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callmejenn Eric says that if you want to get to the end of the game you have to... 0 7:27PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous Eric and Maggie and Beau in BY 0 7:28PM 23/07/2005
callmejenn HOWIE, please go to the diary room. NT 0 7:29PM 23/07/2005
Justin BB: Howie please Go To The Diary Room! NT 0 7:30PM 23/07/2005
Zazny Eric hints maybe Beau shouldn't be hanging with E/M 0 7:30PM 23/07/2005
Awesome_Possum E: If I'm going down, I'm taking everybody down with me. And if that's selfish ... 0 7:30PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous Eric spouting the SOS 0 7:31PM 23/07/2005
Zazny M to Beau: When James was reading the Bible, he said 'This is crap!' 0 7:32PM 23/07/2005
Shereebie Eric/Beau/Maggie in BY on F3/4: 0 7:32PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous Eric: I've been myself in this house. I have never grovelled. I'll hang out with you, Maggie. I mean that. I'll hang out with anyone, almost. I mean 0 7:32PM 23/07/2005
Zazny E: It makes me nauseous to see you [Ivette] talking to James NT 0 7:35PM 23/07/2005
Shereebie F1: Couch. F2: Looks like April and someone at table. F3/4: I/E/B/M in the BY. 0 7:35PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous Eric is Mr. Moral 2 7:36PM 23/07/2005
Awesome_Possum E: Ivette, you have to stop worrying about me and start thinking about yourself. 0 7:48PM 23/07/2005
lawheeze E to M: Wheat or White? M: Both. NT 0 7:52PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous I, M, E starting to complain about editing. Eric: I have nothing to say about Kaysar. I did not mislead anyone, not malaciously. I have a great life" 0 7:52PM 23/07/2005
Alby LOL April asked the DR for xanax and the DR said "We are not a pharmacy" NT 0 7:57PM 23/07/2005
DraftKing April asked for xanax 0 7:57PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous Maggie to A, I, and B 0 8:00PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous Maggie looking with ironic cocked eyebrows at April's lies; says everyone's got to do what they need to to sleep well (conscience) NT 0 8:05PM 23/07/2005
Caribou Kaysar - here's what i've noticed about that group (eric's group). the longer they talk, the more they make themselves crazy 0 8:15PM 23/07/2005
Chunga Howie is sniffing one of the girl's pair of shorts. And loving it. NT 0 8:17PM 23/07/2005
madmax131 More bashing Janelle...how she hated Ashlea etc. NT 0 8:19PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous April just slipped...talking about who they put down to bring to BB...said "who did I put...my cousins!" lol NT 0 8:21PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous M; Cappy *loved* when you asked if I was a lesbian. NT 2 8:27PM 23/07/2005
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