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Topic #1967007
gymborebel - Kaysar: So you are telling me that you are not with James? Sarah: NO I am not with anyone NT 0 Replies #1967007 2:12PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1967011
CeiggeP - Kayser to Sarah...."Not everything is as it seems." 0 Replies #1967011 2:12PM 22/07/2005
Sarah: Let me know your opinion. I want to support you.
Kayser: Look around...stuff is happening all around you.
Sarah: Who is your friend? Howie and Jannelle?
Kayser doesn't answer this question, he talks about Beau and Ivette alliance.
Sarah: I am not a team! She lists Racheal & Howie, April & Jen, Beau & Ivette, Janelle and Ashlea, Eric & Maggie, Kay & Mike, that leaves James..who is James with? (ed. LOL is she really a blonde?)
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Topic #1967019
Disneyisme - Kaysar says to Sarah, "theres something weird going on, there is some sort of connection 1 Replies #1967019 2:13PM 22/07/2005
between you and James that I cannot figure out. If you guys don't know each other, then why would you be here?" Sarah whispers: "they asked me for a list of people, but none of those people are here."
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Disneyisme - Sarah asks Kay "how long before we came here did you find out you were coming?" #1967047 2:15PM 22/07/2005
Kay says "I can't talk about that."

Sarah saying: "where is James from Miami? I've been to Miami once." Kay says "are you guys related?" they laughed.

Sarah is swearing to Kay that she doesn;t know anyone in there. Kay says "I believe you." Sarah claiming she doesn't understand why there are teams in the house.
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Topic #1967036
gymborebel - Sarah asks Kaysar if he was ith Michael and he says NO NT 0 Replies #1967036 2:14PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1967058
Anonymous - Kayser to Sarah "I'm not going to put you up" NT 0 Replies #1967058 2:16PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1967077
joannie - Kaysar: "No one from my end wants you gone." 0 Replies #1967077 2:18PM 22/07/2005
Sarah: "What's your end? Howie and Janelle?"

Sarah proceeds to name off all the pairs to Kaysar. Except her own. "But I am not a team."

Sarah: "Who's James with?"

Kaysar: "I thought he was with you."

Sarah, whispering but adament: "I am not with James! I'm not with James! Who's with James?"

Kaysar: "Something strange is going on. Then why would you be here?"

Kaysar: "I believe you. You don't know anybody here?"

Sarah: "I'm not with anybody here!"

Kaysar: "I'm not with anyone. I lost my person."

Sarah: "Do you trust James?"

Kaysar: "I trust James completely."

Kaysar tells Sarah that 'they' want to put Sarah and James up. Silence from Sarah.

Kaysar: "But I'm not going to put you up. I'm going to put up Maggie."

Kaysar: "Don't tell anyone. I trust you. Just act normal with everyone."

Kaysar: "I'm gonna go straight for the serpent's head. James has to fight for his life. I have no other choice."
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Topic #1967106
joannie - Kaysar: "You could be sitting here playing me right now, 0 Replies #1967106 2:21PM 22/07/2005
but I trust you."

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Topic #1967133
joannie - Sarah and Kaysar hugs. You can hear their hearts beating on the microphone. 0 Replies #1967133 2:22PM 22/07/2005
K: "Trust me. You have to trust me because I trust you."

S: "You'd better not be playing me."

They hug for a long time and then she leaves.
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Topic #1967138
valentine - Kaysar and Sarah Embrace 0 Replies #1967138 2:23PM 22/07/2005
at the end of their long conversation.

The hug went on a looooonnnnng time. And Sarah was wearing a bikini top. Kaysar just held her and didn't move his hands down her back in a comforting manner (the way most men would), but it was a long hug.

Sarah wiped away tears when they both let go.

Now Janelle and Howie join Kaysar in the HOH suite.
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Topic #1967142
Disneyisme - Now Howie and Jan are in HOH with Kay...Kay says what he understands so far 1 Replies #1967142 2:24PM 22/07/2005
is that everyone is crapping their pants. Howie says everyone is scared to death. Howie says "well and they are probably promising you deals and protection..." Kaysar: "No, no one has, no deals have been offered." Howie seems shocked by this.
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Disneyisme - Kaysar says they (HG's) know that he doesn't do as he is told, he does his own thing. #1967168 2:26PM 22/07/2005
He says people are trying to kiss his a** and it is fine, but he made his decision far before today. He says things are happening just as he planned. He says people are coming to me and talking crap about each other and turning on one another. Howie says "Awesome! I told you."
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Topic #1967148
joannie - Kaysar in HOH room having meeting with Janelle and Howie 0 Replies #1967148 2:25PM 22/07/2005
Kaysar: "Things are going exactly as I planned. People are turning against eachother."

