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Topic #1970440
Anonymous - Eric: "James is a scheming son of a b**ch!" NT 0 Replies #1970440 8:02PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1970476
Anonymous - Ivette demanding Maggie and Beau to compete in the veto competition and keep it as is like a lunatic NT 0 Replies #1970476 8:05PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1970537
Peachy720 - The Hammock Gang (Er/Iv/Ap) asks Jenn who she would vote out right now.. 0 Replies #1970537 8:08PM 22/07/2005
Jenn says there's something she still has to talk to Kay about right now..April continues repeating, I thought Maggie was your friend!!
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Topic #1970543
Chunga - KAYSAR CONFRONTS JAMES! 0 Replies #1970543 8:09PM 22/07/2005
And tells him that he knows Sarah and James are together! James admits it!
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Topic #1970581
RN007 - Kaysar and James planning against Eric 0 Replies #1970581 8:12PM 22/07/2005
J: So Rachael will vote for me.
K: Rachael's clean, Howie's clean, and me and Janelle...
J: Eric hasn't kept his word about anything.
J: But we are still one vote short
K: He is scared sh*tless.
J: He picked the wrong one to screw over.
K: The best thing happened. I did almost hang you out to dry but it was the only way I could get you to trust me.
J: Let's do this later on cause Eric saw us.
K: Okay
*Note: sounded like they were planning on taking James off the block and putting Eric on.
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Topic #1970617
Shereebie - Hammock Gang discusses veto... 0 Replies #1970617 8:15PM 22/07/2005
F1 and F2 are still LR and table.

Ivette, April, Jen...

J: You think if you don't win it, you'll be the one put up.
I: I told you from the very beginning, I don't want to keep people here that are dirty or shady. I wanna leave here with some kind of pride. If you're last 4 or last 6... I walk outta here with my head up. But if I walk out because you do me dirty....I probably wouldn't even attend the wrap party, that's how stubborn I am, unless I would get fined for it, you know what I mean?

J: I just don't like how they're trying to put us against each other.

Feed switch...F1 and F2 go to GR...wait, no all 4 of FISH now....no, wait....no, wait....

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Topic #1970640
Caribou - Sarah tells Kaysar and Janelle in GR that James is her strength. Admits he's her b/f NT 0 Replies #1970640 8:17PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1970643
Anonymous - It's out! Sarah telling Kayser and Janelle how much James means to how, he is her strength after her ex-boyfriend NT 0 Replies #1970643 8:17PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1970651
Zazny - S starts crying again 0 Replies #1970651 8:18PM 22/07/2005
It looks like she knows they know?

S: Please save James because even if I don't last till the end, I don't want to be here if he's not here. I'm not here for the money, I'm here because someone asked me to be here and I could never say no to that person.

K: I trusted him, but there was something I didn't trust, and I had to do this [to get to the truth]

S: I told him before that we have. to. tell. him. I felt that you trusted me. I was so pissed he didn't tell you.
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Topic #1970661
Sunflake - For POV, Kaysar just said he may pick Howie or Rachel, and Janelle said she would play for James. NT 0 Replies #1970661 8:18PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1970662
Shereebie - In GR on F1 and F2, Jan, Sarah, and Kay... 0 Replies #1970662 8:19PM 22/07/2005
S: I don't wanna be here if he's not here.

K: I like James very much, okay? He's a great guy.
S: I didn't lie about having a boyfriend, he's my strength, he's my...you know? When I was feeling like the worst piece of crap on the ground, he made me feel like an angel from heaven. I'm not here because of the money, I don't care if you guys believe me or not, I did it because I was asked by that person, and I'd do anything...
K: Look, I know he cares about you...the one thing he told me was, I don't know her...but BB knows, and they know she's the perfect girl for me, and...so, I just went with it. I trusted him, but there was something about it that I didn't trust, so I had to do this to make this happen.
S: I told that *****, and I'm gonna call him a ***** right now, that we had to tell you.
K: I read you from the first day, I read him from the first day, and I pieced every single couple in this house together, and I told him straight up that you want me to believe that 12 out of 14 people know each other?
S: He didn't lie...I wasn't supposed to be here....

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Topic #1970674
Anonymous - Sarah: "I wasnt supposed to be here [on BB6].. James was supposed to be here with..." FISH! NT 0 Replies #1970674 8:19PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1970683
Caribou - Few minutes ago on the hammock, April asked Jen what Kaysar told her. Jen say "i dont' want to say". Ivette was there too 0 Replies #1970683 8:20PM 22/07/2005
Also, Jenn said she was playing for POV for Maggie. Ivette jumped in said no she was. Then Ivette caught herself and said unless you want to play for her. Jenn asked Ivette if she would use POV to save Maggie if she won it. Ivette said no and Maggie knows that and she's ok with it. Jenn quiet. Eric was there during that part. It also sounded like Eric was also pumping Jenn to get agreement to oust James and Jenn wouldn't commit or share anything she knew from Kaysar or that group.
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Topic #1970706
RN007 - Kaysar, Janelle and Sarah planning to remove James and put up Eric... 0 Replies #1970706 8:22PM 22/07/2005
K: We're all on the same page. I'm gonna call Rachael up now.
Jan: I don't know about Rachael guys.
S: If Howie's on our side, Rachael's on our side.
K: It's all or nothing.
S: Please take him off cause if he's not here then I don't want to be here.
K: Trust me, I like James.
S: He's my strength he makes me feel like an angel. I'm not here because of the money I'm here cause I was asked to be here.
K: I know he cares about you. I trust him. I had to do this.
S: I said we have to tell him cause I don't want to lie to him because I feel like he trusts me (talking about telling K that she and James were a couple)
S: There's nothing I can do to help.
K: Just sit back and enjoy the show.
S: You're going to take James off and vote Eric off, I'll vote off Eric. I gotta get out with that other group.
Sarah leaves...
Kaysar goes and gets Rachael
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Topic #1970707
Shereebie - On F1/2, the GR group splits... 0 Replies #1970707 8:22PM 22/07/2005
1 and 2 go to the BY hammock folks...

