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Topic #1921735
Caribou - Feeds switch to April and Ivette at patio table rehashing stuff we already have heard repeatedly NT 0 Replies #1921735 10:49PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1921816
Caribou - April and Ivette discuss Janelle, Ashlea 0 Replies #1921816 11:01PM 15/07/2005
Ivette - all she did was hang around Ashlea and all Ashlea did was degrade people. so just tell her (janelle), you know what, Ivette doesn't like you because you didn't even give her 12 hours to get to know her before you wanted to put her up.
April - i'll tell her you don't like her because that hurt you, i'm just gonna say
Ivette - i don't care at this point. i want you to say, listen Ivette doesn't talk to you and Ivette doesn't associate with you because you didn't even give her 12 hours before you wanted to put her up and you started talking bad about her, and it got to her, and on top of that, you go around in extremely bad company that she hated. i don't care if you tell her i hated Ashlea...
April - yea yea
Ivette - and I can't stand girls who think they're better than anyone

Maggie is sitting there listening to this.

April - I didnt' say anything to her last night because
Ivette - you wanted to confirm with me, i understand
Maggie - you guys want to do this privately? i'm sorry
Ivette - noooo. (continues on about Janelle) I'll even go up to her myself and tell her why she got nominated today (after April says she will tell Janelle how Ivette feels)

Maggie - are you sure it was within 12 hours?
Ivette - i confronted her about it. honey i'm sure it was within 12 hours
Maggie - that just seems so ridiculous
Ivette - we got in here, right?
M - rachel got HOH
I - the next day at 9pm it was said. 2nd day
M - oh. ok
M - oh my god, thats' devastating
A - i didn't hear, i didn't know about it until she told me
M - i just find it so absurd
I - tell me you wouldn't be infuriated
I - i would have had more respect for her ...
A - i remember her saying to me to want all the girls not boys up there
M - yea me too
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Topic #1921862
Caribou - Ivette still preaching to Maggie and April 0 Replies #1921862 11:11PM 15/07/2005
Ivette - we're smart girls. we can make smart decisions, not with our ass, with our you know, wise decisions, we are educated women, we understand each other, and it won't be taken to offence

April - i never call Jennifer jennies, but sometimes i do
Ivette - i respect her for what she did today. she did a respectable thing today. she stepped up to the plate and took it like a damn man, not a woman, like a damn man. we play week by week girls, just do it week by week. we fight for HOH.

Maggie - i actually have my final 7 picked out
April - you can't tell us?
Maggie - no
Ivette - if i know her, its the 4 girls we all mentioned and beau, james, cappy. i like howie but...
April - i am not talking crap about this but...i'm a good listener and maggie you're the same way and i like to listen....we all have secrets
Maggie - we've said that everyone has their secrets but they will not hurt each other
April - but Howie, he seems to be inconsistent at times. he came in here saying he's in pharm. sales but also meteorologist. i asked him what products. he had to think at least 10 mins. then the other day i asked him what pharm. company he worked for and he had to think about it and his answer i never heard of that company. then the other day i said what company again do you work for? and he said oh i'm not in it anymore i'm just going to school to be a meteorologist.. so i was like what?

Maggie - i think i'm gonna go listen to james taylor
Ivette - i'm gonna go to sleep
April - i'll smoke one more

Maggie calls out goodnight to everyone in the yard
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Topic #1921902
Caribou - Howie joins Ivette and April at patio table 0 Replies #1921902 11:18PM 15/07/2005
They're asking Howie about the extra vote for Ashlea. He explains. Now they get into Mike. Telling Howie that Mike said Howie voted for Ashlea.

Howie - he's trying to recover trust with everybody. when you're treading water with no boat...
Ivette - you didn't go crazy on us, we hug etc. Mike bit my ass
Howie - yea

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Topic #1921906
Caribou - BB: Maggie please go to the diary room NT 0 Replies #1921906 11:18PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1921932
Caribou - Howie, April, Ivette continued 0 Replies #1921932 11:22PM 15/07/2005
April - I was telling him what I thought of him (the counting to 10 thing)

Now Ivette relating the 12 hour story about Janelle not liking her to Howie.
Says she's not trying to get Howie on her side, just telling the story. Adding in the stuff about Ashlea. Howie mostly just listening.

