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Topic #1905361
Caribou - Ashlea going inside to bed. She offers her sweater to kaysar. 0 Replies #1905361 2:46AM 13/07/2005
Ashlea kisses both kaysar and janelle on the cheek and leaves.

Janelle and Kaysar now the only two up, sitting at the patio table.

(ed note. I am a freak because I'm watching and transcribing feeds apparently, according to Kaysar)
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Topic #1905369
Caribou - Kaysar trusts James, for whatever reason. Ashlea returns with a blanket for Kaysar. 0 Replies #1905369 2:55AM 13/07/2005
Kaysar is only wearing a tank top so that was nice Janelle says.

James is going to stay close to his enemies and he can gather as much info as possible. And they're very unsuspecting. Which is good, could prove to be effective. We're gonna need somebody to tell us what's up.

Jan - you think he's that person?
Kay - he has before and he still is. most times he just comes up and tells me stuff without my even asking
jan - really? wow
Kay - yea so that's why (i trust him) so let him be where he is. let them think they have that extra number when they really don't. we want to give them the illusion that they're very strong and powerful and outnumber us, but in essence they don't. that will cause them to make faulty decisions.
jan - who would james put up?
kay - he'll prob put mike up
jan - that sucks
kay - i gotta get those two to get along.
jan - mike said it reminds him of every kid who picked on him when he was little
kay - great. ... for this game, we need to get them to agree. i don't care if they never talk. i can be the middleman. at least we'll be on the same page. we might not be be able to get rachel until the very end when she realizes we're strong players. but we have to prove that, meaning winning comps. we've got james, hopefully we can trust him. we've got mike and howie. howie will continue to fly under the radar. they don't think howie will join us. they think he's dumb. so that's howie. let's see we got mike, me, you, howie...that's 4.
jan - i wish we could get jenny but we can't
kay - no approach her towards the end. jen right now too fragile and volatile. if you freak her out with any info.... she might start acting word. right now they're trying to sniff out any fear or paranoia... only disclose info when you need to. that's the only way.. got to get info by piecemeal. that's when things get tricky. if we can swing jenny which is very possible, that gives us 5. keep in mind one of us is gonna be hoh. minus 1 that's 4. might get a vote from james, that's 5 again

Kay working the numbers in detail....

If we can grab 5 and have HOH we shoot for that.
We have to get HOH. Thats' the plan.

Kay - but they do have an advantage at this point.

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Topic #1905382
Caribou - Kaysar - POV will be interesting. But they don't know we are a camp. It's not apparent what we're doing or what our strategy is. 0 Replies #1905382 3:08AM 13/07/2005
We can walk into their circle and learn who's leading etc.

We need to get HOH at least two weeks in a row. Then we can have our way with them.

Jan - two strongest players on their side...rachel can't go for it next week...maggie, ivette, eric
kay - right. damn that's tough competition
jan - yep
kay - that's very tough. ok from what i know, and james too. heres' the thing i hope james doesn't take HOH. if it's a mental comp, you're smart, mike seems to be smart, i can pull my weight
jan - you're smart. howie's got some issues. its' good that we have him on our side.
kay - we've got an interesting group.
they laugh
kay - damn is that it, do we have anyone else?
jan - no not at this point
kay - you never know, jennifer could get it
jan - jennifer would be so pressured.
kay - sarah is definitely changed. she's kissing some major ass. i was like ok ok starting to see some developments here. she's really all over eric which raises some concerns. they're all starting to snuggle up together. can't wait to break them up.

jan - who do you think mike would put up
kay hopes not james. if kay gets HOH he's gonna sit both mike and eric down and talk to them. i could convince mike to put up ivette and eric.

jan - watch out for maggie. she's really smart. i don't think can win comps.
kay - he could. he could.
jan - he's not. he's not smart. i swear he's not.
kay - it could be a friggin horseshoe toss you know. ok how bout this..if we take off ivette that would (freak eric out)...see we need to reduce their numbers. if we put eric up too early and he stays he'll be like a raging bull.
jan - you remember marvin last year?
kay - no
jan - he was on the block 5 times but he didn't have any support from the house, he was a loner. POV screwed everything up.
kay -hmmmm
jan - it's tricky
kay - it is tricky. i think we got a fairly good strategy at this point. we'll be ok hopefully. i'm glad you came forward with that info about ivette because otherwise i would definitely be gone next week.
jan - i wonder why ivette wants to get rid of me
kay - you're a threat.
jan - for them yea, they want me to go
kay - i'm just gonna keep feeding (eric) info and he's not dumb.
(kay relates story of him telling about beau and ivette to eric)

