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Caribou April claims she apologized to Kaysar for blaming Mike for voting for Ashlea. April claims she asked Kaysar privately 0 9:18PM 23/07/2005
SassyPrncess (earlier) April to Kaysar: What was plan B 0 9:19PM 23/07/2005
Chunga Eric walked past Jan in the Living room and it was cold. No words at all. 0 9:19PM 23/07/2005
Shereebie BB: Kaysar, please go to the DR. NT 0 9:20PM 23/07/2005
Shereebie Momentary FISH while Ivette talks about her brother. 0 9:23PM 23/07/2005
las0127 A to E: If you go up and get voted out, who do you want to leave? 0 9:24PM 23/07/2005
las0127 Eric saying" can you imagine if Maggie won POV and didn't take herself off?" (thinking she was safe against James) NT 0 9:26PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous BY group (Eric, et al) freaking about what Plan B is... 0 9:26PM 23/07/2005
Shereebie F3/4: Jen and Janelle enter the BY and convo turns to weather. NT 0 9:32PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous JAN just came outside for a smoke and then everyone 0 9:33PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous Janelle came outside for a smoke and eric (sitting in a chair about 5 feet away with his back to her) 2 9:33PM 23/07/2005
las0127 J,R,H in GR J:Even tho A is the most annoying person to listen to... 0 9:41PM 23/07/2005
las0127 BB: H to the DR H: Again? That's twice in one day! NT 0 9:41PM 23/07/2005
Caribou BY Hottub crowd angry and Eric admitting his crime? (verbatim convo - longish) 0 9:46PM 23/07/2005
las0127 a to j: as much as you say you are in love in with him, i don't think it is really love... 0 9:47PM 23/07/2005
Caribou Janelle working out in gym, looks like she's alone NT 1 9:51PM 23/07/2005
Caribou Ivette arrives in gym to do the treadmill. tells Janelle you know we're supposed to turn this off right? Jan says yea NT 0 9:52PM 23/07/2005
Anonymous OH GOD! Ivette and Jan alone in gym! NT 0 9:52PM 23/07/2005
Caribou Janelle leaves the gym, taking free weights with her to workout in the hall NT 0 9:54PM 23/07/2005
Caribou F3/F4: Howie, Kaysar, James in GR...just veggin it looks like NT 1 9:55PM 23/07/2005
las0127 R and E whispering, he's telling her that Kay just found out tongiht that James was the 2nd vote for Ash, that may change things now... 0 10:03PM 23/07/2005
Caribou Eric in his bed and Rachel in hers in barracks. Eric trashing James to her. She knows she says. Eric now spreading April's lie that Kaysar just found 0 10:05PM 23/07/2005
Caribou Eric - i really don't want to leave but i'm not gonna grovel for votes like kaysar did when he was put up. be a man and accept it NT 0 10:06PM 23/07/2005
bbrules3 It's April's birthday next week 1 10:07PM 23/07/2005
bbrules3 Howie on Elimidate 0 10:08PM 23/07/2005
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