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Anonymous Jen just slipped and said "I feel like it's over, thats the feeling 0 8:35PM 23/07/2005
Caribou F3/F4: GR - Ivette/April on one bed, Howie/Rachel on diff bed, Kaysar standing up 0 8:38PM 23/07/2005
Caribou April asked Kaysar twice if he knew whether Mike gave the 2nd vote to Ashlea. He said no both times then finallly said it doesn't matter anymore 0 8:40PM 23/07/2005
Caribou Ivette asks Kaysar why he nominated James and Maggie. So he tells her straight (lol). NT 0 8:42PM 23/07/2005
Shereebie F3/4: GR group. 0 8:45PM 23/07/2005
Caribou April to Kaysar - i'm not giving you credit for this. I'm not i'm not..you totally made me look like a dumb blonde 0 8:47PM 23/07/2005
Caribou James admits to all in GR that he voted for Ashlea to cause deception. April silent at this but there's her confirmation, which she asked him for. NT 0 8:49PM 23/07/2005
Peachy720 April just outed James voting for Kaysar week 1. James said he already told everyone. Kay seems that it's news to him. NT 1 8:49PM 23/07/2005
Shereebie GR conversation is going fast and furious... 0 8:50PM 23/07/2005
Caribou James - Eric and I were high fiving each other when we heard you, April, say you saw Mike and Janelle look at each other so they voted for Ashlea 0 8:51PM 23/07/2005
Caribou April and Ivette wonder aloud about what if this plan hadn't worked? Kay: there was a plan b. But he doesn't tell them WHAT that plan was. NT 0 8:53PM 23/07/2005
Caribou Ivette leaves GR and makes a beeline for BY, Beau & Mag in HT, eric in lounger NT 0 8:55PM 23/07/2005
Caribou Ivette tells Beau he messed up, telling Kaysar the votes were in for James NT 1 8:56PM 23/07/2005
Caribou Ivette - remember when I looked at you and said be very careful what you say? and it went over your head. (to Beau) 0 8:58PM 23/07/2005
Shereebie I/M/B/E in BY on 3/4... 0 8:59PM 23/07/2005
Shereebie F1: LR, F2: Table, F3/4: BY group. NT 0 9:02PM 23/07/2005
Caribou Eric pissed that Kaysar said he knew 4 days ago and put this plan together to uncover who was loyal and would would sell out. Eric shouts 0 9:04PM 23/07/2005
Caribou Eric - you can't trust Howie or any of that group. Deals mean nothing here. NT 0 9:04PM 23/07/2005
Shereebie The Backyard Gang talks... 0 9:07PM 23/07/2005
Shereebie Feeds same. Maggie gets a bite of Eric's sandwich. 0 9:11PM 23/07/2005
Shereebie BB: James, please go to the DR. NT 0 9:11PM 23/07/2005
las0127 Ivette JUST figured out who the 6 are who want her out next NT 0 9:16PM 23/07/2005
Caribou April claims to BY group that she asked James if he voted for Ashlea right in front of Kaysar, so Kay would know it. She also said to James on 0 9:16PM 23/07/2005
las0127 April truly believes that if James gets HOH, he will put up K and Jan NT 0 9:17PM 23/07/2005
Caribou Ivette - i'm gonna be the Janelle now. I'm alone now. I'm the target for next week. NT 0 9:17PM 23/07/2005
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