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Topic #1905071
ShannanCGC - Howie just said he had his lips done 0 Replies #1905071 12:10AM 13/07/2005
Janelle asked him if he had his lips done, and he said yes. She said you got the lipliner tatoo, and he said yes. Mike looked at it and could see the line. Mike asked why, and Howie said some people spend money on cigs, and he spends money on this.
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Topic #1905080
Caribou - F3: Ashlea and April in the bathroom 0 Replies #1905080 12:12AM 13/07/2005
Ashlea upset that Eric is threatening people to ensure they vote her out. Says people should be allowed to vote with their hearts.

April swearing she's being completely honest and tells Ashlea Eric hasn't threatened HER at all. She hasn't seen that AT ALL. April says she's "not a vocal or loud person" so she hasn't experienced this from Eric. (??)

Now April trying to tell Ashlea to wait and see what happens. Who knows what could happen. You might come back she says to Ashlea. Also that it's good that everyone has been able to get to know her and Kaysar now.

April tells Ash she really doesn't pay attention and can't say what's happening.
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Topic #1905102
Caribou - F1: Howie to Janelle - "Janie before you met me, what's the most disgusting 0 Replies #1905102 12:17AM 13/07/2005
thing a guy ever said to you"

Janelle - "Hi i'm Howie"

Howie - "no before you met howie"

She walks off to the hammock
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Topic #1905113
Caribou - F1: Mike checks in with Kaysar in the BY 1 Replies #1905113 12:20AM 13/07/2005
Mike - what's wrong?
Kay - i'm tired of being here
Mike - you want to go home? what's wrong?
kay - no i don't want to go home. i just...need some time to myself


Mike looking intently in Kaysar's face, concerned about him.
Mike - ok well just call me when you need me. call my cell
they laugh
Mike goes over to join Janelle and Ashlea on the hammock
Kaysar runs in the yard by himself

Howie, abandoned on the patio by everyone, goes inside to the bathroom
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Caribou - Kaysar at first told Mike to stop spending so much time with Janelle NT #1905236 12:53AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905126
Augustkm - And now Howie is pissing with the door open. Then we get FISH. NT 0 Replies #1905126 12:22AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905147
Caribou - F3/F4: Mike in hammock with Janelle and Ashlea 0 Replies #1905147 12:25AM 13/07/2005
Sharing that he likes Eric but he didn't like the whole sex harassment thing. But it's fine he says. He just wants to play the game, to win, and then at the end to go to Santorini (sp?)

Janelle/Ashlea - will you really take us?
Mike - yes

Idle chatter now
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Topic #1905227
cussler - M telling J and A that April has had a chin implant, and he had a nose job. NT 1 Replies #1905227 12:48AM 13/07/2005
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Caribou - Janelle caught his joke on the nose job. Mike said yea he was kidding about that NT #1905231 12:49AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905235
Caribou - F1/f2 - Kaysar in the shower and then dressing etc., now he's praying in BY 0 Replies #1905235 12:52AM 13/07/2005
F3/F4 - Mike, Janelle and Ashlea on the hammock. Idle chitchat, mostly Mike asking Ashlea about her background.

Kaysar praying drowns out everything. They invited Kaysar to join them and he will after his prayers are done.
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Topic #1905245
Caribou - Mike, Jan and Ash swearing loudly while Kaysar trying to pray. 0 Replies #1905245 12:58AM 13/07/2005
Fav expressions -
Mike - "saucy little c****" which he uses mostly for his male friends, said with a british accent

Janelle and Ashlea - "oh for f***** sake!"

Everyone laughs. Kaysar keeps right on praying, though he gets a bit louder to drown them out. When they quiet down in volume, Kaysar returns to praying quietly. Longest prayer yet that I've seen from Kaysar. 5 minutes straight or more.
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Topic #1905265
Caribou - F1/F2: Kaysar in kitchen making something to eat; F3/F4: Hammock crowd 0 Replies #1905265 1:15AM 13/07/2005
Mike just had his foot next to Ashlea's face in the hammock. Ashlea freaked a bit and demanded he stop and move his foot away. Janelle explains that "she doesn't like feet"

Ashlea - they're grossest things, almost as gross as men's (pieces?)
Janelle - did you really have to say that?
these two laugh
Mike shuts up entirely and stares off across the yard

Janelle asks Ashlea to go get her a cookie. She says no, she's cold.

Mike asks them both if they're happy. The girls miss their dogs. Mike wants to get a cat when he gets back. He wants an Abyssinian.
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Topic #1905274
Caribou - Kaysar joins the hammock crowd. Ashlea said she was going in but hasn't moved since Kaysar arrived. 0 Replies #1905274 1:22AM 13/07/2005
Kaysar sits on the astroturf, eating his salad/tuna mix.

