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Topic #1895229
valentine - Howie Places His Short Order With Chef Eric 0 Replies #1895229 9:56AM 11/07/2005
He wants just scrambled eggs with no tomato or onion or anything. Eric is worn down at this point and agrees to do it.

Eric: You know, this is just potatoes (the hash browns). There's nothing in there that will hurt you.

Howie: It would be like me taking on Little Jenny with an overcoat on. I don't need any of that other stuff to get in the way! (he waves his arms around like he is swimming)

Now, on the round chaise, Ivette is holding court with Beau and April. I think she is describing how 'violent' Michael was with her last night. They are also talking about how Ivette needs to win the HOH.

Ivette: He is the first one to wake people up by kissing them on the cheek and scaring them. And then someone wakes him up and he goes crazy.

April throws in her two cents, about how Michael asked her "honey, sweetie, can you bring me a glass of water?"
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Topic #1895230
Qcoatl - Eric giving Howie heads up about Ashlea being mad at him 0 Replies #1895230 9:56AM 11/07/2005
for the bed/sweater incident last night.
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Topic #1895319
Anonymous - Howie and Rachel 0 Replies #1895319 10:32AM 11/07/2005
Howie and Rachel doing hand signals at each other..Not sure what howie said to her
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Topic #1895320
Anonymous - Howie and Rachael do sign language 0 Replies #1895320 10:32AM 11/07/2005
He just spelled out beau and Ivette are pair
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Topic #1895321
SassyPrncess - Howie communicates with Rachel in code 0 Replies #1895321 10:33AM 11/07/2005
Howie & Rachel were sitting at the kitchen table and he appeared to be signing (ASL) to Rachel! Keep your eyes open for more signing- anyone who knows ASL, keep us posted!
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Topic #1895375
valentine - Motormouth April and Ivette are Speed Talking 0 Replies #1895375 10:51AM 11/07/2005
and being very efficient about trashing both Janelle and Ashlea. They cover all of the familiar territory about them being empty-headed, shallow, and arrogant.

Last night Janelle asked Ivette to tell her a little about herself, and Ivette uses this information to slam Janelle up one side of the house and then another.

Additionally, Beau had a pretty lively conversation with Janelle last night (with Ashlea just sitting there) about all of the clubs and people they have in common in Miami. Beau appeared to enjoy the conversation and they both squealed and shreiked as they kept discovering the people and events that they have in common.

Later, in the BR, Beau recounted the conversation with Ivette and trashed Janelle in the process. He told Ivette that Janelle was lying the whole time and has only been in Miami for 8 months. However, it was actually Janelle that brought up many of the names in the conversation. She brought up so many details about Miami people that I was surprised that BB didn't use the FISH more often.

Now the girls move on to trashing Howie and his amorous nature.
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Topic #1895389
MiamiMan - Jennifer and Janelle Talking about wearing thongs NT 0 Replies #1895389 10:56AM 11/07/2005
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Topic #1895399
BigMama - Howie/Rachel in the BR whispering 0 Replies #1895399 11:00AM 11/07/2005
Rachel yell/whispers to Howie to stay out of bed with people who don't want him in there. Howie tells her E/M, J/S, and M/K are all couples. Someone flushes so they move away from each other.
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Topic #1895434
valentine - Michael Pontificates on the Patio 1 Replies #1895434 11:17AM 11/07/2005
about a group of aliens inspecting a wild boar and then discarding it for an ape. I'm not sure if this is a dream or some movie he saw.

Mike: I believe in extra-terrestrial possibilities.

He is talking to April and Howie.

Meanwhile, at the kitchen counter, James and Ivette talk about the whole Elian Gonzalez deal that happened a few years ago. They both think the government should have butted out of the situation.

Now April describes her visit to NASA--the location just south of Houston. Now they discuss the space shuttle--they think it takes off in Florida and lands in Texas.