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Topic #1905389
Hypnotoad - Janelle says she pretends to be dumb. Asked eric "do they have a veto every week" and fooled april into thinking she cant make coffee NT 0 Replies #1905389 3:20AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905390
Hypnotoad - Kaysar "rachel is easy shes looking for a guy to give her attention" NT 3 Replies #1905390 3:26AM 13/07/2005
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Hypnotoad - kaysar> your (janelles) charm doesnt work on the ladies its like kryptonite NT #1905391 3:28AM 13/07/2005
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Hypnotoad - kaysar about howie> even if i say "youve got fake lips", he will admit to it and people will still not believe him NT #1905392 3:34AM 13/07/2005
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Hypnotoad - kaysar to janelle> you do realize if we pull this off it'll be the most diabolical thing in history NT #1905393 3:35AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905416
straightdave - It is after 4am and Jan&Kay are still up talking NT 0 Replies #1905416 4:16AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905428
lacycatherine - Janelle and Kaysar are finally off to bed. As they are walking into the house 1 Replies #1905428 4:22AM 13/07/2005
Kaysar says "For a girl as pretty as yourself I would think your fingers would look different" (not word for word what he said). And Janelle said "Outside of the house I wear acrylics".

Kaysar goes to the bathroom and sits.
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lacycatherine - Eric is awake and Kaysar tells him that he is up to pray. He whispers something but I couldn't hear it. NT #1905431 4:25AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905434
lacycatherine - Eric uses the bathroom and washes his hands. Kaysar then goes into the 0 Replies #1905434 4:30AM 13/07/2005
bathroom stall. The camera on F3 just stares at the occupied sign. Kaysar comes out and washes his hands. He then puts water on his arms and face. He goes to get his prayer mat and walks into the living room. He sits down at the table.
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Topic #1905439
straightdave - 4:25am 0 Replies #1905439 4:35AM 13/07/2005
Janelle and Kayser have finaly come in

J heads to WC
K sits down in patchwork room and waits for her to come out

Eric up just and walks in jus as J exits WC

Kayser to Eric "just got up to pray"

E in WC

J to K "I'll be up in 3 hours" then heads off to bed

E out , washes hands and back off to bed

Kayser sits down at couter looking very thoughtfull
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Topic #1905441
lacycatherine - Kaysar gets up from the table and puts his prayer mat down and starts his praying. NT 0 Replies #1905441 4:41AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905442
lacycatherine - Kaysar is done praying. While watching F3 you could hear a zipping noise. NT 0 Replies #1905442 4:43AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905443
CuTiE_069 - Kaysar does his praying and finally heads to bed NT 0 Replies #1905443 4:43AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905454
lacycatherine - Ashlea is up and in the bathrooom. She looks through some of her stuff 2 Replies #1905454 5:20AM 13/07/2005
and then walks out into the kitchen. She walks around like she has lost something and is lookinf for it. She opens the sliding glass door peeks her head out and then closes hte door. She walks back to the bathroom and goes to the bathroom stall.
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lacycatherine - Ashlea comes out of the bathroom still looking confused. She washes her #1905457 5:23AM 13/07/2005
hands. She pulls out a purple bag the 2nd time and looks at it. She puts it back down and continues to walk in the bathroom looking for something. She walks to the kitchen and through the living room. The whole time she is walking she is constantly looking hard for something.

F3 then shows Eric sleeping.

F2~ James is awake and looks around. He lays down and then he looks up again.
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lacycatherine - Now Ashlea is in the bedroom looking under the bed for something. She was being very loud. She gets into the bed beside James. NT #1905458 5:25AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905572
amIsane - Eric's doings 4 Replies #1905572 7:15AM 13/07/2005
He ran a sink full of dishwater, put dishes in it. Grabbed some clothes from a chair...went into bathrm, as he walked in, kind of through one hand in the air(seems in response to the messy bathrm...towels on the floor etc.) He goes into the WC w/clothes...seemingly changing)
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amIsane - He is now out of WC, washed his face. and now brushing his teeth. NT #1905576 7:18AM 13/07/2005
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amIsane - now in kitchen...washing the dishes he had soaking in the sink NT #1905577 7:19AM 13/07/2005
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amIsane - It does not look like E put away dishes already in drainer before washing others. BB notices this #1905597 7:28AM 13/07/2005
One camera seemingly zooms out a bit and then back, as the dishes are piling very high up, and E still has quite a few more to rinse and find a place to put them. (LOL)
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straightdave - I checked back... the drainer was empty when he started soaking the dishes, so he did wash them all this morning NT #1905896 9:10AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905606
amIsane - Has not been much to tell. E has started the coffee and now cleaning the stove NT 0 Replies #1905606 7:33AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905611
amIsane - Mike up..grabbed a towel...threw it over his shoulder and went into WC NT 1 Replies #1905611 7:37AM 13/07/2005
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amIsane - He came out of WC, threw the purple towel he had had on his shoulder back on the sink area #1905617 7:41AM 13/07/2005

(he was still pulling his pants up while he came out of WC) then washed his hands and used a nice clean folded yellow towel to dry his hands
(ed. I wonder why he did not use the purple one he took to the WC with him..LOL)