Mike apologizes to Kaysar, because while Kay was praying Mike wasn't being a "good catholic" .. he was lounging around doing nothing.
Kaysar replied "sinner"

That hammock is very loud when it's swaying.
They're all watching Kaysar eat and not saying much

Ashlea finally talks Janelle into joining her for a snack in the kitchen, leaving Mike and Kaysar in the yard. Mike's glad to have the hammock to himself, he says "oh thank goodness"

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Topic #1905288
Caribou - Mike and Kaysar 0 Replies #1905288 1:32AM 13/07/2005
Mike - you pray a long time, how long do you pray
Kay - depends. i missed one today. usually 5-10 mins for prayer. sometimes i take my time, it takes longer

mike - talk to me man
kay - what
mike - just when you need to, from day one we're in this together.
kay - i know
mike - i'm sure you've got a huge following of arab americans
kay - i don't know
mike - dude, i know what you're about to say. you've behaved as nothing short of an absolute gentleman since you've been onthis show. take it from me, i'm a scumbag...laugh...kidding
kay - i don't know. we'll see what happens

mike - you know yesterday when i went in the DR i was feeling really uncomfortable in the house for the first time. i was kinda like you've been today. i just didn't want to be here and i needed distance. i didn't tell them. but when we were done i said if i need to occasionally come in here an djust sit for a minute and they said yea that's cool
kay - i use this time at night to be alone
mike - yea. remember i was telling you about the meditating thing. i usually feel better if i have a good meditation session in the morning. you up for it tomorrow? ... kaysar, i hope you really know that you can tell me anything. not just here dude, anywhere as a friend. i know you keep a lot to yourself. i do that too. remember we were having that conversation one time in the car about fate? sometimes you keep things to yourself in an effort, at least i do, to try to understand them best by myself and other times i keep things to myself just because they feel so personal i couldn't imagine other people understanding them. but then sometimes you just have to..when the time is right..know that you have certain people you can talk to. so, you gay?
kay - i appreciate it

mike - remember when we first got the call. we were at whole foods...we were walking around saveon for like an hour. what were we doign in there?
kay - i dont' know

mike - we're both like OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. (small laugh)...all to be stuck in a studio. and we have no idea how the world is perceiving us right now. no idea. none.
kay - prob craziest thing i've ever done
mike - we prob been in here 10 days now. and to me it feels like it's flown by. it feels like the time in the hotel was a lot longer than the time here.
kay - yea
mike - by the time this is over, there'll come a time down the road where i'm sure we'll look back at this and smile and know we had a good time. otherwise you live an average life. most of the time i goof around but remember that talk we had about how i really believe in fate an dpurpose and i believe that you can either be mediocre or not. and i believe that man. this isn't about doing the show..just in general..you take a risk, for something that you belive in. that was so deep i think i have to take a big dump now... laughing
hey, remember no regrets ok? you got that look of regret on your face
kay - i'm not regretting
mike - ok

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Topic #1905292
Caribou - Mike and Kay continued 0 Replies #1905292 1:36AM 13/07/2005
mike - do you know a girl called annette?
kay - yea you keep asking me that. i tell you and then you ask me again

mike - its been almost 3 weeks since we left our houses
kay - thats a long time
mike - thats a pretty long time dude...what's a man's life worth...do you ever feel as if you have the power of the universe in your hands and you just can't quite do everything that you want to do?
kay - sometimes i do, sometimes i don't
mike - you know when i draw or when i sculpt, i look at my drawings and think i'm the only man alive who can do this and then i wonder how many other humans in this world have incredible abilities of their own and feel the same way? frustrated maybe or confused...but the same time the feedback from what you do is so exciting that you don't really feel bad...it's particularly cold tonight
kay - it's actually nice i think

Mike is in the hammock alone. Kaysar is laying on the astroturf with his hands behind his head staring up at the sky as Mike talks.

Mike - poor beau got stung by a bee today, poor guy

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Topic #1905295
Caribou - Mike - what's worrying you dude, kay - hmmm?? nothing 0 Replies #1905295 1:38AM 13/07/2005
mike - you'll tell me when you know right
kay - yea
mike - gonna go to bed dude
kay - good night
mike - you're my brothe rdude
kay - yea i know, you're the same. see you in the morning

Mike walks off. Passes janelle and ashlea at patio table with snacks. Kaysar remains laying on the astroturf on his back, alone, beside the hammock, staring up at the stars.
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Topic #1905305
Caribou - Ashlea calls out to Kaysar "come sit with us" ... he says "ok" but takes his time heading over to patio 0 Replies #1905305 1:53AM 13/07/2005
Janelle has gone inside for something.

