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Topic #1908304
StrawberryWine - BB: Rachel, Head of Household, please go to your room! NT 0 Replies #1908304 5:07PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1908320
valentine - Kaysar: This is Why I Came Here, 0 Replies #1908320 5:09PM 13/07/2005
to talk about this. I wanted to talk about this.

He's in the living room sitting with James, kind of wrapping up their long, heated political conversation. They have a good vibe, now.

And Now for Something Completely Different:

Janelle sits in the Gold Room with a white face mask on. She peeled it off, and it hurt. She meant to leave it on for the full 10 minutes.

Janelle: Fuc*k!

She tries to stick it back on her face. Michael paints Ashlea's toenails while she gives him sharp verbal direction.
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Topic #1908328
StrawberryWine - Janelle has a facial mask on and Michael calls her Hanibal Lecter. lol NT 0 Replies #1908328 5:10PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1908343
StrawberryWine - Michael just asked Jan how long she can keep her hair extensions in. 0 Replies #1908343 5:12PM 13/07/2005
She starts laughing and says she doesn't have them. Now Jan says, your mean, I hate you.

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Topic #1908350
valentine - Mike: What Do You Want to Know? 0 Replies #1908350 5:13PM 13/07/2005
as he plops down in a chair in the Gold Room. Janelle still has the white mask on.

He stares at her and they flirt.

Mike: You might as well take that thing off.

She throws it off.

Janelle: How does my face look?

Mike: Wonderful. When do the extensions have to come out.

Dead silence. Janelle and Ashlea stare at each other.

Janelle: Michael!!! I hate you!!!

She keeps protesting, but he keeps asking the question. She huddles on the bed and he goes over to give her a kiss.

Now he's asking Ashlea about her Bliss Hand Mitt.
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Topic #1908357
Zazny - Mike is bored 0 Replies #1908357 5:15PM 13/07/2005
M: This is the most bored I've ever been
J: Is it because you're stuck here with us
M: But it does have its benefits
J: Like what?

Mike may have obscured his mic or I lost audio

J: That's something for the dvd!

He says that she should take off the face mask she had on (some beauty treatment).

Ashlea is around too.

J: How do I look?
M: Beautiful... How long do you have to have your extensions in?
J: I hate you, Michael!

M found some moisturizing gloves Janelle has and asked to try them on

M: Mr. Camera, I like you.
M: I like that mirror
M: I *want* to put it right behind my bed
J: I *want* to put it right behind my couch
M: I want to *put* it right behind my bed
J: I want to *put* it right behind my couch
M: *I* want to put it right behind my bed
J: *I* want to put it right behind my couch
M: You want to put it behind your couch?
J: Yes, I want to put it behind my couch!
M: YOu want to put it behind your couch?
J: I want to put it behind my couch!

They call Ashlea to the DR

A: I do not want to go!
M: You do not want to go to the diary room?
A: I do not want to go to the diary room!
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Topic #1908396
amIsane - Kay felt descrimanated against a week after sep 11th 0 Replies #1908396 5:21PM 13/07/2005
Kay: " The thing with me is...Like you, people who care. Not like other people who do not care. Like you are passionate about your beliefs. I like to have a intellectual convo with you. I think, why does he feel that way. We may not agree, we actually prob do not agree on alot of things. Like I feel you are an intellectual"
Kay " A week after sep 11, he walked into super market. He was in line, a black woman steps in front of him. And you remember where you come from. He was very sad, "
(ed. Basically he was saying that black people are descriminated against here in the USA, Yet after about a week after sept. 11, he was waiting in line at a grocery store here, and a black women cut in line in front of him, therefore in his mind descriminating against him. He was upset and could not understand why she would do that)
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Topic #1908412
amIsane - James and Kay are starting to listen to each other 0 Replies #1908412 5:24PM 13/07/2005
They are talking about descrim. James is being more understanding towards Kay point of view and vice versa. Kay is then called to diary room.
(ed. They are both very passionate on their diff views, but they started to actually listen to each other, and agree on things instead of talking over each other, like the arguments earlier.)
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Topic #1908419
RealitySwan - Kaysar was called the the diary room and James went into the kitchen 0 Replies #1908419 5:25PM 13/07/2005
He said "That was one of the best conversations I've ever had."
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Topic #1908422
Zazny - Howie walks into the gold room 0 Replies #1908422 5:25PM 13/07/2005
and is bombarded with all the acting class game Michael, Janelle, and Ashlea are playing from 3 sides. It freaks him out and he quickly makes his exit.
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Topic #1908447
valentine - Janelle Took Acting Lessons for Four Years 1 Replies #1908447 5:30PM 13/07/2005
Michael took them for a few months--he wanted to learn what the process was. He knew one of Janelle's teachers and said he was good. He also said that Jeff Goldblum was a teacher at one of the workshops she said she used to go to.

Janelle: I know Jeff.

Mike: You know Jeff??

Janelle: I knnnnnooooow Jeff.