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Topic #1905619
amIsane - Mike went back to bed. E outside washing towels NT 1 Replies #1905619 7:42AM 13/07/2005
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amIsane - E came back inside...washed a few cups(he found outside I think) made his ice water and coffee and now quietly sits at kitchen counter NT #1905630 7:48AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905647
sarabb6 - Ugh! Wish my DH was more like Eric!! Wakes up and starts Cleaning!!! NT 0 Replies #1905647 7:58AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905658
amIsane - Eric just got up..put his hat on backwards(for those that do not know..he told his kids when he put his hat on that way..he was thinking of them) NT 0 Replies #1905658 8:01AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905683
amIsane - Eric complaing to Rach as soon as she gets to the kitchen 2 Replies #1905683 8:11AM 13/07/2005
He starts complaing the place was a disaster, sink full of dishes, towels, 4 glasses outside. He had to clean it up. He wants her to call a meeting, he is not going single anyone out. The sinks are nasty, can't even tell they are stainless steel.
E "Jan and Kay were still up at 4:30 this morning"
He is complaining....complaining..the house is a mess..etc

E "Like I saID I am not going to call anyone out, unless it doesn't change. I do not have a problem with that(calling people out). I will do it in from of every body. I have done it before."

(ed. Rach was talking some of the time, but she talks low, and E talked over her a bit)
Rach had said something about getting a bucket of water to clean bathrm sink.
E "I am going to go work out before it gets to hot out there"

Rach is making her breakfast now and E at the washer outside.
E having problems at washer
e "I don't what the hell I gotta do here" (to himself)
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amIsane - Eric at weights now...Rach feeding the fish NT #1905695 8:13AM 13/07/2005
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amIsane - Rach just sliced her finger while cutting an orange, she says withj a slicer, not a knife. Rach "It's a good thing we don't have knives" NT #1905714 8:16AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905696
CougarSpy - Rachel/Eric in kitchen – Eric saying this place was a mess. See all those dishes, they were all in the sink. [Note. The dishes were done last night. 0 Replies #1905696 8:13AM 13/07/2005
Eric washed a few this morning and just loaded them on top of the ones already in the drainer.] He goes on to complain about all the dirty towels in the bathroom. He wants to call a group meeting, not to single anyone out. Talks about do people live like this at home.

Eric is inferring it was the late night crowd that left the mess in the sink and all the dirty towels lying around. [Again, most of the dishes in the dish drainer were washed early this morning by the late night crowd. Eric is blowing it out of proportion.

He says Jan/Kaysar someone else were still up at 4:30 am [Ashlea, perhaps]

[Ed. Note. Eric is just trying to stir up trouble. He is blowing everything out of proportion to Rachel.]
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Topic #1905732
listex - Rachel cut her finger with a knife... 1 Replies #1905732 8:19AM 13/07/2005
...Eric says it doesn't need to be stitched, but helps her with a bandaid, etc.
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amIsane - It was a "slicer"(whatever that is) not a knife NT #1905736 8:20AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905785
CougarSpy - Maggie/Rachel in kitchen – Maggie up now. Rachel asked if Maggie can help her with finger that she sliced doing oranges this morning. 0 Replies #1905785 8:34AM 13/07/2005

She tells Maggie about the morning drama and how Eric said this place was a pig style this morning. Rachel says that Eric said dishes were scattered all over the place and that Eric washed all those (pointing to drainer) this morning. [Eric only washed a few, Ash/Jan did most of them last night – hope someone has screen caps]

Outside Eric still nagging saying Ash/Jan up till 4:30 and had to walk past all the dirty dishes and did nothing. We need to have a group meeting…

Eric – Every morning I frickin clean a pile of dishes. Says he couldn’t even make coffee this morning because the sink was piled full of dishes. This is f$$kin unacceptable.

Eric – there was two piles of dishes in the sink.

April up now and Eric’s story is growing exponentially about two f$$kin high piles of dishes in sink. More about towels scattered all over the lawn.

[Ed. Note. Eric only keeps mentioning Ash/Jan’s name. He has not mentioned Kaysar’s in his piled higher than $hit story]

James/April/Maggie/Rachel talking or April is, at table outside. Eric lifting weights.
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Topic #1905788
Anonymous - April, James, Maggie and Rachel 0 Replies #1905788 8:35AM 13/07/2005
Eric seems to have finished talking about the kitchen mess, walked off.
Maggie and James join April and Rachel at the patio table in the BY.
Discussing how people were up all night.
Trying to figure out who was where at what time....
April says Howie went to bed 45 min after Beau.
April is saying that Howie mentioned the place being trashed last night, says Howie said he was going to clean it up before bed.
Kaysar told April he stays up so he can pray before bed, he knows his alarm clock is disturbing people.
Talking about dry skin now!

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Topic #1905797
SassyPrncess - James outside to April, Mag, Rach "Some people have played their cards too early." NT 0 Replies #1905797 8:37AM 13/07/2005
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