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Howie is offering free breast exams- um, while everyone is eating. NT - SassyPrncess
6:45PM 13/07/2005

They have decided the 2 nominees get the Gold rm tonight NT - amIsane
6:49PM 13/07/2005

6:45 to 7:00 pm, dinner conversation, from Kitchen April and Beau... - luvthemfish
6:53PM 13/07/2005

Janelle & Ashlea gossip in Gold Room - SassyPrncess
7:09PM 13/07/2005

Gold Room Conversation about Eric turning Votes against Kaysar - luvthemfish
7:09PM 13/07/2005

James and Sarah gossip on Hammock - SassyPrncess
7:13PM 13/07/2005
More James & Sarah - SassyPrncess
7:19PM 13/07/2005
Hammock Talk - Anonymous
7:15PM 13/07/2005

7:05 to 7:16 Sarah and James in the Hammock - luvthemfish
7:16PM 13/07/2005

Sarah: What if he goes?.....James: Then a good player is gone. No big deal. She'll just go up again next week - Caribou
7:16PM 13/07/2005
Jand S just said they don't think Michael has a friend in the house. NT - mommamia
7:19PM 13/07/2005

J says to S that M is such a loser.. there's no way he has friends.. but maybe he's with kaysar.. they blow that i dea off NT - bruhe
7:19PM 13/07/2005

F3: Mike and Kaysar whispering in main bedroom. - Caribou
7:21PM 13/07/2005
Then the camera briefly showed Janelle in the gold room. She was smiling, and may have heard M & K's conversation. NT - LadyeJayne
7:24PM 13/07/2005
Kaysar was just giving Michael a head's up. He said that everyone is against Michael. - LadyeJayne
7:23PM 13/07/2005

F3: Eric, Beau, Ivette on patio - Caribou
7:23PM 13/07/2005

James said "I'm going to ride Eric all the way. I hope." NT - RealitySwan
7:23PM 13/07/2005

Eric about Janelle & her outing the secret pairs - SassyPrncess
7:23PM 13/07/2005

Janelle accidentally admits she voted for Kaysar NT - SassyPrncess
7:24PM 13/07/2005

F3: Janelle and Howie - Caribou
7:25PM 13/07/2005
Then Howie tried to get her to kiss him. He admitted that (adult) - LadyeJayne
7:27PM 13/07/2005

F1/F2: James and Sarah on hammock, Kaysar on the ground next to them, idle chitchat - Caribou
7:26PM 13/07/2005

Sarah & Kaysar on Hammock - SassyPrncess
7:32PM 13/07/2005

F1: Sarah and Kaysar on hammock together - Caribou
7:34PM 13/07/2005

More Kaysar & Sarah on hammock - SassyPrncess
7:37PM 13/07/2005

F3/F4: Patio crowd - mike was there but nobody spoke to him so he left. Janelle and Howie - same experience. - Caribou
7:37PM 13/07/2005

HG's talk about what they would do with the money - SassyPrncess
7:40PM 13/07/2005

Howie & Janelle in Gold Room - SassyPrncess
7:53PM 13/07/2005
Jani: We have to wait and see what happens Howie. - SassyPrncess
7:55PM 13/07/2005

Janelle to Howie: - Alby
7:56PM 13/07/2005

Eric tells Ashlea: It's not over til it's over. She races off to Gold Room w/H & Jani - SassyPrncess
7:57PM 13/07/2005

Janelle to Howie: Who do you want to stay? - SassyPrncess
7:58PM 13/07/2005

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