And the game continues. She seems like a good actress.
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valentine - Mike's Acting Teacher Didn't Give Him Good Feedback #1908466 5:32PM 13/07/2005
so he lost interest in the class.
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Topic #1908490
amIsane - Kay out of diary rm. He and James are playing chess now NT 0 Replies #1908490 5:36PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1908496
StrawberryWine - All feeds on Kaysar and James playing chess...no convo. (ho hum) NT 0 Replies #1908496 5:39PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1908521
SassyPrncess - James & Kaysar gossip 0 Replies #1908521 5:45PM 13/07/2005
James: Eric I don't see as a threat right now.
Kaysar: Eric approached me that he wanted me to throw it (HoH Comp)

Kaysar: We have our difference of opinions, but I definitely trust you.
James: You have to separate yourself from them... have your friends, but...
James: There is not one person in this house that likes Mike.

Sarah comes up and interrupts the chess game
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Topic #1908534
valentine - Oh Snap. Kaysar Just Asked Sarah and James If There Was Something Going On 0 Replies #1908534 5:48PM 13/07/2005
between the two of them that he should know about.

James: No. Not for three weeks.

Kaysar: Why three weeks?

James: Stategically.

Sarah: What if you get evicted before then??

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Topic #1908543
valentine - BB Won't Give Them Booze Tonight 0 Replies #1908543 5:51PM 13/07/2005
James is bellowing throughout the kitchen: You can go in there and ask for it, but you won't get it.

The chess trio upstairs start reciting their little Fight Club jokey lines.
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Topic #1908558
SassyPrncess - James to Kaysar: You can take her (Sarah) Wowza! NT 0 Replies #1908558 5:55PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1908577
SassyPrncess - Jani, Mike, Ash work on safes in Gold Room NT 1 Replies #1908577 6:00PM 13/07/2005
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SassyPrncess - Code could be on Subway sign in Bedroom, has numbers on it NT #1908591 6:05PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1908608
SassyPrncess - Mike says safe code is behind map on wall. NT 0 Replies #1908608 6:13PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1908625
SassyPrncess - Jani: Do u think Kaysar would actually date me?..... 0 Replies #1908625 6:17PM 13/07/2005
Ashlea: He couldn't afford you.
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Topic #1908633
luvthemfish - 6pm to 6:18 From Chess Trio to Ivette and Howie downstairs 0 Replies #1908633 6:18PM 13/07/2005
Sarah is still watching Kaysar and James play chess, she's been there about a half hour now. Sarah makes an 'ooh ooh noise' James tells her to shut up after Kaysar says 'you ooh ooh yourself!'

Can hear Ivette downstairs.
Sarah tries to give James Chess advice when Kaysar looks away.

Ivette and Howie making loud noises downstairs again.

Feed switches to living room:
Eric and Howie are leaving living room, howie counting something.
Beau walks in with Mike, 'He grabbed my pee pee today' (think that was Howie talkin bout Beau.'
Ivette and Howie playing a game with the coasters.....looks like throwing to the center of the coffee table. Ivette asks what you get if it lands on the couch. Howie says you get to bring 'Bo bo' over there.
Looks like Ivette is winning this game. Howie won, 12 to 11
They are way too loud! I've got to switch feeds.
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Topic #1908641
Alby - After Michael leaves the gold room 0 Replies #1908641 6:19PM 13/07/2005
Ashela says to Janeelle
I think Michael has a crush on you.
JAnelle says: Do you think Howie or KAysar?
Do you think Kaysar would date me?
Janelle goes on to say that Kaysar is cute and Ashlea says Kaysar looks like some of her ex-bfs.
Ashlea then says Kaysar "couldn't afford" Janelle.
Janelle says "you bitch" (jokingly)
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Topic #1908667
meonlee - Howie.. "i almost crapped my pants", now he is spray air freshner NT 0 Replies #1908667 6:24PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1908711
luvthemfish - April/Maggie/Beau B.Y. Talk about the mess outside 0 Replies #1908711 6:33PM 13/07/2005
Bo is upset about one of the girls leaving dishes (not sure who yet).
Maggie points out the stuff left on the patio table.
April says 'I feel like somebodies bitch, and i'm not getting paid. I'm gonna go talk to Jannelle, she'll listen to me at least.' Michaels tshirt is outside too. Bo says he is not moving the plates outside. April points out the gross ashtray by the pool, and a soaking wet pillow that bo says will mold. April is piling the stuff up ( I believe near Michaels shirt, but no one has gone to say something to them yet). Bo is wringing out the pillow, it is seriously wet.

Maggie says 'we've just gotta vent to each other and deal with it until it's gone. IN four weeks, it will be.'

All quiet at the moment, save for the occaisional mumbled curse.
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Topic #1908723
amIsane - April getting pissy 0 Replies #1908723 6:35PM 13/07/2005
She picked up a cup and plate, put them in a chair where Beau had placed some clothes.
April is mad, talking about the mess in the back yard (:-/)
Mag says she told Er this am that they just have to put up with it.
Ap " I am going to talk to Jan, she is going to be nice"
April says she will be pissed if she gets evicted before these people. Mag says only about 4 weeks and they will be gone. (Ash, Jan, Mike, Kay)

April complaining to Beau, "Well you wanted to be someones b!tch"
She goes on....and on....and on.. endlessly.
She says the messes are made and the people who do nothing to clean or clean up after themselves are Janelle, Ashlea, Kaysar, and Mike.
She says this isn't even our house, clean up.
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