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BB: Rachel, Head of Household, please go to your room! NT - StrawberryWine
5:07PM 13/07/2005

Kaysar: This is Why I Came Here, - valentine
5:09PM 13/07/2005

Janelle has a facial mask on and Michael calls her Hanibal Lecter. lol NT - StrawberryWine
5:10PM 13/07/2005

Michael just asked Jan how long she can keep her hair extensions in. - StrawberryWine
5:12PM 13/07/2005

Mike: What Do You Want to Know? - valentine
5:13PM 13/07/2005

Mike is bored - Zazny
5:15PM 13/07/2005

Kay felt descrimanated against a week after sep 11th - amIsane
5:21PM 13/07/2005

James and Kay are starting to listen to each other - amIsane
5:24PM 13/07/2005

Kaysar was called the the diary room and James went into the kitchen - RealitySwan
5:25PM 13/07/2005

Howie walks into the gold room - Zazny
5:25PM 13/07/2005

Janelle Took Acting Lessons for Four Years - valentine
5:30PM 13/07/2005
Mike's Acting Teacher Didn't Give Him Good Feedback - valentine
5:32PM 13/07/2005

Kay out of diary rm. He and James are playing chess now NT - amIsane
5:36PM 13/07/2005

All feeds on Kaysar and James playing chess...no convo. (ho hum) NT - StrawberryWine
5:39PM 13/07/2005

James & Kaysar gossip - SassyPrncess
5:45PM 13/07/2005

Oh Snap. Kaysar Just Asked Sarah and James If There Was Something Going On - valentine
5:48PM 13/07/2005

BB Won't Give Them Booze Tonight - valentine
5:51PM 13/07/2005

James to Kaysar: You can take her (Sarah) Wowza! NT - SassyPrncess
5:55PM 13/07/2005

Jani, Mike, Ash work on safes in Gold Room NT - SassyPrncess
6:00PM 13/07/2005
Code could be on Subway sign in Bedroom, has numbers on it NT - SassyPrncess
6:05PM 13/07/2005

Mike says safe code is behind map on wall. NT - SassyPrncess
6:13PM 13/07/2005

Jani: Do u think Kaysar would actually date me?..... - SassyPrncess
6:17PM 13/07/2005

6pm to 6:18 From Chess Trio to Ivette and Howie downstairs - luvthemfish
6:18PM 13/07/2005

After Michael leaves the gold room - Alby
6:19PM 13/07/2005

Howie.. "i almost crapped my pants", now he is spray air freshner NT - meonlee
6:24PM 13/07/2005

April/Maggie/Beau B.Y. Talk about the mess outside - luvthemfish
6:33PM 13/07/2005

April getting pissy - amIsane
6:35PM 13/07/2005

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