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Topic #1973518
joannie - Ivette is freaking out!: Howie, don't rub your GUY on my back!" 0 Replies #1973518 9:47AM 23/07/2005
Howie: "He was little! It was an accident!"
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Topic #1973546
valentine - Double GROSS. 0 Replies #1973546 9:52AM 23/07/2005
Eric is taking a poll: Ladies, do you feel more sexually active right before your period?

A couple of them answer him, and Ivette starts yammering about herself.

Jenn just told him that her period lasts 3 days.

Eric: Only three days? And then you're not even spotting?

Jenn: No. It's just in and out.

Eric: You're my kind of girl.

Then he took his "poll".

Now they discuss getting pregnant after having your tubes tied.
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Topic #1973563
valentine - Kaysar Got Called to the DR 1 Replies #1973563 9:55AM 23/07/2005
a few minutes ago, and everybody greeted him enthusiastically as he walked through the house.

Eric starts talking about One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and how it relates to the word "lobotomy" for him.

Now he talks about his buddy that went to Viet Nam and was approached by hookers that said "Me so horny. Me love you long time."

Ed Note: How original, Eric.
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valentine - According to Eric, #1973572 9:56AM 23/07/2005
his buddy also went to Thailand: That's all there is in Thailand. They're all lined up.

Someone says children do it, too.

Eric: And Brazil!! It's out of control over there.

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Topic #1973569
joannie - Mag and Ivette are whispering in the WR 0 Replies #1973569 9:56AM 23/07/2005
Mag: "Here's the deal. You have to GO for it GO for it."

Mag: "I'm worried about Rachel."
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Topic #1973587
SassyPrncess - Ivette to Maggie: As sure as I was Ashlea was out, as sure as I was Michael was out, is as sure as I am that he will be out. (James?) NT 0 Replies #1973587 9:59AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973641
Disneyisme - Mag is in with Kaysar she says "people are telling me 'you need to go for POV, or 1 Replies #1973641 10:09AM 23/07/2005
'you are not the actual goal' that I will be okay." Kay says "well Beau and Jenn were up here several times yesterday as well I've talked to Eric, I don't know why they haven't told you...everyone knows who the goal is, I don't understand how you are being left out of the loop." Maggie says "well I told people not to tell me anything if they are going to lie to me."

Maggie says "you didn't tell me I was going up, you said you really didn't know who was going up, but then James said he knew the day before that he was going up." Kay says "I told James that he 'might' be going up. Do you think if he knew that he would have been that pissed, that shocked?"
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Disneyisme - She says "and to get this off my chest, I didn't get a very good speech from you. You #1973662 10:11AM 23/07/2005
said to James what a good player he was and then 'Maggie, you too', like I wasn't even really there." She is asking Kay to justify his words because she really hasn't been a strong player, she hasn't won many competitions. She says "it just makes me think you have something going on with Rachel."
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Topic #1973655
valentine - Now Maggie Walks Up to the HOH 0 Replies #1973655 10:11AM 23/07/2005
and sits with Kaysar. I've missed parts of it, but she says she hasn't talked about the game with him yet, and wanted time to think.

She was a little offended by Kaysar's comments at the Nom Ceremony. I guess Kaysar said some things about how James is such a great competitor, blah blah blah. And then "Maggie, you too."

She also feels that James had a heads up, and she got blindsighted.
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Topic #1973671
valentine - Eric Harasses Beau 0 Replies #1973671 10:12AM 23/07/2005
Beau is on the LR floor, stretching. He does an Upward Dog, which involves lying on your stomach and sitting up with your arms straight. It's like a back bend.

Eric: Dude, you look like you're ready to get pounded.
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Topic #1973698
valentine - Beau Notices That Michael's Picture 0 Replies #1973698 10:15AM 23/07/2005
on the wall has lip prints on it.

Beau: Look! Somebody kissed Michael's picture!

Howie jokes that it was him: I was wearing my stilettos.
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Topic #1973703
Disneyisme - Kay tells Maggie he is not trying to hurt her feelings. Maggie says "I seem to be the only 0 Replies #1973703 10:15AM 23/07/2005
one upset, no one else is upset that I am up there and it worries me." She says " you say everyone wants James out, but if that were the case, you would have told me before hand." She says "I don't believe in pawns, yet I'm being told that I am one. A lot of people are telling me not to use the veto if I win it. Even though everyone supposedly wants James out, they are scared to go on the block in my place."
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Topic #1973716
SassyPrncess - Kaysar tells Maggie she's not the one he wants out. (Transcript) 0 Replies #1973716 10:17AM 23/07/2005
M: What hurt me more was not being nominated but was being told by James that he knew, by being told by you, that he was being nominated.
K: But so did you. I told you you might be going up. You already knew...
M: No I didn't
K: Here's the thing...(stammers) actually, I didn't even come up with the idea. OK? I asked around and Beau is the one that suggested Maggie should go up. Ok?
M: James told me that Howie came up with the idea.
K: I asked around. And said, "Who can I put up without pissing people off?"
M: How is that a fair question?
K: Here's the thing. It's a fair questions because obviously, my target is not you. I want James out of here because he's been competing, he won Power of Veto. He's been competing perfectly. Beau came up to me and said, "We have enough votes to take James out."
M: But I was one of those votes.
K: I don't remember him saying that.
M: He asked me.
K: doesn't matter, we have enough people from our side who want him out too.
M: But do you think if that was the plan, you could've told me that?
K: At the time I didn't think it was necessary because I didn't feel like you were in danger.
M: Anyone who goes up on the block is in danger. Anyone. That's not a...I mean you know that. Even when you went up against Ashlea. You were still in danger. And people aren't coming to me like we did with you and said, "Things are going to be ok." (Note: Ivette just did in the gym) I've had a couple of people tell me "Win the POV" or "you're not the goal" but because it didn't come from you...you know? Do you see what I mean?
K: Jennifer's been up here. I've talked to Beau on several occasions. I've talked to Eric ..I don't know why they haven't told you, but every time they come up here like...everybody knows what the goal is, I don't know why you've been left out of the loop.
M: Well, I told poeple not to come to me and lie to me. DO NOT lie to me. Tell me nothing, or don't lie to me.
K: Ummhmmm
M: That's what I want. So that's why I don't fault you yesterday for not telling me I was going up because I would rather you not tell me I was going up than say nothing at all. So that's my point. You didn't tell me I was going up. You really didn't. You told me anyone has a chance to go up.

