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Topic #1917549
imnotpunk - michael the next to talk to the allmighty eric NT 0 Replies #1917549 12:41PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917555
Gothicjade - Eric to Michael "I don't know what I'm going to do at this point"... BS 0 Replies #1917555 12:41PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917561
imnotpunk - michael: are you still putting janelle and jennifer up? 0 Replies #1917561 12:42PM 15/07/2005
eric: no, i told you i dont know what i'm doing.

eric proceeds to make the SAME deal that he did with beau and kaysar with michael
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Topic #1917569
Gothicjade - Eric to Michael .. the original plan has gone to ***** (about the guys going to the end) 0 Replies #1917569 12:43PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917577
imnotpunk - michael: i would have made out or f*cked janelle by now if there was something going on NT 0 Replies #1917577 12:45PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917579
Gothicjade - Michael to Eric "Janelle hates your guts... " NT 0 Replies #1917579 12:45PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917590
SassyPrncess - Transcript- Eric and Mike in HoH 0 Replies #1917590 12:46PM 15/07/2005
M: As planned?
E: Just take a seat. There are a coupla things that concern me, big time. Number one, your relationship with Janelle, she scares me, as much as you say "You're in the plan".... I really don't know what i am going to do at this point.
M: Ok.
E: It just seems that you, Kaysar, Janelle by your body language...
M: I am just saying is it as planned, are you putting Janelle and Jenn up?
E: I do not know yet.
E: All I am asking is that if you do not pull your key out of the box that if you win HoH that you do not put me up for one week. That is the only deal that I am looking for.
M: In my mind, it was me, you, Kaysar and whatever
E: Kaysar broke my trust
M: as far as I am concerned is that there is only one person... I can't even look at her in the eyes, she has to pull her head out of your ass.
M: Dude, what did I just say? If you put up Janelle and Jenn....
E: If you pull your key....People think you and Janelle are together.
E: It's not just Ivette.

M: Can I tell you something, quick?
E: Ok.
M: It's astonishing for me to see how many people are not those people now.

M: Again, if your decisions are the same, I am totally bound. I respect Kaysar, he is a man of his word, he gets up and prays 5 times a day. I am hoping you are an honorable man. Your decision is your decision. If you dont trust me... I trust you.... If you are worried about Janelle, she hates your guts dude.

M: When I am outside, I am an outside, who else is up? Kaysar. Who else is up, Howie? We're not conspriring.

M: I may have made it look easy to swallow that ***** today, but regardless if you like her or not, she and I were the only 2 who stood up.

E: Ivette was so busy sticking her nose up your ass, she was too busy ...
M: She's up when I am up!
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Topic #1917607
imnotpunk - april next in emperor eric's HOH NT 1 Replies #1917607 12:47PM 15/07/2005
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imnotpunk - making the same exact deal with april as he did with the other HGs NT #1917615 12:48PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917622
Gothicjade - The "Don" tells April that "Michael is unstable..." and ask for the promise not to put him up if she gets HOH... BS 0 Replies #1917622 12:49PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917634
HoosierHottie - What time do you suppose the nominations will be? NT 0 Replies #1917634 12:50PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917635
SassyPrncess - Transcript- Eric and April in HoH 0 Replies #1917635 12:50PM 15/07/2005
A: You know that I want to be here and I am so pissed that I...
E: Right now, where I am saying is to put up Michael and Janelle. I am going to do it straight up. If I put them up, I am going to put them up and they'll know why. What i need from you is two things.

E: Number One, is that if you win HoH, is a one week reprieve and that if I put up Michael we have to be in agreement.
E: Are you kidding, of course
A: He is unstable.
E: It bothers him that everyone whispers.
A: He did it to himself.

E: As long as i can get those 2 agreements
A: I swear on my life. When I win HoH, I will not put you up. I owe you.
E: All I am saying is that for that one week that you won't put me up.

A: I just want you to know that I am going to fight and give it my all.
E: You know how i feel about you, April,
E: I love you
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Topic #1917636
Gothicjade - April KISSIng A*** "I'm going to give it my all in this game" 0 Replies #1917636 12:50PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917637
imnotpunk - mike to BB camera: i'm ready for war...that's right big brother! NT 0 Replies #1917637 12:50PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917648
SassyPrncess - Mike & Janelle dish 0 Replies #1917648 12:52PM 15/07/2005
J: Did you tell them you have no interest at all.
M: Yah, I told them you are ugly, fat....

