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Topic #1944441
Alby - Ivette "I really hope that God shines down on me and helps me beat her" talking about Janelle. NT 0 Replies #1944441 5:51PM 19/07/2005
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Topic #1944463
kevinf42 - howie clogged the toilet, and is washing the plunger off outside. NT 0 Replies #1944463 5:56PM 19/07/2005
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Topic #1944482
DraftKing - Michael apparently disgusted with BB 0 Replies #1944482 5:58PM 19/07/2005
Michael: It's amazing.
Janelle: What?
Michael: This is what the American public really watches then, huh?
Janelle: Yep.
Michael: (makes disgusted sound)
(Silence, then Michael coughes and makes a cat screeching sound for no real reason, then starts singing/yodeling in a high pitched voice)
Kaysar: You're a psychopath.
Janelle: You (Michael) have too much energy. (Pause) I'm going to smoke.
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Topic #1944569
Anonymous - James and Ivette were talking on the hammock and James said "Howie is such 0 Replies #1944569 6:11PM 19/07/2005
a *****...and then Howie is standing by the hammock. And James shuts up and Ivette says "Ohh we knew you were coming".
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Topic #1944586
Anonymous - Now James and Ivette are in the hammock 0 Replies #1944586 6:12PM 19/07/2005
James: "Can you please tell me why Beau is friends with Michael? Michael's gone! Everybody hates Michael."

Ivette: "But Michael has never done anything to Beau."

BB: "HG, this is a lockdown. Please go into the backyard and close the sliding door."
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Topic #1944607
Anonymous - James told Ivette to not say anyting about Maggie to Eric. NT 0 Replies #1944607 6:15PM 19/07/2005
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Topic #1944616
Karenell - James warns Ivette not to trash talk about Maggie around Eric, and that he (James) doesn't trust April NT 0 Replies #1944616 6:16PM 19/07/2005
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Topic #1944620
joannie - James: "You know who I don't trust: April" 0 Replies #1944620 6:17PM 19/07/2005
Ivette: "I don't trust Maggie."

James: "Don't say that in front of Eric. Just get off the subject for a few weeks until I do my research."
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Topic #1944968
Awesome_Possum - H to Jan: Your surgeon should get a Pulitzer surprise . . . A Nobel prize. NT 0 Replies #1944968 7:10PM 19/07/2005
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Topic #1945002
Disneyisme - Sarah and James are outside talking. Sarah says 1 Replies #1945002 7:13PM 19/07/2005
that Eric speculated that they (Sarah & James) were in the game together and possibly married. James said "then we need to stop hanging around so much, we have to stop now."
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Anonymous - before this she questioned his feelings for her. she said #1945062 7:18PM 19/07/2005
S: Your starting to lose your feelings for me.
J: not even close
S: I think you are.
J: you keep thinking that
S: are you as attracted to me as you used to be
J: of course I am. even more so
S: promise?
J: promise. sucks that we canít do anything about it.
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Topic #1945043
Disneyisme - Everyone is in the kitchen, most at the table eating. Jan and Mike are outside on the hammock. NT 0 Replies #1945043 7:16PM 19/07/2005
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Topic #1945072
Awesome_Possum - Jan is playing dumb? 0 Replies #1945072 7:19PM 19/07/2005
M is asking trivia questions:
M: What is the world's largest road vehicle? J: A subway.
M: what is the country with the largest population? J: Japan.
She insists for some time that Japan has a larger population than China, then after some badgering concedes she could be wrong.
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Topic #1945131
Disneyisme - Eric yells out that after this season of BB, with all the cooking he does, he will have his own cook book. NT 0 Replies #1945131 7:22PM 19/07/2005
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Topic #1945149
Disneyisme - Ivette challenged Eric that he never went out with a Latin girl. 0 Replies #1945149 7:24PM 19/07/2005
Eric says "I went out with a Latin girl for 4 years!" Ivette: "Really, you mean Latin, Latin?" Eric "she was from Venezuela." FISH
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Topic #1945211
Disneyisme - Ivette says "it burns when I go up the stairs." James says 0 Replies #1945211 7:29PM 19/07/2005
what "your cooter?" Howie: "no ones cooter hurts in here, there's nothing going on." Eric says "she has shin splints." Ivette says "can you imagine what would happen if everyone started doing 'it' in the house?" "Doing what?" She says "the freaky-deaky."
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Topic #1945218
Justin - The Feeds! 0 Replies #1945218 7:30PM 19/07/2005
F1: Living Room - No One There

F2: Houseguests Eating

F3: Houseguests Eating

F4: Houseguests Eating
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Topic #1945289
Disneyisme - Ivette says the girls are going to do a mini strip-off for the guys. Eric says 0 Replies #1945289 7:37PM 19/07/2005
the guys will judge. Ivette says "Maggie, you don't want to participate huh?" Sarah says she doesn't want to participate. Ivette says "oh after your dancing like a stripper in the HOH today, you don't want to do it?"

