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Howie just said he had his lips done - ShannanCGC
12:10AM 13/07/2005

F3: Ashlea and April in the bathroom - Caribou
12:12AM 13/07/2005

F1: Howie to Janelle - "Janie before you met me, what's the most disgusting - Caribou
12:17AM 13/07/2005

F1: Mike checks in with Kaysar in the BY - Caribou
12:20AM 13/07/2005
Kaysar at first told Mike to stop spending so much time with Janelle NT - Caribou
12:53AM 13/07/2005

And now Howie is pissing with the door open. Then we get FISH. NT - Augustkm
12:22AM 13/07/2005

F3/F4: Mike in hammock with Janelle and Ashlea - Caribou
12:25AM 13/07/2005

M telling J and A that April has had a chin implant, and he had a nose job. NT - cussler
12:48AM 13/07/2005
Janelle caught his joke on the nose job. Mike said yea he was kidding about that NT - Caribou
12:49AM 13/07/2005

F1/f2 - Kaysar in the shower and then dressing etc., now he's praying in BY - Caribou
12:52AM 13/07/2005

Mike, Jan and Ash swearing loudly while Kaysar trying to pray. - Caribou
12:58AM 13/07/2005

F1/F2: Kaysar in kitchen making something to eat; F3/F4: Hammock crowd - Caribou
1:15AM 13/07/2005

Kaysar joins the hammock crowd. Ashlea said she was going in but hasn't moved since Kaysar arrived. - Caribou
1:22AM 13/07/2005

Mike and Kaysar - Caribou
1:32AM 13/07/2005

Mike and Kay continued - Caribou
1:36AM 13/07/2005

Mike - what's worrying you dude, kay - hmmm?? nothing - Caribou
1:38AM 13/07/2005

Ashlea calls out to Kaysar "come sit with us" ... he says "ok" but takes his time heading over to patio - Caribou
1:53AM 13/07/2005

Janelle works Thurs, Fri, Saturday. The rest of the week she recovers from the weekend NT - Caribou
1:55AM 13/07/2005

Ahslea studying fashion; took a leave to do BB. Kaysar has a friend who designs couture fashion. - Caribou
2:02AM 13/07/2005

Kaysar - i knew eric would go to beau and ivette. i needed ammunition for next week NT - Caribou
2:05AM 13/07/2005

Kaysar, Ash, Janelle - all agree there's got to be more than one twist - Caribou
2:14AM 13/07/2005

Kaysar irritated that Beau, Eric, Ivette think he falls for their two faced act. Also laughs at their belief that he's naive. NT - Caribou
2:17AM 13/07/2005

Kaysar - their biggest mistake is not evicting me this week. NT - Caribou
2:18AM 13/07/2005

Kaysar - i don't trust maggie cuz i can't see what her intentions are. she's a nice girl tho NT - Caribou
2:22AM 13/07/2005

OMG! Kaysar is EVIL! - Hypnotoad
2:28AM 13/07/2005

Kaysar - i'm here to f*** with people's heads. it's not a popularity contest - Caribou
2:30AM 13/07/2005

Kaysar tired of Ivette giving him tips on how to open to people. F*** that. - Caribou
2:44AM 13/07/2005

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