E: I was just informed that he was around other people saying that he didn't know about this agreement...but I talked to him about this, I made a deal, and I will honor that deal, that goes for all of you...if I didn't make that deal with K, I would be on that block.
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Topic #1970715
Zazny - S: This was a stupid [twist] idea because it's falling apart in week 3! NT 0 Replies #1970715 8:23PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1970725
Caribou - Eric working hard to put fear into Jenn. "if james stays we are all in trouble i'm telling you right now" 0 Replies #1970725 8:24PM 22/07/2005
This was on the hammock with April, Ivette, Eric, and Jenn sitting on grass beside them.

Jenn said "i'm sorry he is smarter than you guys give him credit for"

Jenn seems to be vascillating between Kaysar group and the Eric group
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Topic #1970733
gymborebel - Rachael going to HOH with Kaysar NT 0 Replies #1970733 8:24PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1970734
Caribou - F1/F2: Rachel arrives in HOH with Kaysar NT 0 Replies #1970734 8:25PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1970770
gymborebel - Hay tells Rach all of the pairs, she asks if he is sure that Sarah and James arent bro and sis NT 0 Replies #1970770 8:29PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1970780
Caribou - Kaysar speaking extremely cautiously to Rachel. 0 Replies #1970780 8:30PM 22/07/2005
He tells her he's been planning this for a couple weeks. He wants to oust the dirty players - Eric & Maggie, Ivette & Beau, Jenn & April.

He tells Rachel that Sarah is James b/f. Rachel thought she was his g/f. Kaysar tells her the truth and RAchel says wow. He also tells Rachel he knows all the pairs and he knows she is with Howie, that Mike was his partner and he lost his partner.

sounds like Kay picked Rachel to play for POV for him. Kay lays out the rest of the people, we fight and may the best people win. The rest of the group knows. Rachel wants confirmation of who knows and is in on this agreement.

Kay tells Rach we fight like hell tomorrow so we can save James and put up Eric in his place. Then vote Eric out. Rachel says they are outside going crazy.

Jennifer arrives at door.
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Topic #1970783
Shereebie - K: I'm sure you know what's going on around here. R: Big move! 0 Replies #1970783 8:30PM 22/07/2005
K: This didn't take place overnight. This is not something I've been planning for one day. I've been putting pieces together, making moves with people...
K: Um...I was planning on getting myself from the block to causing turmoil in the house, removing people who I felt were playing were dirty...and those people, as I know (?), is Eric, Maggie, Ivette, Beau, and...Jennifer and April. Now....the reason why I picked you is because I know you have integrity.
R; TY.
K: this goes way beyond the money, today's HOH, everything. And I knew from the get go exactly what was going on in this house. I know the partners, who's planning what, who's doing what...and I'm putting myself out there right now because you can't put yourself out there...I wanna talk to you about relationships. I told you that you have to be able to really put yourself out there to show that you trust a person, and a person grabs on, and you know you have that real trust. I'm putting myself out there right now. I know you and Howie are together. Me and Mike were together - I lost Mike. Janelle lost Ashlea... I knew I knew everything, but he wouldn't commit...Sarah, that's his girlfriend...they've been dating like two or three months...
R: That's not his sister? Really?
K: No. I need to get myself to where I need to, I don't wanna abuse the power, I don't wanna be over you and Howie, that's not my intention. I'm not doing this trying to put you in a trap.

(I'm missing some.)

K: You and Howie, James and Janelle, and me and Sarah in the Final Six. May the best couple win.
R: You have an agreement with all of them. Do they know?
K: Yes. I talked to Howie.
R: So now I know. Do James and Sarah know?
K: Yes.
K: The reason I did this was to uncover every filthy thing...and it worked. I wanted to cause turmoil.
R: here comes Jennifer.
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Topic #1970802
Caribou - Jennifer arrived to tell Kaysar she doesn't need to talk to him now. Rachel assumes this is because she's in the room. 0 Replies #1970802 8:32PM 22/07/2005
Rachel tells Kay she knew Eric was being dirty player, she's a smart girl. Rachel worried that Jenn saw her in HOH just now and now she will tell the others in her group and they'll be out to get Rachel now.

Rachel again confirming who knows and who agrees to go after Eric this way. Kaysar telling her all. Sounds like Rachel is in and agreeing to go along.
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Topic #1970821
Shereebie - F1/2: Kay and Rach talking. F3/4: LR and table, tonight's stars of the show. NT 0 Replies #1970821 8:33PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1970859
Shereebie - K and R in HoH...K telling R everything. 0 Replies #1970859 8:36PM 22/07/2005
Counting votes.

R: If we get him off (James), who do we put up? And then who goes? I guess we'll cover that later.
K: If I get him off, Eric goes.
R: okay.

R: nobody's gonna be discussing this in the open.
K: No. This is it.
R: This is it.
K: We just need to take care of business.
R: Thank you. I knew there was something about you...I knew it, I knew it. And like I said, I liked Michael, and I knew what he was doing. I knew it.
K: He was cheated.
R: He was.
K: I hope you don't feel as if I deceived you...
R: You're very wise.
K: Thank you.

K: I want you to know this: I wasn't gonna put you in this compromising position until I could protect you. And that's what I'm doing.
R: You're a man..phenomenal guy.

K: have a good one.
R: You too. Thanks.

Rach leaves HOH.
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