M: You know this might work out to our advantage.
J: How?
M: You see... you've got essentially 2 groups, one of the groups is trying to bond so firmly, you'll have some weak people. The other group is off doing their own thing. My guess is that this little love family they have....

(Howie comes in)
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Topic #1917652
SassyPrncess - Janelle: I wish I were ugly so girls stop hating me NT 0 Replies #1917652 12:53PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917655
Gothicjade - Janelle - Wishes she were ugly so girls would stop hating her.... 0 Replies #1917655 12:54PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917708
SassyPrncess - Ivette and Eric in HoH 0 Replies #1917708 1:02PM 15/07/2005
E: You know what I am looking to do. Tell me your thoughts.
I: I don't know, the game is so wishy washy right now. I like the 6-finger thing, because it doesnt make you look bad.

I: So definitely I think those 2 people need to be put up.
E: And that is Kaysar, Michael and Janelle
I: He is out of control.
I: He might say he ate 2 sandwiches, but he is not a team player. And if he can't be man enough to say Cappy had to finish it for me.
E: Just to let you know, he is gunning for you. He. Is. Gunning.
I: How do you know?
E: He just is. If you trust me like I trust you. Keep your emotions in check. Keep above his games. He wants to suck you in, get you emotional...
I: Ijust voice my opinions

E: All I can tell you is that he thinks you are kissing my ass. Where that came from I have no idea.
I: I don't know where that came from

E: Just know I have your back. I don't have to tell you this, but you know the 2 things i am going to ask is that a week reprieve from you. But you know who we want to be in the end.
I: I can tell you there are people we are going to have to hurt...I can tell you honestly that I want you and me to be there in the end.
E: I know that when I walk out that door, if I walk out before you, that you have a friend forever..
I: You have a friend in me.... you've got my heart in this game...to me this is my brother playing the game...

I: I know you are going to do what's best for the 2 of us.
E: Aboslutely.
I: I am afraid of him coming back and attacking us.

E:Michael for some reason can't seem to hold his emotions in check.
I: He has to force his friendships

E: I can't tell you exactly what I am going to do, but ....
I: We are on the same page.

E: Just relax, deep breath, just keep your emotions in check.

E: Now, if he steps up and attacks you I expect nothing less than for you to attack back.

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Topic #1917709
imnotpunk - james next to enter the realm of HOH eric NT 0 Replies #1917709 1:02PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917742
SassyPrncess - Transcript- James and Eric in HoH 1 Replies #1917742 1:08PM 15/07/2005
E: I can't tell you exactly what I am going to do, you have an idea, tell me your thoughts.
J: My thoughts are we stick with the plan. Janelle and Michael did wonderful today. But what pissed me off, I was trying to think of something else....before you announced it was our choice, Janelle was yelling, "Make James and Howie do it!" She wasn't thinking about the team, she was making someone else suffer like she did.

E: Does that surprise you?
J: No.....

J: I would have no problem, if Michael were fortunate enough to get a Veto, I would have no problem voting her off.
E: You'll know, I am not going to make anyone hide the fact ....it will be clear as day why I put the people I put up, put up. It will be clear as day.

J: I didn't at first understand why you were doing it (stepping into food comp)All those who didn't like him, once you did it, you ate Michael's food, the fact that when you came in here, you didn't attack the people who didn't do well. It was impressive. It was a level of leadership I haven't seen before.

E: You have to lead by example.
J: How many people tell you that, though!
E: I know
J: It completely touched me, I came in here not caring about anyone else...I was like OMG, I was so glad I teamed up with you.
E: You're strengths will come up

J: It was kind of emotional
E: I can't practice what I can't preach....there are people out there looking at your character. There are going to be watching, people that know your character, so I did what I could.

E: We're good. You won't have to hide anything. We're good. No matter what dude you have a friend for life.
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straightdave - Eric did NOT make the deal with James to not nominate him NT #1917872 1:27PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917746
KooKooForKaysar - Sarah to eric: "Eric Needs to go" lol NT 0 Replies #1917746 1:08PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917763
SassyPrncess - Transcript- Sarah and Eric in HoH 0 Replies #1917763 1:11PM 15/07/2005
E: Tell me your thoughts.
S: He makes me feel very uncomfortable.
E: You're not the only one who feels that way.
S: I mean howie, he...
E: He has a good heart.
S: He'll stop.

