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Topic #1908760
SassyPrncess - Howie is offering free breast exams- um, while everyone is eating. NT 0 Replies #1908760 6:45PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1908776
amIsane - They have decided the 2 nominees get the Gold rm tonight NT 0 Replies #1908776 6:49PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1908791
luvthemfish - 6:45 to 7:00 pm, dinner conversation, from Kitchen April and Beau... 0 Replies #1908791 6:53PM 13/07/2005
Howie whispers to Jennifer (shhhh, big brother is watching you).
Jennifer doesn't look very happy, Howie tries to joke with her.
Eric is cooking again, making sure everyone has gotten food.
Howie says he can't wait to play spin the bedroom.
HG's say the two nominees get the Gold room, was already decided previously.
Jenny offers her bed to ERic, he says he likes sleeping in the same bed every night.

Beau, who was complaining before about how the others messed up the backyard, is sitting on the kitchen counter eating.

Howie asks Eric if this turkey burger is 'good for me.' Eric gives Howie the look of death, then Howie laughs.

Feed is all over the place, and everyone is talking at once!
James and April are washing dishes, looks like James is just washing one baking sheet though.
April coughs. James says 'was that a smokers cough.'
Bo is whispering to April, can't hear, but April laughs. Bo says 'I was like, are you kidding me.'
April smiles into camera and says 'Bo is too damn funny for me.'
Michael has said he's not eating tonight. Jennifer has been standing in the kitchen this whole time.
April says (at sink) 'i'm only staying in here a certain amount of time then i'm done.'
Bo: 'Kaysar is sleeping where, in the Gold room? Ashlea can I sleep in your bed? Am I sleeping in Kaysars cot?' Asks April where she's sleeping, she says she doesn't sleep well in HOH. She'll sleep on a cot.
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Topic #1908850
SassyPrncess - Janelle & Ashlea gossip in Gold Room 0 Replies #1908850 7:09PM 13/07/2005
Janelle: If Eric did that it is because Kaysar is a threat.
Ashlea: Probably...
J: But you're not a threat, you were never a threat to them.
A: I think Eric definitely felt threatened.
J: No one wanted to do that, Ashlea (the alliance she tried)
J: If Eric turned all the votes around he's a piece of sh*t.
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Topic #1908855
luvthemfish - Gold Room Conversation about Eric turning Votes against Kaysar 0 Replies #1908855 7:09PM 13/07/2005
Cut in to Gold room
Janelle says i'm going to tell Kaysar
Ashlea says don't, not sure if he did 'that'
Janelle feels that if Ashlea stays, she is more targetted. Ashlea doesn't know if she could handle another two weeks.
Janelle is laying in bed with a satin eye mask on. Mike leaves.
Jan: If eric did that he's a piece of shi*... Janelle says Eric feels Kaysar is a threat. She says Ashlea was never a threat to them. (not totally sure what Eric did).
Ashlea thinks she was a threat because she suggested the Florida alliance (which would have put Eric up) Jannelle is upset that Eric might have turned all the votes against Eric.

(Note: Ashlea is Jannelles partner....but Jannelle is upset that Kaysar might have gotten voted out).
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Topic #1908875
SassyPrncess - James and Sarah gossip on Hammock 2 Replies #1908875 7:13PM 13/07/2005
James: Beau & Ivette are definitely together.
J: He eats at her restraunt every day.

Sarah: Are you going for H0H?
S: Next week is a waste.
J: Because everyone knows we need to get rid of Mike.

J: You know we can't do nothin'. Did they get that on film?

S: Ivette came out.
S: I don't think Jennifer likes me.
J: Jennifer doesn't like you because of me
J: That is why I still flirt with her. I flirt with all the girls.
S: Keep it up, but don't think you won't pay for it later.
J: I am going to get Rachel to like me.

S: She has to go (Rachel)
J: Mike has to go first.
S: Mike doesn't threaten me.

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SassyPrncess - More James & Sarah #1908921 7:19PM 13/07/2005
James: I can't wait to get HoH.

James: They're more worried about Beau & Ivette being up for eviction.
Sarah: You did that?
James: Yah, I am the one who started that. I am an evil dick. I told you this game was for me.
Sarah: I am worried because a couple of more people may have changed their vote FROM her. (Ashlea)

Sarah: Jennifer is a threat to me.