They are all goofing off, I don't know if the strip off will really happen.
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Topic #1945519
Linzer07 - Req. James and Sarah outside talking! 0 Replies #1945519 8:00PM 19/07/2005
Does anyone have the video of them talking? PM me! thanx
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Topic #1945629
hoarsewhisperer - Kaysar and James talking 0 Replies #1945629 8:13PM 19/07/2005
James not sure he has a job when he gets out
"we don't even know how old Howie is" *lol*

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Topic #1945673
hoarsewhisperer - Janelle and Micheal in the kitchen 0 Replies #1945673 8:20PM 19/07/2005
Micheal like his collar UP *freudian*? *l*

talking about making Apple Martini's. Janelle would "like any type of alcohol"

Janelle tossing her hair to one side looking seductive as usual....eating chicken noodle soup. Discussing drinks and drinking reactions. "I drink, but i never get drunk" -Janelle

"I love that black shirt on you" -Janelle

Micheal says he has a really cool black shirt....

Janelle confides she hasn't been called to the Diary room "yet" huh?

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Topic #1945705
Awesome_Possum - Two different approaches to the (lack of) alcohol problem 0 Replies #1945705 8:24PM 19/07/2005
Mike and Janelle are talking about how much they would like some alcohol just now. In particular, an apple martini. Janelle describes various brands of this and that . . . things that cost a lot of money. Then sums up her and Mike's sophisticated discussion of fine libations by asking Mike if he "likes to get sh*t-faced?"

Meanwhile, in another part of the house, Eric has a different take on the alcohol topic. He feels BB stiffed them. He downed three sardine sandwhiches relying on BBs promise to provide beverages. He feels that BB's failure to keep up their end of the deal will cause houseguests to perform at a lower level in the future.

So far, neither approach seems to be working on BB.
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Topic #1945765
Caribou - Kaysar trying to explain to Ivette that he's reserved in all new situations 0 Replies #1945765 8:36PM 19/07/2005
It has nothing to do with him being Muslim or anything else. He's just like this in any situation. James backs up Kaysar. Ivette seems to be arguing that his being Muslim makes him different. Kaysar still trying to explain his religion is his religion.

Ivette seems to not be getting the point. Sounds like she feels that Kaysar being Muslim makes him too different and possibly not acceptable or something.
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Topic #1945793
Caribou - Ivette telling James that anyone who is devout in their religion would not come into the house in the first place. Kaysar sitting there. 0 Replies #1945793 8:41PM 19/07/2005
James says he didn't realize what it would be like either.

Kaysar answers to that - basically i asked myself am i going to be dealing with stuff in the house which i haven't dealt with outside the house. no. same difficulties in life - women at beach in bikinis etc. Always challenges to his religion and his faith.

James - good point

Ivette - but in the real world you have the choice whether to go to the beach. here you're stuck with us. you don't have many choices in this house.

Kay - yea but what's happened so far that i haven't done well in

Ivette - i'm just saying...cuz you're devout...do you know what i'm saying?
(she keeps saying that without fully explaining her point)
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Topic #1945836
Caribou - James leaves to go to bathroom. Ivette doesn't look happy. Kaysar chuckles and says "anymore questions?" to Ivette. She says "no. to each it's own" 0 Replies #1945836 8:45PM 19/07/2005
Kaysar - i think the expression is "to each his own"
Ivette - oh whatever

Then Ivette goes on to try to get Kaysar to agree with her, completely discounting everything Kaysar just said.

Basically seems that because Ivette didn't get agreement, she is not willing to accept anything Kaysar just explained to her.
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Topic #1945880
Zazny - Ivette wonders what would happen if K had to sleep in the same bed as someone 0 Replies #1945880 8:49PM 19/07/2005
K: I'd sleep on the floor
I: Where did you sleep last night?
K: With Howie
I: But you just said that you'd sleep on the floor
K: Yeah, with a girl. Something might happen.
I: So is that okay?
K: Yeah, I like Howie. I don't think he'd come on to me.

Ivette then says that while she does not go to church, herself, she sees everything in the house goes against everything in Kaysar's religion.
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