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Eric thinks Kaysar might ask him to compete with him for POV, hahaha NT - Anonymous
12:05AM 23/07/2005

Eric to Maggie in WC. He has a plan. (Transcript) - SassyPrncess
12:12AM 23/07/2005

Maggie is awake and talking to Er in the WC. They are talking about - zuzu
12:13AM 23/07/2005

Looks like everyone down for the night. NT - Caribou
12:15AM 23/07/2005
Rache, fully dressed, wandering around house. NT - SassyPrncess
12:22AM 23/07/2005
No, Kayser still up in HOH absent mindedly watching spycam/thinking NT - Anonymous
12:18AM 23/07/2005

James sells Maggie - GR (Transcript) (Go James!) - SassyPrncess
12:22AM 23/07/2005

Kaysar and Sarah in HOH. Forgot their mics so nice BB asked them through walls to put them on - Caribou
12:23AM 23/07/2005

Kaysar to Sarah: Just because you lie once, doesn't make you a liar. NT - SassyPrncess
12:24AM 23/07/2005

HG's in bed, Kaysar wanders around HoH room & pulls at his hair NT - SassyPrncess
12:34AM 23/07/2005

(earlier) Kaysar to Sarah about the damage already done - SassyPrncess
12:49AM 23/07/2005

Kaysar is lying in bed while the rest of the HGs are asleep. NT - Chunga
1:38AM 23/07/2005

Of course as I post that, Howie gets up and wanders off somewhere - Chunga
1:40AM 23/07/2005

Howie signing Rachel - JnA
2:35AM 23/07/2005

4 bells and alls well, HGs all sleeping NT - straightdave
4:01AM 23/07/2005

Hampsters still sleeping. NT - joannie
6:19AM 23/07/2005

Eric waking up. Doing something with a tissue under the covers NT - hoarsewhisperer
6:50AM 23/07/2005

Eric is up and gathered his clothes and put them in the washer. He's in the bathroom and got the bejeeezus scared out of him - Mikkie
7:06AM 23/07/2005
He's washing up a few dishes that were left in the sink from last nite, while his coffee is brewing NT - Mikkie
7:12AM 23/07/2005

Rachel is awake and goes to the kitchen. Howie apologizes for waking her. She said he didn't wake her. ERic says - Mikkie
7:23AM 23/07/2005

Rachel killing ants in the kitchen. Tells Eric they're everywhere. NT - rockabye
7:28AM 23/07/2005

Rachel returns to an empty kitchen talking to herself about the bread being left out. Complaining about the - Mikkie
7:36AM 23/07/2005

BB cameramen are zooming in on the large Black Knight which sits beind Eric.. They sit quietly Rachel crunching on her cinnamon toast and - Mikkie
7:39AM 23/07/2005

Eric complaining to Rach about James - joannie
7:40AM 23/07/2005

Fish or the bubbles drowns out the discussion. F 3 & 4 showing the other HGs sleeping. NT - Mikkie
7:40AM 23/07/2005

Eric, whispering: "I got the feeling that if the things stay the way they are... - joannie
7:42AM 23/07/2005

Dillusional Crappy complains about some of James nasty comments NT - Eykis11
7:43AM 23/07/2005

Eric doesn't appreciate the comments James is making. Whispering continues - Mikkie
7:47AM 23/07/2005

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