M: But James said he knew the day before.
K: I told him he might be going up.
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Topic #1973722
Disneyisme - Kaysar is telling Maggie that she should have 5 votes. Maggie says "where do Janelle and Howie sit?" 0 Replies #1973722 10:17AM 23/07/2005
Kay says "they want a powerful player gone. Their suggestion to me was James." Maggie: "then why aren't either of them talking to me at all?" Kay: "I don't know, I've been in my room the entire time."
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Topic #1973750
Disneyisme - Maggie is asking Kay if someone lied to him about the votes when he was up with Ashlea. 0 Replies #1973750 10:21AM 23/07/2005
He says the votes were 9-2 and to this day he doesn't know who the 2nd vote is..he has asked around, he thinks he made someone mad the last day.

Maggie: "next time you get HOH, you don't have to tell me you are putting me up, but please at least call me up here and talk to me. I don't like being blind sided, and I didn't like totally not being talked to."
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Topic #1973758
Disneyisme - Kaysar: "Maggie whatever happens in this game, please don't take it personal. I have nothing 0 Replies #1973758 10:23AM 23/07/2005
against you." Maggie says "well I realize that, but there are other people in the game that you do have something against and they should have been the ones used as a pawn. It makes it personal because you didn't chose someone that you don't get along with."
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Topic #1973776
joannie - Kaysar assuring Maggie: "It'll make sense, eventually." NT 0 Replies #1973776 10:25AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973787
Disneyisme - Maggie says "If I had a choice between Ivette and April, I would have to add 0 Replies #1973787 10:26AM 23/07/2005
personality into it when making my choice because they are both good gamers and competitors. So that's what hurt is when you say it was all about the game and nothing about personality."

Kay says: "I didn't choose certain people, because I didn't want it to appear like it was a grudge." Maggie: "so it was to prove a point? something like a chess game?" Kay: "kind of. It will all make sense eventually."
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Topic #1973796
joannie - BB: "Attention HG. The VETO competition will begin in 60 minutes." NT 0 Replies #1973796 10:27AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973824
Disneyisme - Maggie says "and here's another thing. Yesterday, James said 0 Replies #1973824 10:30AM 23/07/2005
you should have known, Howie told Kaysar who to put up." Then she said to herself "wtf does Howie have against me?" Kay says "Howie said he wanted James specifically..." Maggie interrupts, "hold on, James told me he was involved in 'this master plan', that he was part of it and sorry I didn't know about it." It makes me wonder and makes me feel like s***.
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Topic #1973858
Disneyisme - Maggie says she feels better talking this out with Kay. She hopes he doesn't mind her venting to him, 1 Replies #1973858 10:34AM 23/07/2005
He says "ask Ivette, she does it all the time." As long as it is not irrational talk towards him, he doesn't mind at all.

Maggie leaves and says: "well I have to go get ready, to save myself." Kay says "good luck." She says "I'm not going to say good luck to you, becasue I really don't want you to win, sorry." He says he understands, it is nothing personal. She says "I know, go team!"
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Sunflake - April knocked on HOH door, Maggie said, "come in...oh, sorry Kaysar". April asks Kay if he can pick her to be the hostess for today's comp because #1973938 10:42AM 23/07/2005
Kay can't do it. She's hosted things before says she and would love the opportunity.
Kay thanks her as he hasn't even thought about that yet.
After she leaves Maggie makes a comment about April's priorities.
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Topic #1973914
Anonymous - Howie and Sarah discuss catching lizards. Sarah has been to Gatorland in Orlando. NT 1 Replies #1973914 10:39AM 23/07/2005
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valentine - The Door to GatorLand is Framed by a Huge Alligator Mouth #1973967 10:47AM 23/07/2005
Each tooth is easily 3 feet high.
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Topic #1973917
joannie - Eric and James talking politics in the GR NT 0 Replies #1973917 10:39AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973932
joannie - Eric: "Do you think Hilary Clinton is going to run for office?" 1 Replies #1973932 10:42AM 23/07/2005
James: "She has too many skeletons in her closet."
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valentine - And James Compares The Martha Stewart Issue #1973964 10:46AM 23/07/2005
and how harshly she was treated. He thinks that information from the Rose Law firm will sink her.

Two of her law partners did time in jail over their investments, and one of them (James Foster) alledgedly committed suicide over it.
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Topic #1973933
emptynest - breaking news...Howie loves boobies. NT 0 Replies #1973933 10:42AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973940
joannie - James says that Hillary Clinton used to work for the Black Panthers when she was in law school. NT 0 Replies #1973940 10:43AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1974013
valentine - The Girls are Getting Ready in the BR 0 Replies #1974013 10:52AM 23/07/2005
Maggie is at the mirror and they chat casually about what is about to go down.

Maggie: April, if it was a beauty contest, I would pick you!

April: Awwwww. Thanks!

Someone: And if is was a boobie contest, I would pick you!

I don't know if this was said to April or Rachel. Probably April.
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