Sarah: I can't put up Janelle though
James: No, you can't
S: Who do I put up then?

J: This is a good week to let the other team win. (HoH)

Sarah: Did you hear that world? James Rhein, my boyfriend is a big as*hole.
James: You know I love you
S: Until I get fat.
J: Yah.
S: What about when I have babies.
J: You'll have a coupla weeks.

S: You're so mean. I am not having your babies.
J: Ok.

J: NO fat chicks.
S: Wow. I thought you loved me.
J: I do. I love you for who you are.

James: He (Mike) is such a loser. He has to be by himself, because there is no way that guy has any friends.

Sarah: No (he is not with Kaysar)

Sarah: He's a psycho (Mike)

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Anonymous - Hammock Talk #1908899 7:15PM 13/07/2005
Sara said if James got HOH next week it would be a waste because it is 'that time' and they can't do anything.
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Topic #1908903
luvthemfish - 7:05 to 7:16 Sarah and James in the Hammock 0 Replies #1908903 7:16PM 13/07/2005
James is telling Sarah he still flirts with Jennifer because the house is saying they are a couple (him and SArah)
Sarah and James discuss outside at hammock that Rachel needs to go. James says Mike first.
Sarah says Mike doesn't threaten her or James.
Ivette comes out, James invites her to come over, she declines.
Sarah whispers I love you.
James whispers I love you too, I love you a lot dumb butt.

James says they are all worried about Mike. James admits to sarah he started the rumor about Mike putting up Ivette and Beau if he gets HOH.
Sarah asks James if he effed up the evictions, sarah says she thinks a couple of other people may have voted against Kaysar.
Sarah asks 'should I go for HOH this week or no?'
james tells her to nominate SArah, after Sarah says she is a threat to her.
Sarah says she can't put up Janelle (surf board alliance).
She also says she can't put up Michael, because if he wins the veto 'my a** is grass.'
James and Sarah agree this is a good week to let the other team win.
They are hollering to others outside to join them.
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Topic #1908906
Caribou - Sarah: What if he goes?.....James: Then a good player is gone. No big deal. She'll just go up again next week 1 Replies #1908906 7:16PM 13/07/2005
James telling Sarah that if Ashlea is the one to stay, and Kaysar is voted out, then Ashlea will just get put up next week again, this time with Mike.

They talk about going for HOH. (I think they decided not to) Something about "let the other group get it"
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mommamia - Jand S just said they don't think Michael has a friend in the house. NT #1908920 7:19PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1908918
bruhe - J says to S that M is such a loser.. there's no way he has friends.. but maybe he's with kaysar.. they blow that i dea off NT 0 Replies #1908918 7:19PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1908932
Caribou - F3: Mike and Kaysar whispering in main bedroom. 2 Replies #1908932 7:21PM 13/07/2005
(i came in on very end of it)

Mike - why are people all going up against me? they just don't like me?
Kaysar - I dont' know man. I don't know what's going on around here. Let's just see what happens this week then get HOH next week
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LadyeJayne - Then the camera briefly showed Janelle in the gold room. She was smiling, and may have heard M & K's conversation. NT #1908946 7:24PM 13/07/2005
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LadyeJayne - Kaysar was just giving Michael a head's up. He said that everyone is against Michael. #1908939 7:23PM 13/07/2005
Kaysar said he just wanted to let Michael know that people are "against" him.
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Topic #1908940
Caribou - F3: Eric, Beau, Ivette on patio 0 Replies #1908940 7:23PM 13/07/2005
Eric telling them Janelle just throws out any name to see what sticks, that's who she'll go against. She threw out my name a couple times and nobody would listen to her. Saying Janelle is working the Florida connection (thinking anyone from Florida is a threat and so Janelle will target anyone with that connection)

(I think - camera cut in halfway into their convo)
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Topic #1908942
RealitySwan - James said "I'm going to ride Eric all the way. I hope." NT 0 Replies #1908942 7:23PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1908943
SassyPrncess - Eric about Janelle & her outing the secret pairs 0 Replies #1908943 7:23PM 13/07/2005
Eric: (On Janelle) She's been pushing this Florida connection. And SHE'S from Florida.

Eric: She just wants the attention off of her.

