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Topic #1906481
ISmileICrazy - Updates on all feeds 0 Replies #1906481 11:11AM 13/07/2005
Wow.. no updates in awhile.. will try and fill in last little bit.
Kaysar and Maggie were talking all strategy. She told him to hang low. Then they spoke about her job and how she deals with death all the time. Kaysar always wanted the be a police officer.

James had a shower... erm, Sarah prepped herself for when shes called to the diary room.. sounds like they're all being called for voting.

I wasnt paying attention a lot so missed some... now Ivette, James, Maggie, and Rachel in the backyard chatting. Hard to make it out, going in and out of fish all the time.

Sorry not much info! Hopefully someone else can fill in some.

All done for me now.. have to get work done.. hopefully someone will be able to keep you all updated! And sorry for all the commentary on this post.
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Topic #1906555
nascargirl - Janelle waxed Howie's back in the kitchen. GROSS! NT 0 Replies #1906555 11:22AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1906599
nascargirl - Beau is saying which of his friends he wants to hook each of the houseguests up with NT 0 Replies #1906599 11:28AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1906815
JillinTx - 14 people in the house... 0 Replies #1906815 12:08PM 13/07/2005
and all 4 cameras are on one conversation between Michael and Janelle. Not quite what I signed up (& paid) for.
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Topic #1906896
lacycatherine - Michael laying by the pool ... 2 Replies #1906896 12:18PM 13/07/2005
out of the blue he said 'People are strange'

All four feeds are on him.
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lacycatherine - All four feeds are still in the back yard. Janelle has joined Michael #1906941 12:27PM 13/07/2005
to lay out.

Janelle says for some reason she has a Jay-Z song in her head.

Michael asks Janelle if she wants to go into the hot tub.

There is a lot of microphone moving around but Michael asks if (someone) is still with Cindy what's her name. Janelle says 'Crawford'?

Michael to Janelle - 'You are wierd'
Jan - Honey you are just as wierd.
Mic- What would you be doing now?

Jan- What time is it? 4pm? I don't know what I would be doing.

Janelle comments on her tan lines.
Mic-don't flash me. Well unless you want to'
Jan - I was going to get my Realtor license.
Mic - Why didn't you
Jan - Because I am here


Comes back to Janelle asking

Janelle - what would YOU be doing?

Feed switches to Howie and Rachel in the bathroom whispering.

BB asks Michael to go to the DR.

Howie and Rachel are trying to figure out the couples. They think that Maggie and Eric are brother and sister. They have decided that there are 7 couples in the house.
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lacycatherine - Rachel says she thinks that everyone thinks Howie is a wildcard. #1906950 12:28PM 13/07/2005
They discuss some more and Howie says "Good job Rach!" Howie stays in the bathroom and Rachel leaves.
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Topic #1906942
ACNutz13 - Howie & Rachel figure out the pairs. NT 0 Replies #1906942 12:27PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1906967
lacycatherine - Howie paces in the HOH bathroom on F3. He picks up the remote 1 Replies #1906967 12:30PM 13/07/2005
to the secret TV and starts watching it. He tip toes to the bed (like someone is going to hear him). He plays with the buttons on the TV. He realizes that he can now see the whole house. THE LOOK ON HIS FACE IS PRICELESS!!!!
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lacycatherine - Howie continues to flip throught the pictures of the rooms. He turns #1906978 12:31PM 13/07/2005
off the TV and gets up. He sets the remote down and leaves the HOH.