Janelle and Howie cheer!
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Topic #1967153
valentine - Howie is Happy About the PBJ 0 Replies #1967153 2:25PM 22/07/2005
because he thinks everyone else will be weakened by it.

Kaysar says the three of them (really him and Janelle) have bonded because they have felt the pressure from the beginning, and the others haven't.
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Topic #1967173
Disneyisme - Kaysar tells Jan and Howie - "this is only the beginning, it's been less than 24 hours and 0 Replies #1967173 2:27PM 22/07/2005
all hell is gonna break lose soon."
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Topic #1967179
valentine - Kaysar: We Are In Control 0 Replies #1967179 2:27PM 22/07/2005
I set the trap and they fell into it.

Kaysar is a new man and is very confident and speaks clearly. He tells them that he told Jennifer that he didn't like what went down with Michael.

Meanwhile Jen is playing with James' hand while he lays in bed. They discuss his cut and she jokes (??) about his having AIDS. Now she puts her hand on his neck and face.

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Topic #1967188
CeiggeP - Kay to Howie and Janelle: "Keep it clean and straight. No trash talking anyone" NT 0 Replies #1967188 2:28PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1967198
Disneyisme - Kay and Howie are laughing at the sight of James and Eric in the gym talking and waving their arms. NT 0 Replies #1967198 2:30PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1967214
valentine - Now Jen is Laying in James' Bed 0 Replies #1967214 2:31PM 22/07/2005
with her head in the crook of his arm. They are kind of holding hands and it looks very intimate.

Ed Note: Where is Sarah? She is going to wig out.
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Topic #1967239
valentine - Howie: Sarah Must Have Been a Mess in Here 0 Replies #1967239 2:34PM 22/07/2005
Did she piss in the chair?

Kaysar: She was crying, man.

He tells them that April said that Sarah was a sister to her, but said you can't trust me. Sarah freaked about that and ran up to Kaysar's HOH room.

Janelle: April is evil. She walks around saying she likes me, she likes me, but I know what she has said about me.

Meanwhile, James and Jenn are still laying in his bed and touching and talking softly.

James: You're so tiny.
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Topic #1967267
CeiggeP - Kayser: They took me for a fool. Now they are going to learn a lesson! NT 0 Replies #1967267 2:36PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1967281
Disneyisme - Kay is going on about Eric and the deals he made with everyone. Kay says he will 0 Replies #1967281 2:37PM 22/07/2005
not make deals, that Eric makes himself look like an a**. Kay says "does he think that people don't know he is making deals with all of them?"

Kay said I am going to play smart and hopefully you guys will do the same thing, and when you get HOH, I will give you the same advice to make a good decision, we are in this together.
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Topic #1967301
SusanM18 - BB: Ivette to DR NT 0 Replies #1967301 2:39PM 22/07/2005
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Topic #1967305
joannie - Howie: "Worse case scenerio. James wins veto, takes himself off..." 0 Replies #1967305 2:40PM 22/07/2005
Kay: "We put up Ivette."

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Topic #1967336
SusanM18 - James/Sarah Bathroom whispering 0 Replies #1967336 2:42PM 22/07/2005
J: If he ***** puts me up I will vote him out next week.
S: No you can't tell him I told you, he wants us to win! They all told him to put us up!
J: Who's they?
S: Eric, Ivette, all of them.
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Topic #1967342
erniebert - sara whispering to james in bathroom 0 Replies #1967342 2:42PM 22/07/2005
telling him what kaysar said to her. says he can't tell anyone, james says if k nom's him he will vote him off next week. then s tells him how eric, beau, and others wanted k to nom sarah and james. she again says not to tell or k will know that sarah told. james leaves the br and lays in his bed, brooding.
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Topic #1967349
Disneyisme - James is now lying down in the bedroom, looking quite bothered by whatever Sarah 1 Replies #1967349 2:43PM 22/07/2005
was whispering to him. It was inaudible for me, but I did hear her say "you cannot tell him I told you this." And something about the pairs, James saying "did you tell him?" She says no. James thanked her and said they should stop talking because of the mirrors. (I am guessing that the fact that Kay insisted to Sarah that they know each other, James fears that he and Sarah will be found out soon.)
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mommamia - S told James that Crappy, Iv, Beau, and someone else wanted James and Sarah up. NT #1967367 2:44PM 22/07/2005
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