Jennifer walked out into the yard.

Eric arrives and sits at the table.

Now they talk about the food comp.
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Topic #1921957
Zazny - Maggie crying, listening to music in HOH NT 0 Replies #1921957 11:30PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1921975
Caribou - 4 feeds switch to kitchen with Eric and Howie making a snack 0 Replies #1921975 11:32PM 15/07/2005
Eric - you're in florida right, boca?
Howie - yea
Eric - i go there like twice a year. whitfield country club
Howie - yea i know where that is

Sarah and Jennifer join them, sitting at the breakfast bar.

Kaysar and Janelle come into the kitchen. Eric - whats' up?
Janelle is getting ice cream. Says it's all she can eat and laughs.
Kaysar and Howie chit chatting.
Beau arrives and gets ice cream from Howie. Howie kisses him on the cheek and tells him he smells good. Howie is asking everyone if they want ice cream. It's cream cheese tortellini (that must be something in the fridge, not the ice cream...i hope)

Feeds switch back to patio, Ivette, April and Eric. These three AGAIN discussing the vote for Ashlea. Say they'll ask around at the wrap party. Ivette says no get the DVD.

Eric - above all we have to remember this is a game.

2 feeds on patio. 2 feeds on Maggie in HOH room listening to Eric's James Taylor CD and crying, using kleenex.

Eric talking again about all the same stuff we've heard tonight

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Topic #1921981
Caribou - 4 feeds on Jennifer and Howie trying to get into the exercise room NT 0 Replies #1921981 11:33PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1921984
Zazny - Howie and Jen trying to break into workout room 0 Replies #1921984 11:34PM 15/07/2005
Jen: Maybe the glass comes off? I guarantee if we guess the code it won't work until they're ready to let us in. Maybe if they'll see us trying, they'll let! us! in!
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Topic #1921996
Caribou - Kaysar eating at breakfast table, Jennifer sitting with him. 0 Replies #1921996 11:38PM 15/07/2005
Discussing women and their emotions (lol)

Eric enters. Jenn congratulates him on the fart he had on the patio. It lasted 8 seconds but to her it seemed like 10 minutes. Eric said it felt like a bull ride. Kaysar said that's disgusting.

Howie enters and they had idle chitchat.
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Topic #1922001
Caribou - Jennifer - you're not supposed to refill water bottles because there's bacteria keeping it fresh and if you refill it activates it 0 Replies #1922001 11:40PM 15/07/2005
She points out to Kaysar that it says right on the bottle "do not refill"

BB: Jennifer, please go to the DR

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Topic #1922007
Caribou - Eric in HOH hugging Maggie as she cries, laying on bed and crying along to James Taylor CD 0 Replies #1922007 11:41PM 15/07/2005
Maggie - it's every friggin' song. i knew when i saw the cd i'm gonna cry so hard
Eric - i knew you were gonna lose it. i knew it. i'm gonna leave you alone for a while and let you cry. i know the feeling
Maggie - come back in like 5 minutes
Eric - i will

Eric leaves. Maggie really crying, sniffing, trying to catch her breath.
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Topic #1922061
Zazny - Michael/Janelle hammock talk, POV choices 0 Replies #1922061 11:54PM 15/07/2005
M>[Little guy talking about honesty] It's one thing to not like somebody, and . If that's your tactic, you're a slimy schiester, and you belong at the bottom of the barrel. He's not a man of his word. He took something and blew it up out of proportion to sexual harrassment. He tried to brainwash a Scorpio? You don't throw ***** like that mildly like he did. I have to prove to the world what a scum bag he is. There is flattery involved if someone finds you a threat. I assume I was a sincere threat to him. To put us 2 up when the American public when they see that we performed the best on the food challenge and to put us up, I hope it shows the American public what a scumbag he is. I had a talk with Kaysar he said 'the other day Eric said ***** about me.' I know I came to this house, everybody in this house was nice then everybody hated me.