Howie declares - I feel like a million bucks and some change!
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Topic #1906972
ACNutz13 - Howie plays with the video monitor in HOH room. NT 0 Replies #1906972 12:30PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1906976
ISmileICrazy - Howie and Rachel plotting in HOH Bathroom 2 Replies #1906976 12:31PM 13/07/2005
Howie and Rachel just listed off who was with who and have it dead on. She says to keep it cool, clean up after yourself. Eric gets angry. He said he voted for "Who was right" because they cant discuss votes at this time. Rachel says she thinks she knows who to vote for. Discussing whether its better to keep Janelle or not. Comparing their game play to Danielle and Jason. They are low key, noone suspects anything and both are under the radar.
Howie - Good job Rach!
Rachel leaves.
(Editor note: They're the sneakiest... doing it well.. getting the main points out then leaving before being interrupted.)
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ISmileICrazy - Also think it would be smart to get rid of one of each pair NT #1906999 12:34PM 13/07/2005
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RealitySwan - Rachel also told him everyone was gunning for Michael, and he said, "but he's our ally". NT #1906991 12:32PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1906990
Alby - Rachel and Howie in HOH bathroom 0 Replies #1906990 12:32PM 13/07/2005
Rachel:Make sure you pick a bed for yourself don't get into one with someone in it.
Howie: That place was a disator last night
Rachel: Eric was so furious
Rachel: So did you vote?
Howie: Yeah, did you?
Rachel: No I don't vote. Who did you vote for.
Howie: I can't say. But I did what is right. What I think is right.
(There is more but I didn't get it. I hope someone did!!!)
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Topic #1907004
Anonymous - Beau teaching Sarah how to model walk in the kitchen NT 0 Replies #1907004 12:35PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1907031
ISmileICrazy - Feed Report: Feed 1 - Janelle tanning. Feed 2 - Sliding door. Feed 3&4 - Model walk with Beau and Sarah. NT 0 Replies #1907031 12:41PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1907060
amIsane - Janelle F2 0 Replies #1907060 12:45PM 13/07/2005
Jan was in the pool for a couple of minutes(in a bright green bikini...curiously she never got wet above her waist. She basically stood there...at one point putting a foot on one of the steps0 [ed note. was she trying to pose for the camera's?? lol]
She then gets out, lies face down on a towel right by the pool and unties the back of her top. Howie walks over, BB did not have audio on with them.
All I could hear was Howie saying something about her turning over. She says give her 15 min and she will walk(??) with him. Howie walks around her staring(LOL) and saying something.... but I could not hear due to the lack of audio, and Jan laughs and says "Shut up Howie"
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Topic #1907078
ACNutz13 - BB: This is a reminder that sleeping in the living room is not permitted. NT 1 Replies #1907078 12:48PM 13/07/2005
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amIsane - BB directed that at Kaysar(kay sir was BB pronunciation.lol) NT #1907091 12:51PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1907087
ccquilter - Howie comments that one of Ashlea's bathing suit bottoms looks like a carwash 0 Replies #1907087 12:50PM 13/07/2005
They all cracked up and said they could put a quarter in it and she'd swish around or something - very funny moment
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Topic #1907165
amIsane - Jenn, Jan and mike at pool 2 Replies #1907165 1:06PM 13/07/2005
Jan had left for a bit. Mike came out at the pool. April came out on patio smoking, chatting it up w/Mike for a bit.
Jenn and Jan come out. Jan is now wearing a different bikini(lol).
Mike is talking between normal, redneck and british accent.
Curiously Jann has sat down at the edge of the pool right in front of mike. Mike says "How's my little jenn"
Jenn says she has not had a good last couple of days. Mike blows on her legs, doesn't seem to bother her. Jenn says she has a tatoo on her rear end, well she says right above. She says Howie and constantly talking about it, she says she does not like how Howie behaves with her. (not exact wording) Jan is in the pool with Mike, they talk a bit etc.
Jenn says she does not like it when Howie calls her "chunk"
Jenn "I know I am not fat, and I know I am not perfect but I don't like it when he calls me chunk"
Janelle "He calls me gold digger"
Jan talking about the padding in her bikini
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amIsane - more #1907174 1:10PM 13/07/2005
Jan and mike have been big time flirting in the pool.
Jan and Jenn have been talking about Jan bathing suit.
Jenn telling her she looks cute.
Something else is said and Jan says "Because I am a girlie"
Jan and mike get very close whispering, can not hear..at first serious, then they laugh. BB says "Janelle, please exchange your microphone battery"
Jan "Alright!!"
They laugh a bit more and she gets out to go inside.
Mike "I will be waiting for you here sugar pie"
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ccquilter - Looks like Janelle bought the "carwash" suit from Ashlea NT #1907187 1:15PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1907210
Hypnotoad - Rachel gets HOH camera. She is taking photos of houseguests. She probably will also make blog post tonight NT 0 Replies #1907210 1:25PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1907212
JulesAna - Rachel walks outside with a camera and snaps of picture of Jan & Ash. 0 Replies #1907212 1:26PM 13/07/2005
Rachel wants Mike to come with her inside because "she only has an hour".