Ashlea - come sit over here
Janelle returns.

Ashlea - (kaysar) when you got here you couldn't wait to go to bed now you're still up
Jan - what's wrong kaysar
kay - nothing
jan - such a liar
kay - i don't want to talk about it
jan - really
kay - yea
jan - you're bad

NOw kaysar telling them his thoughts on what James and Eric will do. They all discuss Beau and Ivette acting weird. (I missed part due to switching feeds)

Kaysar seems to be saying he told Eric about Beau and Ivette on purpose, to see what he'd do. He said Eric didn't really react and he knew it bull. Jan shares that she told Mike and thinks Mike knows.

Ash - Mike already had a tiff with eric but he says he has no problem with him
kay - kinda hard to tell what's gonna happen, it's too early
jan - have to wait to see who gets HOH
kay - just sit quiet for now
ash - shoudl i say anything, should i go out with a bang
kay - i advise against it
jan - just try to go out in a classy way (tells her what to say)

Ash says it's ivette that irritates her, not eric. Ash hopes eric's wife shows up at the party with a baseball bat. (??)

jan - average age of everyon ehere?
kay - (works it out with math)....
janelle starts to help and they get all screwed up
kaysar starts again (adding all ages to divide by 14 hg's)
kay - why are we doing this?
jan - because i have nothing better to do, i want to figure it out, it's important to know
kay - (starting again....)ok 371/14
janelle works it out
now they start confirming ages again to ensure they included everyone..
kay - 371-25=346
jan - average age though is 27 right?
kay - 346/14..ok....(working it out in his head...i don't think math is kaysar's strongest skill ;-) )...ok 25
jan - you sure? no....
kay - yep..no less...doesn't make sense, what the hell am i doing? (and he starts again....)

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Topic #1905310
Caribou - Janelle works Thurs, Fri, Saturday. The rest of the week she recovers from the weekend NT 0 Replies #1905310 1:55AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905317
Caribou - Ahslea studying fashion; took a leave to do BB. Kaysar has a friend who designs couture fashion. 0 Replies #1905317 2:02AM 13/07/2005
Ashlea wants to finish these studies and then study business and law.

Kay cant' wait to get out of BB and be productive. Now they talk about everyday being repetitive.

Janelle's one goal is to get Eric out of this house. Now she and Ashlea start on Eric and Ivette.

Janelle says she talked about .. with Rachel...targeting people who might hook up with someone because (they could sway votes). That's why Ashlea was put up, she was pretty and single. Janelle says Rachel told her that.

kaysar tells janelle she's a target because she told someone the guys were her target and someone betrayed her confidence. now they know so janelle is a target now.

Janelle going on about the first night in the house, when janelle grabbed a sleeping bag ... she could tell he was aggressive and she didn't like it. Eric was also telling Janelle to get off the surfboard because her lips were blue ( so that's why she got off the surfboard she says ).

Kaysar - so it goes back to the beginning?
Janelle - yea

Kaysar quietly says "i don't know"...he's got his head down, very subdued, as Jan and Ash munch away.

Kay - you really know how to get yourself in a lot of trouble don't you
people dont' want honesty around here. you can be honest while being tactical. and that was not tactical. i should be like your consultant. talk to me before you say anything

And kaysar finally starts smiling tonight as he and janelle joke a bit.

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Topic #1905323
Caribou - Kaysar - i knew eric would go to beau and ivette. i needed ammunition for next week NT 0 Replies #1905323 2:05AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905341
Caribou - Kaysar, Ash, Janelle - all agree there's got to be more than one twist 0 Replies #1905341 2:14AM 13/07/2005
Kaysar says, Last season had brother/sister Nakomis/Cowboy (ashlea relates how it happened..she obviously watched the show) and there was also the twin twist.

Janelle - are you sure ashlea?
Ash - yes, this is the only thing i watched in bb5
(she does have it down in perfect detail about what happened with nak/cowboy and she's filling kaysar in so he understands how bb works a little better)

kaysar - so anything could happen....

he speculates that if they announce B/I to the house, BB will announce yes that's a twist. But Jan and Ash say no it doesn't matter, theyr'e already in the house.

Kaysar wants to tell rest of HGs but girls are dissuading him from making an "announcement" because they say BB won't care or do anything. There's no benefit. It's too easy to be considered a major twist is, I think, what they're trying to convey to kaysar.

They agree Kaysar has planted the seed, let it grow. Jan worries no one will care because they feel its' no big deal right now, wanting to deal with it later in the game.