Howie: How do they get it back to Florida? On a truck or something?
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BigMama - April asks Michael: do you believe in Martians? Howie & Michael laugh at her. She quickly says "well, do you believe in extraterestrials?" NT #1895449 11:23AM 11/07/2005
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Topic #1895447
valentine - How Low Can They Go? 0 Replies #1895447 11:23AM 11/07/2005
As April discusses how horrified she would be if she saw "streak marks" in her underwear.

Now she mentions some girl in her sorority that did something gross all the time. I think she is discussing an STD.

The double standard upsets April--how guys can sleep around like crazy and girls can't.

Howie, to April: You could go to the gas station and within 10 minutes you could be in the bathroom having sex.

Mike: That's a really stupid story, but it's probably true.

Howie: April you could go down a street and knock on doors. I bet before you get through 10 doors you would find somebody to bang you good.

Howie has slept with about 40 girls, in response to Mike's question.

Howie: But that's not including all of the girls that I've kissed, or went down on, or had suck me. It's probably in the thousands. And I've done boobies hundreds of times.

Mike has turn down lots of girls. He's flattered by the attention, but....

Howie agrees. And goes into a very graphic discussion about how some girls aren't clean.

Howie: It's a volatile environment down there.

Mike: I had a dream that I was hanging out with Billy Idol last night!

And he tells the story, which allows him to break into his english-australian accent.

***rolling eyes****
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Topic #1895465
valentine - April, on Repeat 0 Replies #1895465 11:27AM 11/07/2005
tells everybody once again about her dream that they were all on the Today Show and that she was the only one that didn't have any fans.

Mike: What is it with you and the Today Show?

April also tells everyone what the BB show was about on Saturday, and what it will be about on Tuesday. Because she is in the know, of course.

Michael begins to weave a tale about life in Venice and what it is like. I think this is also part of his dream, but from Sunday night.

Howie: Planet Naboo is like that, too.

Mike: What???

Howie: Naboo. Planet Naboo!

Mike just keeps on going with his detailed story. Apparently there was a big shark in Venice.

Mike: It would be very, very unusual to have a shark in the Adriatic Sea.
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Topic #1895517
valentine - Micheal Thinks Sarah 0 Replies #1895517 11:40AM 11/07/2005
looks just like the little girl on the Incredibulls. They debate what her name was--Elastica? Finally, they come up with Violet. Mike loves the movie.

Chef Eric has announced that "somebody else can do lunch".

Ivette: Well, my chunky butt is making a grilled cheese.

I think Eric announced a while ago that he is making a beef stew for tonight.

Ed Note: I think he won't have a house full of takers for that menu. He is in for more frustration tonight.
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Topic #1895539
SassyPrncess - Beau reads Bible scripture about harmony to Michael NT 1 Replies #1895539 11:47AM 11/07/2005
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Anonymous - And Michael helps Beau with the big words NT #1895543 11:48AM 11/07/2005
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Topic #1895540
MiamiMan - Beau, Ivette, Mike 0 Replies #1895540 11:47AM 11/07/2005
Beau and Ivette lay in the bed together whispering, About what I do not know..It was to soft but quickly stops and Ivette leaves the room. Beau reads the Bible with Mike
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Topic #1895546
valentine - Chef Eric is Already Starting Dinner 0 Replies #1895546 11:49AM 11/07/2005
and is peeling carrots over the trash can.

At some point, Ivette walks through the kitchen and some comment is made about how she didn't help in the kitchen.

Ivette: I asked you if you needed help and you said NO!

Eric: Yeah, about cooking, but not about cleaning up!

Beau and Ivette spent a few minutes laying in the same bed, and it looked like they were whispering. But I couldn't hear the words.

Michael and Beau discuss a Bible that someone brought. Beau's Mom used to take him to Sunday School. Mike likes the glossary in the back of the book. Beau loves it, too.

Beau reads aloud a passage about patience. Michael listens, and is holding an orange, I think.

The passage mentions a 'prudent wife'. Mike thinks she would be patient and careful, watchful....and a godsend.

Beau: A prude?

Mike: No. You don't know what prudent means?

And he explains it again. Now Eric gets in on the conversation.

