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Topic #1972478
Anonymous - Eric thinks Kaysar might ask him to compete with him for POV, hahaha NT 0 Replies #1972478 12:05AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1972497
SassyPrncess - Eric to Maggie in WC. He has a plan. (Transcript) 0 Replies #1972497 12:12AM 23/07/2005
Eric: Get some rest.
Maggie: You're not competing tomorrow.
Eric: I don't know if I am not. Kaysar can still ask me.
Maggie: That opens up a whole 'nother can of worms if he does
Eric: So I won't use it. I can't.
Maggie: Before we ever came into this game, we said we would use it (on each other) if we were ever given a chance.
Eric: What do you think I should do?
E: You better answer me. You better give me an answer.
M: I don't know. I don't.
E: If I can guarantee that (inaudible) than ... (James goes?)
M: Who's a bigger threat? James and Sarah or me and you? Me and you!
E: That's what I am telling you. If we can keep things the way they are you're here and James is gone and he's f*cked. And that way, if anybody might be thinking you and I are together, they won't think that anymore if I won't take you off. I mean it's a perfect scenerio. But tell me what you think. If you think I am way off base, tell me.
M: I don't KNOW! The only guarantee I have of staying is if I take myself off with the veto.
E: Then you have to win it.
M: If I stay up there, then we are putting our trust in someone else.
E: Ok, we can't be in here....

(Maggie leaves and goes upstairs to chess board and studies it)

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Topic #1972500
zuzu - Maggie is awake and talking to Er in the WC. They are talking about 0 Replies #1972500 12:13AM 23/07/2005
if E should play for the veto and if he should take her off the block. Er says that other players might suspect that they are a pair and if he didn't take her off the block, it would throw the others off. Maggie says that she wants to talk to Kay to tell him something about James (couldn't understand what she said) Jan walks in on this conversation and they scatter. Maggie goes to look for Kayser. She didn't find him and is now back in the GR talking to James. Says it really sucks that they are both on the block.
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Topic #1972508
Caribou - Looks like everyone down for the night. NT 2 Replies #1972508 12:15AM 23/07/2005
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SassyPrncess - Rache, fully dressed, wandering around house. NT #1972544 12:22AM 23/07/2005
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Anonymous - No, Kayser still up in HOH absent mindedly watching spycam/thinking NT #1972520 12:18AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1972542
SassyPrncess - James sells Maggie - GR (Transcript) (Go James!) 0 Replies #1972542 12:22AM 23/07/2005
M: That's the bad thing, us being up against each other. It's not a landslide.
J: Ummhmmm. Kaysar is doing his dirty work.
M: What?
J: Kaysar's doing his dirty work, that is for sure.
M: Sucks.
(tosses and turns)

M: What did you say to him? You've talked to him, I haven't talked to him yet.
J: He just keeps saying it's for the game. And that it was his best strategic move. Not gonna change it now. You know?
M: Yah, it's true
J: He knows that if I get off, he's a goner. I mean, I'll pack his bags for him. (Sell it James!)
M: But I thought you knew.
J: No, because that was his way of, because him and I have always kind of been cool.
M: Yah
J: It was just his way of letting me know. Instead of broadsiding me.
M: Well, him and I have been cool, too, and I got broadsided.
J: I dunno. He did tell me I was safe, too, so I don't know.

J: See I had talked him out of it when I originally went in there, or I thought I did. I thought I had convinced him to do the Janelle plan. But.. I have heard two different stories so...
M: what?
J: I have heard two different stories so...
M: from him?
J: No from everybody.
M: Well, there is nothing you can do unless you hear it firsthand.

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Topic #1972547
Caribou - Kaysar and Sarah in HOH. Forgot their mics so nice BB asked them through walls to put them on 0 Replies #1972547 12:23AM 23/07/2005
Sarah suggests they put Ivette up if James saved, instead of Eric. Kaysar explains Eric has to go up because he's the head bully. Kaysar explains he doesnt' need Maggie, Ivette, Beau..none of them. They're dirty players. Kaysar telling Sarah not to worry about it. Maggie is falling apart Kaysar says.
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Topic #1972548
SassyPrncess - Kaysar to Sarah: Just because you lie once, doesn't make you a liar. NT 0 Replies #1972548 12:24AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1972587
SassyPrncess - HG's in bed, Kaysar wanders around HoH room & pulls at his hair NT 0 Replies #1972587 12:34AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1972613
SassyPrncess - (earlier) Kaysar to Sarah about the damage already done 0 Replies #1972613 12:49AM 23/07/2005
K: Look at Eric, his eyes are bloodshot. Maggie looks pale and Ivette looks like she is going to sh*t bricks.
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Topic #1972645
Chunga - Kaysar is lying in bed while the rest of the HGs are asleep. NT 0 Replies #1972645 1:38AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1972647
Chunga - Of course as I post that, Howie gets up and wanders off somewhere 0 Replies #1972647 1:40AM 23/07/2005
the cameras do not follow him
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Topic #1972652
JnA - Howie signing Rachel 0 Replies #1972652 2:35AM 23/07/2005
Howie is laying on his back, in bed, in the barracks. He is using sign language w/ someone off camera (I assume it is Rachel.) He is surrounded by other HG's but they are asleep.
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Topic #1972665
straightdave - 4 bells and alls well, HGs all sleeping NT 0 Replies #1972665 4:01AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1972739
joannie - Hampsters still sleeping. NT 0 Replies #1972739 6:19AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1972796
hoarsewhisperer - Eric waking up. Doing something with a tissue under the covers NT 0 Replies #1972796 6:50AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1972827
Mikkie - Eric is up and gathered his clothes and put them in the washer. He's in the bathroom and got the bejeeezus scared out of him 1 Replies #1972827 7:06AM 23/07/2005
when a voice spoketo him. Its Howie (I think) in the WC.