Eric: She threw out my name a coupla times and no one would listen to her.

(Ivette, Beau, Eric present at patio)
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Topic #1908951
SassyPrncess - Janelle accidentally admits she voted for Kaysar NT 0 Replies #1908951 7:24PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1908953
Caribou - F3: Janelle and Howie 1 Replies #1908953 7:25PM 13/07/2005
Janelle just told him she voted against Kaysar cuz she has to try to keep Ashlea. Howie told her she's not supposed to tell "you can't tell anybody about that"

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LadyeJayne - Then Howie tried to get her to kiss him. He admitted that (adult) #1908963 7:27PM 13/07/2005
he had a woody and said he was aroused. Janelle said he was disgusting and left. He called out, "Sorry, Janie!" and stood up, pushing down on his penis through his shorts. The camera panned to his crotch so we could all see.
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Topic #1908961
Caribou - F1/F2: James and Sarah on hammock, Kaysar on the ground next to them, idle chitchat 0 Replies #1908961 7:26PM 13/07/2005
F3/F4: BY Patio crowd - Mike, Janelle, Eric, Beau - boring chitchat
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Topic #1908992
SassyPrncess - Sarah & Kaysar on Hammock 0 Replies #1908992 7:32PM 13/07/2005
K: I could be gone tomorrow.
S: Can't think like that.
K: It's the truth
S: You know what I told you
K: We haven't talked in several days.
S: From day one my thing is that I will not lie and I will not go back on my word. So no matter what happens tomorrow, just remember those two things.
K: That's awesome, thanks.
S: You scared?
K: Not scared, just a little worried. I know something is going on. I've got this feeling.
I have this feeling something weird is going on
S: If it is, I am not in the loop.
K: I think alot of us are. I think there are a few people trying to call the shots.
S: Who worries you?
K: (thinks...) I'd rather talk about it later, after tomorrow. It's pointless right now. I could be gone tomorrow.
K: You can tell who is aggressive, who is talking alot of trash, who is bouncing around alot. Let's put it that way.
S: I never have.
K: I was actually worried about you.

K: You seem like the sweeter more innocent type...if someone puts pressure on you
S: My mind was made up
K: Even if I am gone tomorrow, don't let them bully you or push you around. Do what you think is right. This game is going to be vicious come tomorrow.
S: If they want to go at each other like sharks, let them....
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Topic #1909000
Caribou - F1: Sarah and Kaysar on hammock together 0 Replies #1909000 7:34PM 13/07/2005
Kaysar - I might be gone tomorrow
Sarah - don't say that

Sarah - from day one i swore i'd never lie and i'd never go back on my word
Kaysar - that's awesome

Sarah - you scared?
Kaysar - not scared just a little worried. i have a feeling something weird is going on. that's why...
sarah - if it is i'm out of the loop. it's either good or bad
Kaysar - i think a lot of us are. i think a few people are trying to call shots
sarah - who worries you? someone specifically?
kaysar - i'd rather talk about it later, after tomorrow. kinda pointless right now. i could be gone tomorrow. you can tell who's aggressive, who's talking a lot of trash
sarah - i hope i don't (worry you)
kaysar - no you don't you never have. i was actually worried about you if anything. if one of those people try to put you in a position. you seem like a sweeter more innocent type, if someone puts pressure on you it's hard for you to say no.
sarah - you know what it is though, my mind was made up when i talked to you, i will not lie i will not go back on my word
kaysar - even if i'm gone tomorrow don't let them bully you or push you around. do what you think is right. i think this game is going to get vicious
sarah - if that happens i'm going to take a step back. i just don't personally want to be part of people attacking other people
kaysar - i think integrity is more important
sarah - (something her dad said to her - he's her hero, she looks up to them) everything i do (work,personal life) i want to earn their trust and have them be proud of me. he said he knows i'm gonna make him proud. and i dont' wanna do it because i trick or fight people. i want to have fun. so if you're gone tomorrow or 3 months from now it's what you do with the time you're here
kaysar - i just want to ensure i make the best of my week here
sarah - i remember you saying i just want people to learn more about me and where you come from. and just listening to you, i learned a lot about you. i didn't know that you really didn't have a family here. there's a lot i don't know about iraq and the war. i'm so clueless when it comes to that stuff
kaysar - i don't blame you it's hard to hear about. i can't even handle it.
sarah - and to think that your family is over there...that's horrible

(continues on in same vein)
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Topic #1909020
SassyPrncess - More Kaysar & Sarah on hammock 0 Replies #1909020 7:37PM 13/07/2005
S: So if you are gone tomorrow, it matters what you do while you are here.
K: I want to make sure I do the best with my time here.
S: I remember you saying that you just wanted people to know more about your family and you....there's so much I don't know about Iraq and the war.
K: I can't even handle it.
S: And to think your family is over there going through that stuff- that's horrible.

