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Topic #1917225
SassyPrncess - Ivette, Maggie, Sarah on Eric & Mike 0 Replies #1917225 11:48AM 15/07/2005
M: I like how Cappy stepped in for him
M: Mike said it (the poi) was cow intestines
I: But they said it wasn't!
I: He was trying to gross everyone out

I: (To Cappy) You're my hero!

(Note: Of course, suck up)
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Topic #1917243
SassyPrncess - Ivette's T-Shirt: "Everyone loves a spicy latina" NT 0 Replies #1917243 11:50AM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917273
SassyPrncess - Jenn complains to Maggie about rules, more Eric talk 0 Replies #1917273 11:53AM 15/07/2005
J: It's not fair they got an extra minute. (whine)
M: I am happy Cappy stepped up to the plate.
M: And you know what?
J: What?
M: He didn't have to.
J: Right.
M: I thinkhe just wanted to be part of the team.

(Maggie is pumping up Eric as much as she can)
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Topic #1917297
SassyPrncess - More Maggie & Jenn in kitchen 0 Replies #1917297 11:55AM 15/07/2005

J:My brother is a human garbage disposal.
J: I thought Howie and James would be, but not.
M: I can't pass judgement, but there was bits of it (the clam sundae) everywhere.
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Topic #1917320
reverina - Discussing alcohol 0 Replies #1917320 11:58AM 15/07/2005
Sarah, Mike, Howie, Ivette, Beau and a couple others are in the bedroom. Someone says Eric's alcohol is unlimited. Sarah then says, Ya he deserved it. Mind you this is in front of Mike. 10 seconds later Sarah looks at Mike and says, oh yeah you too, you deserve it too michael.
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Topic #1917326
kerribear - Ivette to Howie: "You're better looking than the Pres. of CBS." 0 Replies #1917326 11:59AM 15/07/2005
Howie said that he thought Julie Chen was checking him out.
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Topic #1917336
SassyPrncess - Ivette knocks down Mike/Kaysar's win 0 Replies #1917336 12:01PM 15/07/2005
I: It had alot of milk and one can of tuna so....it's not like... you know.
I: It was alot easier to drink, ya know.
(Yes, Kays & Mike are right there)
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Topic #1917359
SassyPrncess - Howie & Rachel dish while playing Coasters 0 Replies #1917359 12:05PM 15/07/2005
H: Eric and I spoke last night...Take everybody out before we got to get (INAUDIBLE) that helps us.

(I think what he is saying is that there is a long list of people Eric wants out before it gets to Howie & Rachel and that helps them)

R: Start getting better though, just in case, ok?

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Topic #1917382
imnotpunk - howie/rachel/michael in the LR discussing what they can/can't eat this week NT 0 Replies #1917382 12:12PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917421
imnotpunk - HGs stroking eric's ego about "stepping up", he says "it's no big deal, i'm just glad it's over" NT 0 Replies #1917421 12:19PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917440
SassyPrncess - More competition talk (Howie, Ivette, Eric, Jenn, Rachel) 0 Replies #1917440 12:23PM 15/07/2005
Eric: You know, Maggie is a vegetarian, she just couldn't eat it.
Rachel: I know.
Jenn: She is just beating herself up over it.
E: I wish she wouldn't.

(Enter Ivette & Sarah)

I: Jenny impressed be big time.
(Jenny eating something)

E: Uggh, how can you even consider eating?

I: I said to myself, if I vomit, it'll be over so...

I: You know what Kaysar said, they had that Poi stuff in season 3 and they couldn't finish it.

