or James went with I and B. He’s a smart dude.

When K asked James about Ivette he said she is flying under the radar. Both thing Beau’s helping everyone with fashion is a diversion.

Ivette is trying to make Kaysar look bad. When he said people should fart in kitchen, she made a big stick about it trying to make K look bad. She feels K is her greatest competitor.

Kaysar is thinking he can trust James, but is not sure yet.

Kaysar talking about hearsay about Ivette campaigning against him James came outside and told him. [from Surfboard 7 conversation after win in kitchen around dinner table.] Howie says he doesn’t remember.

Kaysar saying we have to fight like hell to win HOH this week. Howie says 100% he is going to win it this week. He won’t be cocky. Kaysar says if it’s mental, he could win it.

Kaysar goes on about we have to keep you and I secret, you, I and Janalle secret. Someone says will blindside them.

Janelle was in the perfect place at the perfect time. Kaysar said he never thought Janelle was stupid…knew from the beginning she was smart. People underestimated me (K) because they thought I was nice, they think you are nice (H).

Howie, I’ll let you and Janelle do your thing tomorrow.

They hug. K says he has to piss, H says he has to piss. Then K says he has to pray.

H/K in bathroom. [Silence] Howie goes and looks at memory wall. He’s pointing at pictures saying, Iknow, know, know… (sounded like Beau, so maybe it was know)

Kaysar washing his hands, dries them. Mumbles…I figured it out, I figured it out. Lays rug down by KT and prays…

Howie gets his shirt and stuff off the counter in kitchen and heads into the night. Heads into dark room and crawls in bed with either Janelle or Ashlea. [actually, don't know if he is sleeping in there or not]

[Great watching two good looking men tonight.]

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CougarSpy - 3:44 BB time - Howie walked into kitchen - NT #1894649 3:44AM 11/07/2005
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Topic #1894648
Anonymous - Howie specifically pointed out each pair to himself, ALL 7! 0 Replies #1894648 3:43AM 11/07/2005
The camera was on him, not the photos, so I couldn't tell if he got them all right. He paused twice, looking around to make sure no one saw him as he was pointing out the couples, then continued pointing them out.
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Topic #1894653
CougarSpy - [3:49 am BB time] Kaysar finished prayer and now is studying memory wall. Michael is up now and both head to bathroom. M uses WC. 0 Replies #1894653 3:55AM 11/07/2005
K– I’ve been thinking
M – Hmmm…
K – I don’t trust Ivette

K - Just giving you the heads up.
K - Who did you see at the beach that day besides Eric
M - James

Night all.
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Topic #1894662
BoPeep - K and M trying to figure out pairs 1 Replies #1894662 4:03AM 11/07/2005
they only know one for sure, Beau and Ivette. Everytime they talk about being in the hotel before going in the house we get fish.
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mw1125 - Michael says he saw Eric & James at the hotel before the show; Kaysar says he saw Beau NT #1894664 4:06AM 11/07/2005
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