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Zazny Maggie and Eric's trust issues 0 4:38PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous Eric says they better all sleep with one eye open. She says that only thing that she has is Eric and he will be alone when hes gone NT 0 4:38PM 23/07/2005
Moonshadow Being "in the house" has an effect on most people that's negative. 0 4:39PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous Mag wants Eric to stayin good with Ivette and she thinks Beau knew what was going to happen to herr today NT 0 4:39PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous Maggie says she has to believe people are as good as she is (ed's note: and as humble!) NT 0 4:40PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous Maggie says they have nothing to lose at this point and need to play as a team NT 0 4:43PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous Eric says that He ll has no fury like a woman scorned - esp Maggie NT 0 4:43PM 23/07/2005
Zazny M: The next goal is to split up every partnership 0 4:44PM 23/07/2005
MagEricHater April hasn't stopped trying to talk herr way out of lies - she is doing the Karen thing acting sort of out of it to Mag and Eric NT 0 4:45PM 23/07/2005
Zazny BB: Lockdown outside; E: Think we should stay by ourselves? M: Yeah, it's not gonna hurt us NT 0 4:49PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous Houseguests have all been sent outside for a lockdown - Mag and Eric saying they won't play differrently NT 0 4:49PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous Eric says if he is going down he is taking everyone with him NT 0 4:50PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous Mag says that K is going to meet his maker and that is why she can't be his friend ever NT 0 4:51PM 23/07/2005
Zazny Eric is proud he revealed everybody; Maggie hates on James, K 0 4:52PM 23/07/2005
Caribou Eric: Janelle, if i saw her on the same side of the street, i'd push her into traffic NT 0 4:53PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous Eric says that if he saw Janelle on the outside he would push her into traffic NT 0 4:53PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous Mags and Eric say they are playing as a team the next 5 days NT 0 4:54PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous Eric and Mags are shocked by other people's behavior :) NT 0 4:55PM 23/07/2005
Zazny M: Kaysar said it was Beau's idea and James said it was Howie's 0 4:55PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous Ivette is trying to tell Eric not to separate himself and he says he isn't doing that and brought everyone togetther to say it was a game NT 0 4:57PM 23/07/2005
Caribou Maggie and Eric are voicing the exact feelings Mike did - they won't socialize with anyone else because they won't subject themselves 0 4:59PM 23/07/2005
ShannanCGC Big Brother in the house 1 5:02PM 23/07/2005
KinkyLilBlackDress Recapped to this point! 1 5:16PM 23/07/2005
diamond and we get fish............again 0 5:52PM 23/07/2005
diamond STILL FISH............ 0 6:14PM 23/07/2005
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