J>I never hated you.
M>You were smart enough to have your own brain. Your own personality. [M recounts his shepard metaphor]. He said I made Jennifer cry.
J>He made her cry.
M>She came to me crying that 'they made me feel like a slut' He said not only did I make her cry but I was in the bathroom punching the walls.
J>Yeah. Everybody was believing that.
M>You heard that?
M>Who told that to you?
J>HAHAHAHA act like I'm flirting with you cuz he's so staring at us right now.
M>Let him worry
J>But he's talking to Kaysar right now

They cover up their mics.

BB>Michael, please do not obstruct your microphone!
J>He's like nervous as hell right now, I have the perfect view.
M>If he found me a threat. 2 of us, we're the biggest threat.
J>Now one of us is going after him
M>The bright idea, which he is short on, would be to put 1 of us up against someone harmless, like Jennifer. Now he has one choice. In POV, he will have to fight so hard.
J>His face was against the glass looking at us.

M>I'm gonna tell you a secret. The second I laid eyes on that guy in the gym, when he looked at me I saw as clear as day. Fear. The same look I see when I go to the gym when there's a guy shorter than me.

J>The move he's making is not smart.

M>He's turned the tables on himself.

J>He has a lot of people on his side

M>You, me, Howie, and Kaysar could turn the house upside

J>If we got James

M>James is a pratt, you overestimate him. He does not threaten me. He's a big talker, nothing but hot air. He and Jennifer are perfect for each other as both don't have personalities.

J>They're both bland.

J>I'll pick Howie for veto and you pick Kaysar. If Kaysar wins it, he can't be nominated so yay. We can convince Eric to put up Eric...I mean Eric to put up Jennifer. All the people on my surfboard side have to vote to keep me in.
...He might put Howie up

M>He'd put Jennifer up before he put Howie up.

Kaysar comes

J>Hi Kaysar.

Kay informs them that they are trying to convince Howie to stay away from her since she may be manipulating him.
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Topic #1922074
Caribou - 4 feeds on Janelle and Mike on hammock 0 Replies #1922074 11:58PM 15/07/2005
J - what did you think about tonight
M - what about tonight?
J - i know you were upset when you came out here but kaysar...
M - he's a really cool guy. he's the only one who
J - eric doesn't want me to talk to you but he can go ***** himself
M - want to see what it looks like under here?
J - are you serious? so many lights in here...such a crappy little blanket
What'd you say to kaysar?
M - i listened to him more, i was just ***** pissed off
J - were you mad at jennifer
M - why? i was just telling kaysar... you know what eric said about me
J - how'd you find out
M - all these people told me. instead of playing honest. here's this hypocritical little buy talking about honesty and leadership..he has hit rock bottom..it's one thing if you don't like somebody but to stir up things that..you jsut don't do..if that's your tactic you're a slimy sheister and you belong at the bottom of the barrel. First of all he lied. Secondly he took something that i did and blew it out of propportion to the point where...sex harassment..tried to convince me in his own strange manipulative way into believeing...you ever try to manipulate a scorpio?...even convince april that i was sexually harassing..you do not throw ***** like that around...so not only am i out to defeat him, i'm out to destroy him. But also to put us two up, when everyone has seen that we performed - us two - for everyone, will further show the public what a scumbag he is. Kaysar said that the other day eric said all sorts of ***** about me. All i know is i came in this house and everyone was nice until (all of a sudden not). I noticed it bright as day. And i'm like wtf have i done? now i realize it's because he's got his little shepherd thing going on. He said i made jennifer cry, which i didn't.
J - HE made her cry
M - she came in and said they made me feel like *****, and my bf...and it's not you it's me...he also said i went into the bathroom and was punching the walls
J - yea but everyone believes it
M - who told you that
J acts like she's flirting because E is staring at them out in the yard
M - dont' ***** worry about it. and then on top of that...now he whispers "i want to reach over right now and kiss you"
J - whispers "i want to kiss you too"