S: Michael stares at you and gives you goose bumps and makes you uncomfortable.
E: I can't tell you what i am going to do....I will not put you in a position where you have to explain yourself. it will be crystal clear why I put up the people I put up

S: My fear is that I won't lie and I won't go back on my word.
E: I won't put you... When i came into this game I said I was going to do my best...not to deceive people...then when someone brought this idea to me that we discussed last night.. I can't do it... I don't want to take the risk that if he gets voted out and he doesn't think he is, then he'll snap.

E: The only thing I ask from you and I ask from everyone else, I am asking for one week, that the next time you get HoH you can guarantee I am safe.
S: If I were to get it, I couldn't imagine putting you up
E: Just one week. That's all I am asking for.
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Topic #1917831
SassyPrncess - Transcript -Maggie and Eric in Hoh 0 Replies #1917831 1:22PM 15/07/2005
E: Alright girl.

E: Hold on a second.
M: (eats chips)

E: Ok.
M: Am I last?
E: I can't tell you who I am putting up
M: I already know
E: All I want to tell you is, that, everybody is going to know why I put the people up. I am taking your advice.
M: You don't have to if you don't want

E: What I can tell you
M: We're sticking to the plan?
M: You're not going to put me first in the keys are you?

M: I am putting Howie first, if I keep you safe

M: It will be obvious if you put me last
E: I'll put you in the middle
M: You know Sarah came to me about you playing honest.
E: She came to me, she told me, she told me I can't lie to you and I can;t be dishonest.

E: James got emotional, he said, Eric you stepped up and you didn't have to, I think it was heartfelt.
M: No
E:I think it was heartfelt

M: You did a great job.. that speech you gave in the kitchen
E: That was all heartfelt... I didn't know if I was going to do it. Don't think for a minute that I didnt know the 2 people who I were going to put up came forward.

M: Eric, c'mon now, you don't have to explain things to me. I need to know what everybody came in and said to you
E: They came to be and basically...Kaysar is shitting his pants right now
M: Good, good
E: I said I need one week of safety. I give you a week, you give me a week. I guarantee that Kaysar will be the last key pulled. I said if you pull your key and you are safe, then you better guarantee me safety.
M: Is it next week?
E: No, I said just one week anytime
M: that keeps you off the block the whole time
E: That was brilliant
M: So you just said the next time you are HoH I just want one week from them.
E:I am not asking for anything but keeping me safe one time
M: Wow, that's a big commitment. They do't see the big picture.

M: Now, you guaranteed Rachel
E: It's a clean slate
M" people are getting annoyed with her at night.

E: Now, I am cutting deals now. If I didn't single you out....
M" I know you did it just right...
E: You can't single people out....
M: I know, I know.
E: We're good.
M: Thank god you got it this week

M: Do your speech for me quick
E: Alright (goes into "you'll know exactly why I put the people up" speech)

E: You'll know why
M: say it's not personal

E: After Ashlea left everyone heard me say, Game on, nothing personal.
M: We just made it 2 weeks.
E: Good that's 2 weeks more than I thought we'd make it.
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Topic #1917861
SassyPrncess - Transcript - Rachel and Eric in HoH 0 Replies #1917861 1:26PM 15/07/2005
E: OK, sit down. Tell me your thoughts.
E: Just to be clear, you know you're safe. I made the deal, I'll stick to the deal. What I've told everybody else is that if I keep you safe I am asking for one week of safety.

E: I am going to keep you safe, but we're even as far as my concerned.
R: Uh huh

E: is that ok that we are even now
R: Yes
E: Tell me your thoughts
R: I'm with you
E: What I can tell you (goes into "everybody will know" speech)

E: All I can tell you is your safe. We're going to make it far.
R: You know what, I am uh, I am trying to keep it cool.
E: I know you are
R: There is one person in this house that needs to go
E: He is scaring people

R: They are un-comfortable.

E: You are safe, nice job today.
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Topic #1917873
SassyPrncess - Note: Janelle has not visited Eric in HoH NT 2 Replies #1917873 1:27PM 15/07/2005
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SassyPrncess - April encourages Janelle to talk to Eric NT #1917898 1:30PM 15/07/2005
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ktan - Eric waved his hand as if to say he wasn't going to bother calling her up to the HOH room. NT #1917894 1:30PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917929
Gothicjade - Janelle trying to make herself puke.. NT 0 Replies #1917929 1:33PM 15/07/2005
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