Kaysar - dont' worry we'll deal with it when HOH happens

Ashlea hopes they let her stay behind the scenes to watch next HOH. Janelle tells her the second HOH comp is always about the other HG's. Either true/false or...knowing details about HGs true/false.

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Topic #1905344
Caribou - Kaysar irritated that Beau, Eric, Ivette think he falls for their two faced act. Also laughs at their belief that he's naive. NT 0 Replies #1905344 2:17AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905347
Caribou - Kaysar - their biggest mistake is not evicting me this week. NT 0 Replies #1905347 2:18AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905348
Caribou - Kaysar - i don't trust maggie cuz i can't see what her intentions are. she's a nice girl tho NT 0 Replies #1905348 2:22AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905349
Hypnotoad - OMG! Kaysar is EVIL! 0 Replies #1905349 2:28AM 13/07/2005
Kaysar just said he told eric so ivette and bo will know that hes thinking this, and they cant do anything about it. Its not like they can say "oh my god can you believe what kaysar thinks, "he thinks we have an alliance and know each other from the outside"" I just want to let it sit in their stomach.
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Topic #1905350
Caribou - Kaysar - i'm here to f*** with people's heads. it's not a popularity contest 0 Replies #1905350 2:30AM 13/07/2005
Janelle happy Mike can see what they're doing. Ash says just be careful with mike, there's something about him she can't put her finger on.

Janelle - i don't think kaysar and i have anything to worry about with him
kay - i'm gonna keep my eye on him, on everyboy
ash - you guys are talking a lot just be careful

kaysar - i'm not gonna let them tell me who i can talk to. i can stay up till 5am, can work out, can pray... i can give a rat's ass (what they say or think)
ash - i'm just saying be careful
kaysar - i'm saying i can't leave my fate up to them. i'm gonna win that damn comp
jan - i'm gonna try damn hard too
kay - if it's mental i dont' know how (i'm gonna do)
they laugh about the ropes during POV
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Topic #1905359
Caribou - Kaysar tired of Ivette giving him tips on how to open to people. F*** that. 0 Replies #1905359 2:44AM 13/07/2005
"If I survive this week, starting next week i'm going to get aggressive"

"I'm tired of Ivette telling me that if I change this or do that then people will like me"

Kaysar - i hate loud people
jan - eric is epitome of white trash to me. the way he yells for chow i feel like i'm in a barnyard
kaysar - pigggiiiieeeee...
ash - he's typical boston, i'm used to that
jan - did you hear him cry, he's cried several times in front of the women and makes sure no men are around
kay - eric's not going to make it far. he's a good player but he's spreading himself too thin. he's always grouping people and they're going to say...(missed it sorry)
jan - i'm the only person he hasn't approached. i told rachel i'm going to put up ivette and put up eric.
kay - i can't read rachel. she's buying into something right now. she's being manipulated. i can tell. her attitude is changing slowly. she's not as carefree. so i think eric is feeding info about me too. cuz she gets tense talking to me. we might not need her yet. i don't really care about the alliances. she can't win HOH next week so who cares

ash - i'm gonna be (on live internet feeds)
jan - what if you (put eric up as a pawn)
jan - i'd put eric and ivette up and say it's because you guys are assholes
kay - that would be perfect cuz they're already expecting it
kay - you know the problem with him personally, his diff stories and his saying one thing and doing something else
jan - oh i didn't tell you what he said. well mike and i were in BR doing our hair. you (ash) walked through..and howie was saying damn you have a nice butt...and eric said you're not going to be seeing it for a long time...maggie agreed it wasn't nice and she's sick of seeing people pushing people around
ash - i told maggie he's doing that and she said she hasn't seen it
jan - we thought it was so wrong
ash - he's threatening everyone
ash - i'll be throwing popcorn at the screen yelling...my friends will get annoyed at me

jan - so next week i'm just gonna say that, i'm gonna act like i don't really know kaysar that well. we're not going to talk as much. we're never seen talking really.
ash - you were at the pool the other day
jan - that was like 4 days ago when we first started talking. they prob think i'm closer to mike honestly. because he even told me that
ash - mike's in as much trouble now that eric started this drama about him
kay - why would eric start so much drama with so many people
jan - he's an overbearing person. he wants to call the shots on everything. but what bugs me is that eric thinks he's got everything mapped out and he's the smartest man in this house. after lockdown he obviously checks everything out. i check too but not obviously.

They talk about the cameras leading them to find things...the camera turns and focuses on something and that's how Ashlea found 3 quarters.
This is news to Janelle, the camera movement tip off.

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