Eric: A prude doesn't do anything. A prudent person thinks before they do something.
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Topic #1895552
valentine - Beau's Bible 0 Replies #1895552 11:51AM 11/07/2005
has an inscription dedicated to him--I think its from his Eagle Scout days. He was 16.

At that time, Michael was in boarding school in Europe. Then he went to university and transferred to the US in his second year.

Beau: You know, I would like to name my son Job.

Mike: He might not like it.
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Topic #1895560
valentine - Mike: I Slept So Horribly Last Night 1 Replies #1895560 11:54AM 11/07/2005
It was almost as if someone kept coming in and pulling the covers off me.

He laughs, but no one comments on it.

Janelle comes in with her fluffy robe on and Mike greets her. BB tells Janelle to go get fresh batteries, but she doesn't get up very quickly.
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Gorf - Actually Jennifer commented saying that Janelle had the same problem NT #1895566 11:56AM 11/07/2005
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Topic #1895579
valentine - Sarah Tells Maggie About the Whole Drama 0 Replies #1895579 11:59AM 11/07/2005
last night with Ashlea and Howie. They are laying in the sun baking together. Sarah can't understand why Howie didn't get into one of the two empty beds.

James and Kaysar are hunched over the chess board.

Sarah also tells Maggie that Eric told Mike that some girls were uncomfortable and he should calm down.

BB calls April and Sarah in the DR. Sarah was in the pool and has to get out now.

James figures out that they are calling the fish lovers (due to all the fish death in the house).
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Topic #1895587
SassyPrncess - Kaysar talks to James, trying to work into revealing the pairings 0 Replies #1895587 12:01PM 11/07/2005
.... but just as he gets ready to reveal it, Ivette comes upstairs and butts into the chess game.
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Topic #1895591
valentine - James and Kaysar Were Whispering 0 Replies #1895591 12:03PM 11/07/2005
very, very quietly and I couldn't hear the words. Now Ivette goes to the chessboard and hovers over the board, stopping the conversation.

Outside, Janelle lights up her first cancer stick of the day.

Howie: You're too cute to smoke, Janie.

Janelle: Shut up Howie. I don't care.

Now Eric starts talking about what is in his stew. Howie goes to far talking about Janelle's breasts and everyone tells him to shut up.

Howie apologizes, but not very sincerely.
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Topic #1895596
SassyPrncess - Kaysar reveals Beau & Ivette's pairing to James NT 1 Replies #1895596 12:05PM 11/07/2005
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Anonymous - James wants to tell Eric - then we get Fish! :( NT #1895602 12:06PM 11/07/2005
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Topic #1895601
valentine - Milli Vanilli 0 Replies #1895601 12:06PM 11/07/2005
Out of the blue, Janelle says: Blame it on the spoon! (to the tune of Blame it On the Rain)

Mike: One of those guys killed themselves.

Beau: Yep, he did. Vanilli.

Janelle, Beau and Mike go off on a tangent about the Behind the Music episode---what color his hair was, what drugs he was on, etc.

Mike pontificates about the Milli Vanilli situation. Ironically, this is a topic that people seem to care about.

James and Kaysar start whispering energetically, and then we get the FISH. Must be something Michael said............
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Topic #1895633
Chunga - James/Kaysar on all 4 feeds 0 Replies #1895633 12:13PM 11/07/2005
Can there really be nothing better going on than these two?
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Topic #1895643
valentine - Kitchen Humor 0 Replies #1895643 12:17PM 11/07/2005
James: Are we going to have that over rice tonight? (the beef stew)

Eric: Yep. And Beau's making a salad. Don't laugh.

James: Is his name Howie??

Ed Note: Alluding to Tossing the Salad, from the HBO documentary about prison. Ironically, Arnold and Alison produced Scared Straight.
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Topic #1895709
SassyPrncess - Janelle: This towel is all wet and moist....(Adult) 0 Replies #1895709 12:38PM 11/07/2005
Howie: Oh! I looove moist!
Janelle: You're disgusting.
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