BB: Mike please do not obsruct your microphone

J - he's ***** nervous as hell right now
M - he's not a good tacticion .. one of us is going to go after him. the bright idea would have been to put you or me and somebody harmless
J - i thought he'd put jennifer
M - now he's only got one choice. in the POV he's gonna have to fight so hard to stay in
J - here's what i thought...oh he's coming outside..his face was against the glasss looking at us
M - is he coming out here?
J - no but he's just paranoid
M - i'll tell ya a secret, maybe i told ya this already. the second i laid eyes on him in the gym at the hotel. when he looked at me i saw clear as day fear. same as guys in gyms at home who are like that. he's scared. he's been scared his whole life
J - but the move he's making should be made later in the game
M - yea, you me howie and kaysar could take out the house in a few weeks
J - if we got james out
M - james is a pratt. he doesn't threaten me whatsoever. physically, mentally, nothing. he's nothing but hot air. born wihtout personality
J - yea they're kind of bland aren't they
J - i had an idea. so i'll pick howie for POV and you pick Kaysar
M - i will pick kaysar
J - if kay wins it, he can't be nominated. so then somehow we convince eric to put up jennifer. the thing is the girls promised me they have to vote to keep me cuz they promised me for 2 weeks
M - if kay wins POV
J - or he could put howie up
M - he'd put jenn up before howie
J - he'd put howie cuz then he knows i'd be gone...hi kaysar..is he yelling or talking ***** cuz i'm out here
Kaysar - can i tell you something, why do you think beau was hangingn around you..they're trying to pull you away so they can isolate us

Kaysar walks away they call him back. Says they're working on howie to secure his vote for when they're ready to take janelle out. Kaysar leaves. He seemed upset that jan and mike were in hammock together in view of others

M - your plan is good. we'll talk to howie
J - i'm really confused about what just happened
M - your plan is very good. not really for myself
M - listen, kay wins POV and uses it on me, that leaves you, howie....
J - he'll put up howie if howie doesn't agree to something
M - he'll put up
J - it's ***** we're *****. not enough people. he's a madman. an ego trip
M - he's a weasel. AMERICA, the little man who calls himself a leader, well he's a weasel. he couldn't lead a kid in a candy store. he's a leader to weak people that's for sure

J - whats going on, i'm so confused
M - ***** it
J - icannot believe all those peole just totally lied to my face. kaysar's like they're lying they're lying. they were all like talking to me and trying to brainwash me. i'm like what, ok
M - what do you think the message of the show is. you win through honesty or tellin gpeople if you're dishonest you'll get ahead
J - you can make it without lying. but they get scared of people. they always take out the good people at the end anyway.
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Topic #1922075
Zazny - The nature of the game and the weasel 0 Replies #1922075 11:59PM 15/07/2005
M>Howie's cool, he's [an independent man]
K>They are trying to get his vote.
J>For what?
K>For when they take you out.
J>I'm confused as hell now.

Kaysar leaves.
M>How long do we have? A week?

M>Howie's [and this plan is] good
J>Not for myself, but it could possibly work. But that's our only option
J>He'll put up Howie if he doesn't agree with something. We're *****. We don't have enough people. This is a nightmare. This is an ego trip.
M>He's a weasel. (To cam:) America, the man who thinks he's a [leaser he says at first because he has 'the word weasel is running in my hair'] leader is a weasel. He couldn't lead kids in a candy store.
J>I can't believe all those people were just lying to my face. You were in the diary room and they were all talking to me, trying to brainwash me and I was like what? okay.
M>What do you think the message of the show is? That you win with honesty or that you win with lies?
J>You can make in in this game without lying, I believe.
M>I hope so, I'd like to think so
J>They boot the good people in the end because they think they can't beat the people in the end
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