He doesn't want to, so she says she'll get everyone outside for pictures.
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Topic #1907219
JulesAna - Mike tells Jan that the first girl he ever had sex with (implied) was Greek and looked exactly like Jan. NT 0 Replies #1907219 1:27PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1907227
amIsane - Jan and Mike ...more at pool 0 Replies #1907227 1:30PM 13/07/2005
Talking at pool about bond movies. Mike talks about he being James Bond(I came into the middle of this) Mike keeps saying in brit accent "Hello, my name is Bond...James Bond"(he says this several times) Jan keeps saying what is a bond girls name. He says a few and she does not like them. She is now in the pool with him and he tells her she looks like a Sweedish(sp?) model. She starts posing, jumping around posing. They giggle and flirt. He starts doing his bond impression again, Jan "Hello, I am a bond girl"
Rach comes out w/ a camera, says she has an hour with it. They say take a picture, Jan jumps out lets her hair down and poses for camera as rach takes picture (LOL)
Jan and mike are only ones at pool again, very much back to the flirting. They whisper(I can not hear them) and they giggle. Mike starts
Mike "The first time I....First time...never mind"
Jan "No, say it"
Mike "Well this one time I was in Greece, there was this girl. You look just like her. She was georgeous, voluptious..bodacious(sp??)"
Jan "He..he..he..he(giggling)"
More whispering between them and giggles
Then Rach comes back out w/camera
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Topic #1907232
joannie - Rachel is taking pictures of the gang in the kitchen. NT 0 Replies #1907232 1:31PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1907243
amIsane - BB VERY STERN "Janielle...Michael...put on you microphone!!! " Janelle "Sorry!!!!" (ed. no wonder it has been so hard to hear these 2!!!) NT 1 Replies #1907243 1:33PM 13/07/2005
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amIsane - Jan and Mike have left pool...going inside. They complain it is so hot. NT #1907250 1:35PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1907244
Disneyisme - BB MAD: "Janelle, Michael put on your microphone!" NT 1 Replies #1907244 1:33PM 13/07/2005
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Disneyisme - (They are both out by pool lying in the sun, whispering - very low.) NT #1907246 1:34PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1907248
JulesAna - Michael to Janelle: I miss [pause] driving down the streets [pause] in Italy. *heavy sigh* 0 Replies #1907248 1:34PM 13/07/2005
Janelle: How can your parent see this if they're in Italy?
Michael: They can't. My sister . . .

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Topic #1907260
Disneyisme - Janelle and Michael have come back inside and went up to HOH, 2 Replies #1907260 1:37PM 13/07/2005
all the HG's are in there now for a group picture. They are all together, but are yelling for Ivette to get up there.

Janelle is being told (AGAIN) by BB to put on her microphone.
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Disneyisme - I just realized it's a digital camera, they all look at the picture and say they LOVE it. #1907265 1:39PM 13/07/2005
Someone asks if it will end up on a website. They are forming to take one more picture..I think Beau is the one taking the picture.
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Disneyisme - Beau jumped in last minute for the pic, so it must have a timer? NT #1907268 1:41PM 13/07/2005
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