K: I'll take away that week and a half and I will cherish. I am not worried or scared about leaving tomorrow, I am not. This is only the beginning. I'll be dead honest with you right now. Because.... I dunno, I just have this really bad feeling. I don't think people will play this game with integrity.

K: For example, Ivette said to me yesterday (was questioning my morals and integrity) She was saying this game is not for people like me.

S: I don't have a single enemy here. There is not a single person here I DO NOT like. There are people who worry me, or make me uncomfortable sometimes.

K: Do you even have a strategy.
S: I am probably the only one here who does not have an exact strategy. I want to go into detail about why I am really here, but not at this time.

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Topic #1909021
Caribou - F3/F4: Patio crowd - mike was there but nobody spoke to him so he left. Janelle and Howie - same experience. 0 Replies #1909021 7:37PM 13/07/2005
Leaves Ivette, Beau, Eric and James on the patio gabbing about work, restaurants, whatever. Non-game convo.
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Topic #1909035
SassyPrncess - HG's talk about what they would do with the money 0 Replies #1909035 7:40PM 13/07/2005
Ivette: I'd open a restraunt.
James: I'd finish my masters in teaching. (LMAO)

Ivette goes on about the menu at her restraunt. Beau is silent, for once.
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Topic #1909119
SassyPrncess - Howie & Janelle in Gold Room 1 Replies #1909119 7:53PM 13/07/2005
Janelle & Howie made pinky swear - came in too late to know about what.

H: Beau's a threat to our existance in this house.
H: If you win it, you're putting up Eric & Ivette?
J: Yah. But if they win it, they'll put up you as a pawn.
H: Oh sh*t.
J: Or like me and April, or me and Jenny

J: I want to be with you in the game, like, me and you
H: That's a turn on and I appreciate that.
H: If I win HoH, I want to get you in there with me
Janelle goes along

J: Let's do the final two
H: Really?

Howie tries to get Janelle to commit to sexual favors if he brings her to the Final 2.

H: If we get pretty close to winning can we shower together naked.
J: I'll think about it.
J: Did you hear anything today?
H: Um, um, nah, it was a slow, fun day.

H: Um, um, just kind of a neutral day... Ahh, ahhh you look so hot lying there. It'd be the finest 15, 20 seconds of my life. Gosh damn, I love you.

Howie puts hat over his crotch, he has a woody.

H: You sure you're still with Hannon?
J: Yah.

Janelle has had fake boobs 5 years.

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SassyPrncess - Jani: We have to wait and see what happens Howie. #1909130 7:55PM 13/07/2005
J: We have to win HoH next week.

J: I SAID I would never put you up. (Must be what the pinky swear was for)
J: We have to pretend we don't really like each other. I know it's really hard for you. It's not hard for me.
H: I know, I know.
J: You'd be my friend on the outside.
H: Friend with benefits?
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Topic #1909131
Alby - Janelle to Howie: 0 Replies #1909131 7:56PM 13/07/2005
Janelle: We have to pretend we don't like each other. I know that is going to be hard for you but it won't be hard for me.
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Topic #1909134
SassyPrncess - Eric tells Ashlea: It's not over til it's over. She races off to Gold Room w/H & Jani 0 Replies #1909134 7:57PM 13/07/2005
J: He changed all the votes!

Rachel is sent to DR.

J: Ask him straight up, did you make everyone change their votes!
Howie won't admit who he voted for.

BB- THIS IS A WARNING: It is against the rules of the BB competition to discuss your votes.

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Topic #1909137
SassyPrncess - Janelle to Howie: Who do you want to stay? 0 Replies #1909137 7:58PM 13/07/2005
H: I prefer to have Ashlea here, you know, eye candy.
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