Eric says you scared the sh&t out of me. Wanted to know if the SR was locked. Eric went to check and it was locked and returned to the bathroom to tell him.

Eric brushed his teeth and left for the bedroom to put his shoes on. Still haven't seen who's in the WC yet.

Eric goes to the kitchen to straighten up folding dish towels and starts his morning ritual of coffee making.
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Mikkie - He's washing up a few dishes that were left in the sink from last nite, while his coffee is brewing NT #1972835 7:12AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1972865
Mikkie - Rachel is awake and goes to the kitchen. Howie apologizes for waking her. She said he didn't wake her. ERic says 0 Replies #1972865 7:23AM 23/07/2005
it is going to get interesting today. He said he got the sh&t scared out him. It was BB tellin him they were locking down. (It wasn't Howie, but it sounded like him)

Rachel wonders to Eric about the Chess piece, the Knight. Eric relates that the Knight is the only piece in chess that has the ability to jump over other pieces.

Eric wishes he could take a week off from BB. He would just like not to play (POV) Rachel agrees.

Talk returns to the Black Knight. Eric explains how it is allowed to move on the chess board. Rachel says Janelle explained it to her. Eric ponders in a whisper to himself Black Knight. Says why a Black Knight, why not a White Knight. Rachel says Black is a good color.

Rachel goes tot he bathroom and the feed follows her as she puts cream on her face. THe rest of the feeds are on the sleeping HGs.
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Topic #1972875
rockabye - Rachel killing ants in the kitchen. Tells Eric they're everywhere. NT 0 Replies #1972875 7:28AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1972893
Mikkie - Rachel returns to an empty kitchen talking to herself about the bread being left out. Complaining about the 0 Replies #1972893 7:36AM 23/07/2005
ants and they leave this stuff out. "They're idiots", she says. "Jesus" she says a few minutes later.

Eric returns to the kitchen and she relates the bread and the ants. Eric says they will have to tell BB to get exterminators there.

"Gross", Rachel says a few minutes later. Then starts complaining about flies. "And we have flies." As she shews them with a dishtowel.

She begins to make her breakfast and asks Eric if there's sugar. He says yes and while he's putting ice in a glass for his coffee/water sipping ritual, I think Rachel is making cinnamon & sugar bread/toast.

Rachel says I can't believe we're on PB & J.
They discuss how it wasn't spinned that hard. Rachel says she had a bad feeling. He (Kay) didn't do it intentional.

They did it as a whole group, since the teams aren't even. Next week it will be even and will probably be teams again.

You thnk they'll wake us up at 7:30. They did last time (for POV)
Rachel asks if YOu think he'll pick Janelle? Eric says its fine with him

Hammering (by BB) can be heard off the distance. Rachel says Come In.. they're putting something together.

Eric puts his head in his hands as Rachel finishes up her cinnamon toast and brings it to the counter to eat. They discuss their dreams.

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Topic #1972895
Mikkie - BB cameramen are zooming in on the large Black Knight which sits beind Eric.. They sit quietly Rachel crunching on her cinnamon toast and 0 Replies #1972895 7:39AM 23/07/2005
Eric sipping his coffee/water.

Eric opens: I know James is pissed at me, but there is nothing I can do about it. I made a deal with Kaysar. I know James is going around saying I'm pullin out the hero card.. You're GD right I pulled out the hero card. He won the POV for the house not for me.

He know he would have been just as muchas risk as anyone else. I wouldn't take him off anyways, all that does is mark you.

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Topic #1972899
joannie - Eric complaining to Rach about James 0 Replies #1972899 7:40AM 23/07/2005
E: "He's going around saying that he won the POV for ME! He won it for US!"

The sound of FISH keeps interupting the audio.
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Topic #1972902
Mikkie - Fish or the bubbles drowns out the discussion. F 3 & 4 showing the other HGs sleeping. NT 0 Replies #1972902 7:40AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1972917
joannie - Eric, whispering: "I got the feeling that if the things stay the way they are... 0 Replies #1972917 7:42AM 23/07/2005
...then Maggie's gonna be here next week. It's gonna be a landslide!!!"
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Topic #1972920
Eykis11 - Dillusional Crappy complains about some of James nasty comments NT 0 Replies #1972920 7:43AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1972952
Mikkie - Eric doesn't appreciate the comments James is making. Whispering continues 0 Replies #1972952 7:47AM 23/07/2005
Eric says its going to surprise the hell out of James, coz Eric thinks its gonna be a landslide.

Todays going to be another big day.. another HUGE day. He has a feeling its not physical (the POV comp) Rachel doesn't want to spell or fly. She wants to spectate.

Rachel complains: We have flys we have moths, we have ants.

Eric says even if Maggie wins and takes herself off, she's picking Ivette so Ivette is safe. Eric says he's supposidly safe. He could put up Jann or Howie, but he don't think he will. He's not sure who he'd put up at this point.

The only one who can change the outcome is if M or J wins it. If K wins it it won't change things. Thats why James is having a problem with me.

Eric, I toldyou, I will bring you. Ifyou can't respect that, just don't blind side me. I"m not going out of here lying. If my track record has proven anything. The proof is in the pudding, look at my track record.

Do you think other people in this house could understand it. Coz you can think of a thousand diff senarios. James comes back with a win, he'll come back with a vengance.

Again they Zoom to the Black Knight.
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