Later, Ivette: I just want you guys to know I gave it my 100%!
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Topic #1917465
Alby - Howie says that his icecream was like going to the Jersey Shore and taking a big bite out of where the water meets the sand. NT 0 Replies #1917465 12:27PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917469
ktan - LR TV screen switches from clouds to "Nominations Today" NT 0 Replies #1917469 12:29PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917472
imnotpunk - BB screen: NOMINATIONS TODAY NT 0 Replies #1917472 12:29PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917473
SassyPrncess - Message to HG's: Nominations today NT 0 Replies #1917473 12:29PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917474
imnotpunk - Eric going to HOH room, wants people to talk to him now about noms NT 1 Replies #1917474 12:30PM 15/07/2005
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imnotpunk - howie follows eric to HOH room NT #1917477 12:31PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917479
SassyPrncess - eric goes up to HoH room with Howie 0 Replies #1917479 12:31PM 15/07/2005
E: Right now, my intentions are....
E: It is my intention to put up Michael and Janelle. I thought about it last and I came into this game I wasn't going to deceive anybody. If I put them up, I am going to say...
H: You want me to vote for who?
E: I want to see Michael gone.
H: Yah, we talked about it last night.
E: If you agree with it, let me know.
H: Yes
E: He is dangerous, he is unstable and he is hanging around Janelle, and Janelle wants me out.

E: Send the next one up.

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Topic #1917497
imnotpunk - eric: i can't trust michael, he's dangerous, and he's way too close with janelle 0 Replies #1917497 12:33PM 15/07/2005
howie agrees, says he'll do whatever is best for the house. if eric wants michael gone, he'll vote to evict him.
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Topic #1917502
imnotpunk - kaysar in HOH with eric now NT 0 Replies #1917502 12:34PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917508
Gothicjade - Eric the "DON" is talking to Kayser... he just told him that "you broke my trust" 1 Replies #1917508 12:35PM 15/07/2005
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imnotpunk - eric to kaysar: don't raise your voice, just relax #1917510 12:35PM 15/07/2005
(and kaysar wasn't even raising his voice to begin with)
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Topic #1917518
imnotpunk - eric to kaysar: if i keep you safe this week, you owe me one week...can you promise me that? 0 Replies #1917518 12:37PM 15/07/2005
kaysar: i can promise you that, i can shake on that
eric: i don't want to shake on that.


eric: if you pull your key out today, there's an understanding between you and me that if you win HOH next week, i am safe
(kaysar agrees)
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Topic #1917522
SassyPrncess - Eric and Kaysar in HoH room 0 Replies #1917522 12:38PM 15/07/2005
E: Have a seat Bro

K: I know I haven't earned any brownie point by hanging out with the outcasts.

K: I am here to pitck this idea to you.
E: You broke my trust when you went to Michael
K: I figured you would probably use that against me.
E: From the moment we spoke, I laid that on the line for you
K: When you asked me right away, I told you the truth. I made a mistake and I showed you I was sincere about that. I feed bad about that.

E: You realize that HJanelle wants me out

K: This is why I am telling you, based on the agreement we had. Keep James, keep Michael, vote Janelle out.
E: Ok. If you can guarantee that if I do not put you up this week, can you guarantee that you won't put me up if you win HoH.

K: For how long? (one week)
K: I can promise you that.

E: If you pull your key out today, there is an understanding that for that one week, you will not put me up if you win HoH.
K: I want to tell you something right now. Whatever happens with the game, you are an awesome dude. man.

E: What I am telling you is, if you pull your key out of that box today, you are guaranteeing me today that you will not put me up.
K: I guarantee that with my life.

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Topic #1917527
imnotpunk - Beau next to talk to King Eric NT 0 Replies #1917527 12:39PM 15/07/2005
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Topic #1917541
SassyPrncess - Transcript- Eric and Beau in HoH 0 Replies #1917541 12:40PM 15/07/2005
(Rachel to the DR)

B: That f-ing pizza...
E: You know the deal
E: This is the deal, if I put up Michael and Janelle, Michael has to go. As long as you are in agreement with me, this has to happen.
B: You got it, ok.

E: But um, and the only thing I ask is if you win HoH, I am just doing a week to week, all I am saying is that if you win HoH you won't put me up.
B: You got it. Deal.
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Topic #1917542
imnotpunk - eric to beau: if you win HOH, you guarrantee me one week of being safe 0 Replies #1917542 12:40PM 15/07/2005
(king eric is makign the same deal with everyone)
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